Saturday, 27 December 2014

Q & A

Hey guys, this post will be about the questions that you guys emailed me. I was amazed that there are so many readers, and thanks guy for emailing the questions.. Like i said before, not all questions i will give you an answer, base on the sensitivity. It will be a long post as i don't want to separate into two post so read it slowly guys.

Questions that have decimals, meaning is from the same person, E.g : 1.1, 1.2, 1.3, and 1.4.

Q 1.1 : What's the biggest thing i had in my pussy ?
A : Just my middle finger!! haha

Q 1.2 : Have a guy ever see me naked?
A : No..

Q 1.3 : Will i chat with you guys more?
A : Yeah, of course, provided that you don't offense me

Q 1.4 : How many pieces of clothing have i lost or put at somewhere else?
A : 20 to 25?? lost count >.<

Q : Am i into erotic glamorous modeling?
A : Maybe? but still too young for it..

Q : Who inspired me to start a blog?
A : CY

Q 2.1 : How many types of Sex Toy do i have?
A : 2. vibrator and dildo

Q 2.2 : Will i post any photo of myself?
A : yeah, i did it before..but no face

Q 2.3 : Am i a Exhibitionist ?
A ; Define it for me?... for my stand, i am not..:)

Q 2.4 : Am I into anal sex?
A : hmm, doesn't it hurt??

Q 2.5 : Do i masturbate every night?
A ; No..crazy or what...

Q 2.6 : How to turn me on?
A ; hmmmmmm, i not sure..hehe

Q 2.7 : Did i have gay sex with CY?
A ; LOL..confirm never read my previous blog!!!

Q 2.8 : How extend will my naughty act be?
A ; Idk..base on how horny i will be??

Q 2.9 ; Did any of my family members (include cousins) see me naked or being naughty before?
A : NO WAY... if they know, i confirm die

Q 2.10 : Do i watch porn?
A: Yes, of course...

Q 3.1 : Do i always wet my panties or string?
A : Noo..I might be a naughty garl in your term, but i am not a horny garl...

Q 3.2 ; How often do i masturbate? 
A : Base on my mood..hehe, but recently, had been doing it..

Q 3.3 : Do i squirt?
A : hmmm, once or twice? but is in the toilet..

Q 3.4 : Will i have sex with guys?
A ; Guys? no way..i don't like orgy, but if with my group of GFs, i am okay..

Q 3.5 : Will i have sex with guy?
A : yeah, only my BF or husband

Q 3.6 : Did i see my brother naked before?
A ; hmmm, when we are still child..

Q 3.7 : Will i have sex or suck my brother's dick?
A ; No... Incest is just for anime..real life, i don't dare

Q 3.8 : What size do i wear?
A : S...but can fit in XS, but will be slighty tight, due to my chest area ( if u know what i mean )

Q 3.9 : Can you buy my panties?
A : haha, Yeah, of course.. but must let me know in advances..

Q 4.1 : How do i masturbate? ( From a girl )
A : hmmm, watch porn if at home, with the aids of my toys but if is outdoor, normally is when i did something naughty..

Q 4.2 : Can i teach her how to get naked outdoor? ( from the same girl )
A ; Yeah, sure.. but only through email

Q 4.3 : Is there any other girls who are also reading this blog?
A : yeah, you not the only one..( got 2 more )

Q 4.4 : If she also start a blog, can i guide her?
A : yeah,i am happy to do so but i not a pro

Q 4.5 : How can she start with?
A ; Try getting naked in your own room first, then sleep naked, then slowly progress..

Q 4.6 : Did X ( the guy who had a crush on me ) msg me about the G-string ?
A : No..if he will, it will be so awkward..

Q 5.1 : Can you guys dare me?
A : Sure, but if is not too over lor..

Q 5.2 : Do i always slept naked?
A : Not really, but often..Some days, i will wear at least a shirt or tanktop or sleeping dress.

Q 5.3 : Do i sleep with bra and panty?
A ; No... Sleeping with bra, is way to stressful le... Panty if i having menses.

Q 5.4 : Will i go downstairs or somewhere far without wearing my panty or bra?
A : if nearby, at times i will not wear panty, but bra.. but if somewhere far, i confirm will wear both, but chances that i will wear back both is another question...

Q 5.5 : Will i sell the bolster that i humped on?
A ; No, for what!!

