Sunday 11 June 2017

Last week of sch

Hey guys, happy sem break for all poly student..
Finally getting a break after a long and tiring 2 months of sch.
U guys will never expect/ imagine/ predict what i had done ytd. It was my first time feeling so afraid and wet at the same time.
Somehow, i was 50% naked in school. Yes, in school. But i think no one realized, which was like thank you guan yin ma. I was so afraid when i got down the Grab, but like the usual me, after few mins of trying, i am kind of immune to it.
What i mean by 50% naked is not that i am half naked, like showing my below or my top. What i mean was, i literally was not wearing any undergarment. Yes, No bra, no panties. And TBH, i was literally wet since the time i step into the lecture hall until i reaches home. It was really so exciting and scary.
It was not a bet, nor a dare. It was just a random thought and da-ta, i succeed.. Maybe due to my black jacket, no one was aware about it as i always wear it during Friday.  The most amazing part is, my partner in crime did not even realise anything. Normally she will scold me for wearing low cut tee, but not on Friday.
Although it was just a 2 hours lectures, but it was really fun, and arousing. Specially when u know that your decent and innocent friends are sitting on ur sides, back and front. Thinking of that, kinds of making me wet now again.
The most interesting part is during the bus trip home. I was literally standing thru out the whole journey and thanks to my bag ( sling bag ), the view of my boobs was so obvious (or maybe is my own self-conscious). I rmb hearing from one of my guy friends saying, guys like to see girls with sling bag and girls tend to carry it sideways and the string will make the boobs become more prominent. That was what i did thru out the journey, but sadly, no one was looking at it. ( better not ) hahaha
By the time i reaches home, i was already dripping wet and i orgasm twice.
Note : Guys, U can try to write a story about this experience. Maybe you could get me wet again. Hehe

The following are edited by other readers :

Submitted by Ben Ang :
Happy holidays everyone! School holidays have finally started, and will hopefully get to do more updates and share more experiences to my readers. I know there hasn’t been much of that, but it doesn’t mean I haven’t been naughty this whole time :P
This happened a few weeks ago. It was a Friday, and I decided to do something naughty. After preparing for school, I got into a cab and headed for my lecture. All seemed like normal, but I know inside, something was a little different. The seat of the car felt a little cooler, and the air-con reached my nipples a little more today. My heart started beating a little faster thinking what I had done, or what I have not done. This is going to be a fun day, hehe.
I had to be a little careful getting out of the cab, making sure I don’t open my legs too wide. Lucky it has been really sunny these few days, and winds don’t happen too often, or I would be too distracted while walking to class, not knowing when a sudden breeze will show everybody my secret. Too bad for the guys walking around me :P I quickly made my way to my lecture and found my seat, feeling a little nervous as I chatted with my friend. Looks like she didn’t suspected anything, hehe.
By now, I’m starting to feel a little wet down there. Hope nothing leaks out, otherwise I would have a hard time explaining the wet spot on my skirt. Yes! I’m not wearing any panties. And not only that, I happily left my bra at home too. But lucky I brought my jacket along, so my nipples were well protected, even though they were starting to get erect. I know I’ve been naked in public, and even around my friends before, but showing myself naked in school was very dangerous, and I don’t do anything so naughty in class often.
Throughout the lecture, I couldn’t concentrate at all, crossing and uncrossing my legs, feeling so aroused but nervous at the same time. I really hope my lecturer didn’t accidentally see up my skirt and noticed my vagina. It starting to feel more and more warm inside, and I can feel my juices starting to flow out a little, omg. I nearly slipped my hand under my skirt to feel how wet I was getting but luckily stopped myself, reminded that I was in a class full of people. I can’t wait to go home to give myself a much needed orgasm, but my day isn’t over yet. I kept squeezing my legs together to arouse myself more, trying to relieve the tension a little, haha.
After class, I dare not even look around, I quickly got my bag and left school. It might have only been a two hour lecture, but when you are aroused, it feels like forever. On the bus on my way home, I have one more chance to have a little fun. I heard from some guy friends that guys like seeing girls carrying sling bags, because when they carry the bags across their chests, the strap of the bag will squeeze their breasts out and make expose their boobs even more. So I thought I’d try it.
I decided to stand in the bus my whole trip home, and proceeded to adjust my bag, slinging it across my boobs. I could feel the strap move up and squeeze my left breast, and when I look down, sure enough, the shape of my breast is so obvious. And what’s even more obvious is my nipple! You could clearly see it through my top being pushed out for all to see. I decided to keep my jacket, otherwise it wouldn’t be any fun :P After a while, I started to feel scared and embarrassed again, being in such a state around so many people. My nipples started to get hard, and with the bus braking and going over humps, My boobs were bouncing like crazy. Think anyone who sees me knows I wasn’t wearing any bra under my top, hehe. It was scary, but I could feel my pussy juice started to flow a little again.
By the time I reached home, I locked my room door, got naked and quickly made my fingers go to work. My first orgasm was really quick as I was already so aroused, even my inner thighs felt a little wet by then. Think my juices really did flow out. I looked at my skirt and omg, there was a dark patch on it where my vagina was! Don’t know how many people have seen it and known I was walking around while being so wet. I got really excited thinking about it and fingered myself, even moaning a little. Hope my mum didn’t hear it, hehe

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