Tuesday, 10 March 2015


Regarding my previous post, about suggesting what i shall do next.. I received quite a few ideas ( thanks ) but i was specially attracted by one of the ideas. It was a erotic plan but not really naughty..
I tried out with CY yesterday before going to Isabel's house. ( Yes, i typed this in Isabel's house, using her lappy )

Yesterday, went to Woodlands ( far from my house ) with CY to do our "mission". Yup, i told CY about the naughty plan, and she was more than willing to join me. We met up at Woodlands Station during lunch time as she was having a meeting with her AIA agent in the morning so no choice but to meet her during lunch. (Our actual plan is to meet for breakfast and start our "mission" as there will be lesser people).

In the end, the cafe we wanted is full of people, so no choice but to go to Starbucks, best solution!!! Lucky for us, Starbucks was not that crowded plus there were seat available but what was so lucky were that the corner seat was not taken. We quickly settled down after purchasing some drinks, and CY took out her Ipad to watch Running Man. We were laughing and enjoying until we forgot that we had a "mission " to complete.

When i was in my full concentration, CY nudged me while passing me something. When i took over, that's when i realize it was her panty ( brown ). She had took off without me!!! Our plans is to remove our panties together and tie it on each other's hair but she did it first. I was amaze by her Ninja skill, as even for me, sitting beside her and yet didn't realize that she remove her panty ( forgot to add in, we both were wearing Skater dress, planned ). Since she took out, i have to tie it on my hair first but i can't do it with normal action as there were still people sitting around us, plus it is a panty, so it's kind of obvious. In the end, i took few mins in order to tie it nicely...

Since she had removed it, it is my turn now. I gathered all my guts, pull up my dress, revealing my panty and took it off quickly.( it was really fast, no kidding ). Ta-DAaaa, Achievement Unlocked!!!
Now the panty (white) is on the floor, but there was no one looking at me even i did something so weird, everyone was on their phone!! I picked up and passed it to CY and she was like so amaze. she said my action was so big, but i think is normal.

After she tied her hair with my panty, suddenly ,i got a more naughtier idea which is require both of us to walk towards the counter and order a cup of plain water while trying to tie the panty to our hair and we will time each other. Loser will have to be in commando until the next day plus having the panty tied on the hair. Good idea right.
I think CY was arouse as she did not complain nor pick on me, she agreed. After discussing how to approach the counter, CY was the first to do it.
She was really stable and was back before the time reach 3mins, but for me, i took 4 mins plus, nearly 5 mins which i also don't know why but that was the timing i saw when i went back to the seat.

Since i lost the bet, (until now i still thinking why i took so long ) i have to do the punishment. CY took down my panty and passed it to me. NOW, with CY's brown panty, i have to add it one more panty to my hair. Lucky i am not wearing those Lacey type, if not confirm die.
We stay in Starbucks until 4 plus before we went to meet Isabel...

Sunday, 1 March 2015


Hey guys,
                email me your suggestions of what i should try out next..

"Phone sex"

Just a quick update, quite sleepy now

Today i did something weird, really weird!! I never thought that i will be doing it but thanks to CY..Today i was alone at home as my parents went malaysia with my aunts, while my brother went to his GF's house..So lonely at home lor....

Woke up quite early today, but was bored as there was nothing for me to do..I tried to ask people to go out but everyone was like so busy, even CY..she was busy in the morning but was free during afternoon... She knows that i was alone at home, so she called me at about 1pm plus...

Starting, it was like normal chatting but sooner, we were talking about the movie Fifty Shades of Grey ( i haven't watch ). She told me that she read the book and watched the movie and it is like totally different..For me, i don't even read the book so i am not sure what she was talking about but she was so 'kind' to explain to me.After talking for a while, I can't really remember how or when, i start touching myself...At first, i was just playing with my nipples and tits, but soon moved down to my pussy. I bet i got damn horny as even CY heard my breathing is getting heavily. In fact, she was getting arouse too. That's when we start having Phone sex....

I am not sure how it works, but from what CY taught me is, just instructs each other what to do...simple and easy...We instructed each other quite a few things, but the most worst thing she asked me is to grind on my chair with a eraser which i did it...(It was fun, honestly)...My worst instruction to her is asking her to grind on the edge of her bed frame.. We played for quite long, i guess..can't really remember what time did we start...We stopped when CY and I orgasms at the same time, which was like my 4th time!! I didn't manage to ask how many times did she orgasm but i bet she orgasm more than me...

It was quite fun, but tiring...U guys can do it with ur loved one, or maybe with a bestfriend..hehe

updates : Recently i received an email photo regarding the two undies which i hided on 14 jan...Someone had found it le, so if you are still searching it, sorry but too late..