Q 5.6 : Do i sell my School Uniform away?
A : Can i??

Q 5.7 :  Am i still selling my undies or FBTs?
A : Yes, my used panties ,bras and FBTs shorts are still on sale, but only if you are keen to buy but not just play pranks.

Q 5.8 : Will i wear them before sending out?
A : yeah, that is a confirm YES...if not, why buy from me? Just purchase from shops.

Q 5.9 : Will there be wet spot?
A : I believe if by mailing, it take 3 to 4 days, and by the time, it will dried up even i squirted on it.

Q 5.10 : Can you guys meet me to deal?
A : No, sorry, but still NO

Q 5.11 : How about delivery?
A : Yes, i did it once, but too costly...unless you willing to pay for my transport fees.

Q 5.12 : How do i do the delivery?
A : I will wear the stuff u purchased, and go to your block which you must give me, and i will remove it straight  at scene , then put in your mailbox.

Q : Do i take photo of myself naked?
A ; hmmm, No.. even i did, i will delete it straight after that...Internet is too scary..

Q 6.1 : Can i post first, to update my location so that he can go there to "camp" and watch?
A : hahaha.. funny but no..

Q 6.2 : Can i like said the location if i would ever leave my panties or shorts in that location?
A : hmmm, worth considering

Q 6.3 : Do i use adult website to show my body or stuff?
A : No..but i did use with CY before, is a web call with random people..but not naked

Q 6.4 : Will i just show my naked body on skype or webcam?
A : NO no no...

Q : Can you guys send me photos of your dick?
A : hmm, yeah, provided is long and thick enough..

Q : Will i accompany him ( a uncle ) if he pay me?
A : NO.. i am not a social escort and never i will be

Q : How long will i continue to post on this blog?
A : I not sure, maybe until i grow older or maybe even until i got child...

Q 7.1 : Will i ever have SExting ( Msg ) with you guys?
A : I was planning to do so, after i start working ( look forward ba )

Q 7.2 : Will i like a malay dick?
A : Dick is dick, i don't see race but only the length and thickness..

Q 7.3 : What is my breast Size? ( cup size )
A ; I am a C cup

Q 7.4: Do i prefer Dress or shirt and shorts?
A : What a question!!!... both i also okay..

Q 7.5 : How tall am i?
A : 1.66m, i grown..base on recent height and weight taking

Q 7.6 : If i wear dress, won't i look shorter?
A : laughs...haha, my dress is short type , that is one of the reason why i easily get upskirt.

Q 7.7 : Did i go commando before when wearing dress?
A: Yeah, countless times

Q 7.8 : Won't i feel weird ?
A : In the beginning, yeah, but now, hehe, used to it..

Q 8.1 : Have i lost my first time?
A : no, i am still a virgin

Q 8.2 : Didn't i use my dildo?
A : Yes, i use it to rub my clit, and not yet really insert in, but i used my finger before

Q 8.3 : Why didn't i try using toothbrush or other objects?
A : Firstly, i have a vibrator, and a dildo, so what for i use other stuff?

Q 9.1 : How many times can i orgasm?
A : As many as you can imagine.. i guess

Q 9.2 : Highest records of orgasms ?
A : 4 times, i guess

Q 9.3 : What type of porn do i watch?
A : As normal as guys, i guess.. hardcore, masturbation, outdoor and etc

Q 9.4 : Did i ever caught my brother masturbating?
A : What a question, but no.. cause we have our own room.

Q 9.5 : Did i went in my brother's room to masturbate ?
A : No, but i did went into his room naked once, when he was not at home, to get something.

Q 9.6 : Did my brother steal my undies?
A : i not sure, if i lost my panties or bra, i also not sure is it becos i never bring home or he stole it, but i guess all brother will at least stole their sister's undies once.

Q 9.7 : Am i a straight, bisexual or gay?
A : I am a Bisexual person, i love male and female, but i prefer male more.

Q 9.8 : Will i get into threesome?
A : NO way...With girls only, i am okay, but if is guy and girls, then sorry.

Q 9.9 : I prefer mouth, pussy or anal?
A : i am not sure, never try have sex before.

