Saturday, 8 June 2019

New vibrator

Few weeks back, my wireless mini remote bullet vibrator finally arrived. It took nearly 1 month for the delivery.

That particular day, i decided to try it. I inserted the bullet into me before wearing my legit clothing. The feeling was very similar to 'thor', just the speed control part. I did gave it a shot and the sensation was stronger than i expected. I purposely wore a black mini pencil dress, as i knew i will be struck in office for the whole day. With a normal push-up bra, and normal panties, i seems so legit from outside.

Heading to work that day was normal. I set the bullet at its lowest speed as i stood all the way. The feeling was not strong but i know it was just the beginning. However, by the time i reached office, i was already wet from the low-speed stimulation. It might not be strong but after period of time, it still does have effect. There were even a few times that it almost dropped out.
As i sat down on my table, the bullet was pressed further into me, caused me to moan softly. Lucky, my partner was not back yet.

That morning, i was as busy as the bullet, except that i was answering calls, talking to multiple staffs, sorting emails, while 'it' worked inside of me. Although i was busy, but my panties was soaked before lunch time. I even had to ask my colleagues to help me 'dabao' my food.

As they left the office, i increased the speed to 4 times faster. I was enjoying the intensity before i was interrupted by the call and guess what, i had my orgasm while speaking to this doctor. All the builds up plus excitement. I had to keep the phone away as i enjoy the sensation and prevent myself from moaning on the phone. In the end, i missed what he had said plus my panties got extremely wet, which i removed before my colleagues came back