Q 9.10 : Why didn't i suck my dildo?
A : My dildo is those type from Durex vibrator, not those type that look like penis

Q 9.11 : Why didn't i buy those penis dildo?
A : not interested but I got it free ( Christmas gift )

Q 9.12 : Do i know how to do tittyjobs?
A ; Yeah, but not pro.. But I can squeeze a pen inbetween my tits.

Q 10.1 : How many Fbt Shorts do i have?
A : i think 7 or more ba.

Q 10.2 : Is all my Fbt shorts without the inner layer?
A : No, only certain shorts , specially is those that is quite old already.

Q 10.3 : Won't i expose too much if i were to wear those Fbt shorts that without inner layer?
A : Yeah, specially is those light colours such as yellow and orange, but i normally wear it for swimming or sleeping.

Q 10.4 : About my swimwear, how many types do i have?
A : 1 Arena swimsuit and 2 bikini set

Q 10.5 : Did i remove the padding for my swimwear?
A : Yeah, one of the bikini is without padding

Q 10.6 : Did i wear that bikini out before?
A : No, and never i will in Singapore.

Q 10.7 : What about my bras and panties, did i remove the padding also?
A : Yeah, i do have some bras without padding but i only have 2 panties that is without the protection layer.

Q : Did i try inserting my panty or G-string into my pussy before?
A : No, but i see it before in porn.

Q 11.1 : Did I masturbate or touch myself when my parents are around?
A : A big no for Masturbate, but touching, hmm, a few times when we all were sitting at the living room but I will cover with cushion.  

Q 11.2 : How underdressed will I be when at home , with and without parents? 
A : hmmm, if my parents are around, normally I will wear like a spaghetti strap top with my FBT shorts, or just wear a long tanktop..if no one at home, naked is the only word...

Q 11.3 : Do I wear my bra and panty when my parents are around?
A : Of course got wear la.. My mom will killed me if I being braless, and even worst if being commando.

Q 11.4 : Does my parents know that I am such a naughty girl?
A : My mom do know that, at times I will sleep naked but she doesn't know much

Q 11.5 : How often do I get naked when I am at home?
A : By any chance.. If no one at home.

Q 11.6 : Do I by any chances, masturbate in the living room? 
A : Yeah, once or twice le ( second time is on the coffee table )

Q 11.7 : Where do I keep my toys? 
A : Somewhere over the rainbow.. Hehe, of course in my secret drawer 

Q 11.8 : Do I keep my G-string or thong in that drawer too? 
A : Lol lol.. Why do I have to? My mom knows I wore all those sexy undies..

Q 11.9 : What is the sexist clothes I have? 
A : All my clothes are quite sexy.. Is base on how you wear it..

Q 11.10 : Do I have yoga shorts or pants?
A : I do have 2 to 3 pieces

Q 11.11 : Do I wear legging or thighs?
A : Leggings? I do have one but damn old le. Thighs : No

Q 11.12 : He asked if Is he asking too much question?
A : Not really.. As long as I can reply, I am okay with it.

Q 11.13 : How often do I wear skirt?
A : Is base on my mood

Q 11.14 : Do I go commando if I wear skirt?
A : Rarely, cause my skirt is all quite short ( the longest I have is estimate, one iphone 5 length,  before my knees which is my school's skirt )

Q 11.15 : Do I always have naughty ideas? 
A : Not always, but ideas will just pop out, if I am doing nothing ( sex drive high, i guess )

Q 11.16 : What is the naughtiest act I had think of?
A : Being naked in a park, and masturbate

Q 11.17 : Regarding my naughty ideas, how often do I carry out it?
A : Almost everytime.. Provided it is safe for me to do so..

Q : What is my weight? ( 4 person asked )
A : Sensitive question sia... But is Inbetween 40 to 50kg

Q : Isn't my breast like a burden to me? 
A : Still okay ba, CY's one more burden

Q 12.1 : Where is the places that I will like to masturbate ( except home ) ?
A : Bus, park or beach.. Haha

Q 12.2 : If I were to have a chance to change my gender, will I change it? 
A : No.. Being a girl is good, except having period!!!

Q 12.3 : Will I like to have a dick if given a chance?
A : No.. I don't want to be a shemale.

Q :  Did I try humping the edge of the table before ?
A : No.. Does it feel good?

That's all for now.. 
Thanks for the questions again.. For those questions that I didn't post, sorry about it. It was too personal.
I will post another Q&A next year if i am still updating the blog. 

I will soon update about my Christmas gift once I come back from Malaysia tml..:) 


Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Mr Pillow

Okay guys and ladies, have you try having sex with your pillow or bolster?? If you have not, try's fun and comfortable.Yesterday night after using the com, i went to bed straight, but i couldn't fall asleep but i manage to slept before 4am, but that not the main point. Ytd night, i had sex with my bolster..Hehehe..In official, it's called as humping , but also consisted as sex as the positions is similar to having sex.

After offing my com, i went to bed straight with just a jacket. If you are wondering if i was typing in just my jacket, the answer is YES...Like i said, if in my room, i will just wear one piece or at times being naked, but ytd was a bit too early , so i have to wear a jacket incase my mom just budge into my room which she usually will. Back to topic, while on bed, i couldn't sleep at all, which i not sure why. I turned left and right multiply times,but still unable to find a comfortable zone. At about 1.20am, i am still awake and is fully awake, which was like impossible for me as since exam period, i slept as early as 11pm but ytd night was different. With no intention to sleep, i took my phone and played my game. Who play LET'S GET RICH??? I do play, but so noob..Yeah, i took my phone and played 3 games, which i lose. My trophy was not high in the first place, so it doesn't matter to me at all, but is the losing part that make me sian of the game. So in the end, i stopped playing and went on with tumblr..( Sorry guys, for now i can't let u guys follow me yet as it is my original account, maybe wait until i created a new account, then i will let u guys know..)

I search randomly, and out of nowhere, i am on a page which is about masturbating. ( i did not search for porn but it just came out ) At first, i was not really into it, but as i was scrolling down, the GIF and photos makes my sexual's trait excited. At first, it was just some girls fingering or use dildo, but there was this post which is a GIF, showing of a girl, humping against the pillow and even squirt, which caught my attention!!! I looked in more to the page, and turned out, it is a page for girls or woman who masturbating with their pillow / bolster or even using the shower head.

Shower head, i did used before...Not that shiok, but the gushing of water against the clit, will make any girls orgasm in no time. However, masturbating with pillow or bolster, i did not try and it seems to be more fun. Now i am horny , and decided to try the new method. ( For Girls reader only, you can follow my steps which i learned from the internet )

First step : get half naked or full naked, but for me, i was just wearing a jacket, so my bottom was completely empty which is a good thing.

Second step : put a piece of cloths of something if you are scare that you might dirty your pillow or bolster, but not for me ( I am okay with it not because i am dirty, but i know it's my own juice )

Third step ( Optional ) : slot in a vibrator or dildo if you have or if you want. For me, ytd night i tried without vibrator, later i will try with it. ( Hint for what i am doing later..hehe )

Four step : sit on top of the pillow or bolster and start moving front and back against the pillow or bolster. For those with vibrator or dildo, sat on top of it and turn on.

Fifth step : ENJOY IT!!!

Ytd i only did it with my bolster, without additional aids, and i came twice...( Hint : once is never enough for me ) The first time, i did it with my jacket on, but the second time, i was getting more and more warm and wet, i removed my jacket and continue humping my bolster which is similar to having sex and i came in no time. You guys should try it. It  will be more fun and wet with the aids of my vibrator..hehe

Alright, now i going to try on, so that's end of this post.

Updates :
 1)Q&A session until 27th dec mid-night, email me asap okay..don't miss this chance.
and a reply to Christina, for the question you send me, the answer is YES.
You are not the only one...Good night.

Monday, 22 December 2014

After night studies

This is another interesting story that happened during November , still during our exam.

One of the night during Nov, me and a few girlfriends went over to CY's house to study, as next day is our math paper. They went straight to her house after school but not me, as i went home and change. After i arrived, we settled down  and really study throughout the night. We stopped only when CY's mom came the room and told us to stop studying and go home to rest early, which was about 9pm plus already. It is easy for me to get home, just one direct bus, but for the other girls, they have to go to the nearest MRT station, so in the end, we packed and left.

I waited from them to get on bus before i took my bus, but lucky me, my bus arrived right after theirs. My bus ride normally took about 10 min to 15 min so i will always go to the back seat, so i can sit comfortably. It was a single deck bus, which mean the last seat is higher than the normal which i don't really like. I sat down on the seat before the last seat. The whole bus was rather empty, with only me, driver and a uncle who is sitting at the seat which is closer to the driver.

I was dazing for a few mins when suddenly my naughty tots pop out. As i was wear a blue spaghetti strap top, with my tube bra and a jacket, together with navy FBTs shorts and normal panty, it was not easy for me to remove it without letting people see it, but my naughty side is getting stronger as it has been a while that i play with myself, or expose le. i tried methods but still, it will be big action. After few consideration, i decided that i shall just remove my tube bra. I silently and using ninja skill, removed my tube bra within sec and without big action. TA-DAAA, tube bra removed!!! I put it at the seat beside me and used my bag to cover it.. Now i am braless, and i can even see my own nipple poking through my strap..I touched it a few times, and it turning me on..Being braless is nothing to me, so i decide to bring my action further. I waited until the stop before my stop, i quickly removed my shorts and throw it to the seat infront. Once again, TA-DAAA, now without shorts, but only panty ...

 As i need to get down, i stood up and pulled my jacket down to cover my panty but only manage to cover half on my ass. I quickly grab my bag and tap out and slow run to my block . As i was running, saw a few people, but lucky it was night time, they didn't really see if i was wearing any shorts but there was this guy who look at me from a far distance but unsure if he saw it.

When i reached my block, there is no one waiting for the lift, but as is was night time, chances that people might use the lift is high, so in the end, i climbed the stairs. When i reached my level, i have a shock of my life!! My parents are at home and i am am i going to explains..With no choice, I hided at the staircase nearer to my house and think for solutions. I was about to cry when i realize that, the family who is staying above of me, they like to hangs their clothes outside the corridor plus they have a daughter who is younger than me by one year, so confirm got clothing that i could "borrow". I slowly climb up the stair and damn lucky, they still hang their clothes right outside their house and their door is close.  I silently went over and picked a black OP shorts, and wore it. It fit perfectly. Now with a shorts, i confidently walk down and back into my house.

Lucky, my mom never realize i was wearing a different shorts when went out and when i came home.But the problem now is, how do i return the shorts??? put back at the same place or just pass to her??

Guys, i will have a Q&A session until 27th dec. you are welcome to ask me any question, but not all i will be answering. The questions you guys asked, will be posted on my post after 28th onward.
thank you..

PROM Night

Sorry guys for delaying the updates, since today i am at home, i shall updates what i did this past few months but firstly let me start with my PROM night.^^

On 3rd Dec, we had a D&D night which is organized by our school, in simple term which is also known as PROM night. I wore a black one sided shoulder party dress which i brought it from ZALORA, while CY wore a black Abby sleeveless dress which also by ZALORA. In fact, both dress was brought online as both of us doesn't have time to go shopping at all. I met CY at her house area as we took cab over. By the time we arrived, the event had already started but lucky, it was just the beginning. Throughout the whole event, it's seem rather boring except for the few performance which is by our friends.

I didn't do anything naughty throughout the whole event, not because i am busy but because i forgot my plans. I did have a plan to follow but was too busy talking to friends and thus, forgotten all. I only managed to remember it when we were taking class photo but only the girls. My plan was to get naked inside, meaning remove of my nipple sticker and my G-string. I know it is too daring le, but i was wearing a black dress so i am not afraid that i might expose too much but for all things, i forgotten. The event ended quite early which was a good thing for me and my friends as we had plans after that. We went down to Caffe B which located at MBS ( not the hotel but the shopping mall ). A total of 7 of us, which include me , CY , 2 more girls and 3 guys. One of the guys who followed had a crush on me since JC1, so since it is the last night, i invited him to follow us. I will named him as X.

Since it is a Wednesday, just well is a ladies's Night. We arrived at the location at about 10 plus, and the place was crowded. We waited for a few minutes before getting our seats. I ordered a Lychee Martini which CY and the other girls too but for the guys, they order some weird drinks. We had our chit-chats, selfies and groupfies. i even took a close photo with X. While having our small chit-chat, i nudged CY to ask her to follow me to the ladies and there she followed.

While in the ladies, when i was washing my hands, i suddenly remember that i should be doing something naughty but i had no ideas of what to do. I paused at the mirror for a while until CY came out of the cubicle and saw me "stoning". She smacked my butt which is so freaking hard..She ask me why am i stoning in front of the mirror and i told her about my plans. She laughed and in a joking tone, she said " why not remove my G-sting, and give it to X ". At first, i was like LOL LOL, but in the end, i really did it.

While CY was walking out, i quickly remove my G-string and kept it within my hand and quickly follow CY. When we were back on our seat, X was looking straight at me, as we were sitting at a 8 person table, and just well, X was sitting opposite of me. Now i have removed my G-string but the problem is how do i pass to him?? plus what will he think of me?? All these questions were running in my brain at that moment but was rudely interrupted when all had decided to go home.

While we were walking to the taxi-stand, i was with CY at the back, discussing about how to pass my G-string to X, and so suddenly, X slow down and joined us. Everyone know X likes me since JC 1, and have been doing a lot of things to impress me, to gain my attention but no matter what he do, he is not my type although he is quite good-looking, and quite talented in music instruments.

We almost reaching the taxi-stand when CY looked at me with a confident looks and walked quickly to join the other which is damn in front, leaving me and X alone. I do feel awkward as i was thinking on how to pass X my G-String but thanks to X, he is quite a good talker, he manage to break the ice and we started to chat like normal friends. As we were getting nearer to the taxi-stand, i was getting more and more nervous and excited as i never give my G-string to any person face to face and yet i need to do it now. I slower down my pace which allow me to see X bag which he was carrying all along since PROM but stupidly , i didn't realize until then.

I quickly move toward him, and put the G-string into his bag which i told him that i helped him to zip it up as it was open. So smart of me!!!hehe... Lucky i put it in fast, as when i was zipping up, the others saw what i did and was like ohhhhhhhhh.. and start teasing me and X. For me, it was nothing as i don't have feeling for him, but for him, he turn red...

After waiting for few mins, me and CY finally got on a cab, which thanks to X , as he gotten it for us.

What i wore

what CY wore

Enjoy the picture and if you like, you can imaging me and CY wearing it, which we really do, but i can't post it here..sorry

Saturday, 15 November 2014

Small update

Hi guys, sorry for the late reply or no reply..I am using my studies time to update this post, so it will be short...For those who keep asking me if i am gone, the answer is NO.. I am not gone yet, and i will still continue to update this blog once i finish my As... Has been busy since sept due to my As so please forgive me... 
Hope you guys will still support my blog plus the "stuffs" i am selling....

Cya soon..and good luck to those that is taking As too....

Monday, 11 August 2014

Update : NDP 2014

Just a quick update as i am going out at 7 for dinner. On Saturday, who went to the float at Marina bay?? I did :) hahaha.  Actually was planning to stay at home and watch NDP but was dragged by my cousin as she "claims" that this year is the last year celebrating at the Float.( True la, but i still prefer National Stadium )

I chose a Red Hang-Ten Polo plus a denim shorts with my bra and panty of course. Going city area plus will be crowded with people, if i don't wear, i must be Crazy!!! but i did bring a small toy with me.( actually is always in my bag ). We met at City hall as it was more convenient for me and her but i was late..hehe.. although she was younger than me by 1 years and 3 months but we were like the same age so when i finally reached, she was showing black face which almost similar to her bag, but was soon gone when i agreed to treat her for dinner.. ( cheapo..hhehe)  By the time when we both met, it's was already 5 plus and i remember that the event starts at 5.40pm ( weird timing ). She was wearing a Red tee with a white pants. It look rather cute on her as she is not that tall, so when she wore jeans or pants, she will look like a small girl who trying to act like a adult. We went straight towards the Float but due to the traffic blockage, we have to walk one big round.  Finally, when we arrived at the Float, the queue was so freaking long!!

After waiting for few mins, we finally got in as there are multiplies checks before we can enter. What make me nervous and curious is the X-ray machine which is used for checking of bags. I brought a Manhattan sling bag and it only contain my wallet, tissue, phone and hmmmm, bullet-vibrator. Okay, i know i am crazy, but i really forgot that we need to go through all this checks, but lucky, the guard that was looking at the X-ray machine was talking to his Sir when my bag went through. We went through all the checks ( i admit that some really look so handsome ) and finally when we were going up to our seats, i was stopped by my cousin as she wanted to use the toilet, so in the end, we rush to the ladies. While in the ladies, i took out my bullet and put it on my panty which is my purpose for bringing it out. I wore back my shorts and went out. My cousin was done and was waiting for me at the stairs area but due to the discomfort that the vibrator had given me, i was walking a bit slow, in order not to expose myself( haven't even turn on). We were usher to our seats which was near to the front..We settled down  and checked the goodies bag. This year goodies bag is colourful lor. Sadly i didn't get my favorite colour!!!!!

After chatting with my cousin for a while, the show starts!!!! At the beginning, we were enjoying the parade, the flight, the Red lion parachutists, and the performances but things starts to get boring when the event went into the 2nd part. The Black and white dance and some weird weird songs. National day but played such a weird song. I was getting bored and that's when i remembered that i still got my own entertainment. I took my bag and search for the Remote and turned it on. I start with slow speed as i was afraid that the vibrator will cause a big buzzing sound but thanks to the sounds and noises of the parade, it seems that i didn't that it was not even turn on at all but i could feel the chairs were vibrating but is only my chair!! hahaha...

I continue to add on the speed as this vibrator do have 15 different speed and i was like only speed 1 or 2. The speed is not that fast so i was not that wet then but enjoying the vibrating which was hitting directly against the middle part but not my clit yet. Actually i placed at the clit area but i moved too much and turn out it moved to the middle which got a gap.(girls stuff) As the show proceed and everyone was getting in high mood, so am i but in different term!!! I was getting wetter and by the time when everyone was singing National Day songs, my speed was already at 7 to 9  and i was close to orgasm but had to put to a stop as we have to said the pledge and sing the Anthem.  After that, i didn't continue doing it as enjoying the last part of the show. FIREWORKS!! 

When everything ended and we were about to leave, i accidentally turned on the remote when i was searching for my phone but i didn't off it but rather allowing it to continue to vibrate as it went back to speed 1. The speed was slow but i was already aroused and was so sensitive.  When i was walking, the vibrator was being press against my clit again and again. I was so close to orgasm while standing at the stairs. As the crowds is moving slow, the vibrator was attacking directly on my clit. I tried to reach out for my bag to stop the vibrator as i felt i was close to climax. I pressed both of my legs together, acting like i was in urge but the fact is that i was about to orgasm. I reached the remote and before i can off it, I ORGASM!!! Worst of all, i was standing up, surrounded by people. I was like OMG!!!!.. When i was still orgasming, the vibrating didn't stop but yet continue to attack my clit, making everything worst!!!! In the end, i have to hold on to my cousin who thought that i was just resting on her. To make this worst, the crowd started to move and i have to move to. Lucky at that moment, i was not having the climax feeling but the post orgasm effect.

After getting out which was about 15 to 20 min later, i could barely walked properly as the vibrator were still vibrating. I turn it off when we were about to go back home and i can said, there was a large patch of wetness in the middle of my panty cause i could feel the coldness when i sat down while having dinner.

Saturday, 9 August 2014


Happy birthday Singapore^^...49th this year is 50th le...wooooohoooooo
Went to NDP just now.. so fun and high... draining all my energy until now i am freaking tired to update my blog... but stay tuned guys....will update soonnnnn......

Saturday, 26 July 2014


Guys or ladies, if you ever think of cycling in just a FBT shorts, drop the idea!! It was really arousing but at the same time, painful. Yes, i did it today and now i am having sore all around my bottom.

Today i went cycling at my house area using my brother's bike. Was a bit boring to stay at home plus i was too lazy to go shopping also so in the end,i decided to go cycling. I woke up quite early, around 6 am as my games pop up notification. I tried to get back to sleep but can't. In the end, I browsed 9gag all the way.At about 10 plus, i decided to go cycling, thanks to the photos that my friend posted. I got out of my bed with only a grey tanktop, black bra and a black G-string. I changed into a Blue Nike sports bra, accompanied with a blue FBT shorts and went to the toilet to freshen up. After i was done, without bringing any stuffs, i went off. Unlocked my brother's bike which locked at the 1st level and i cycle off. At first, i was only cycling around my house area but there was too many people walking around, going market and etc. In the end, i decide to go to factory area that is nearby my house but quite a distance.

By the time i reached the factory area, i was having aches all around my thighs but i continue to cycle ( taken it as a form of training ) Indeed, the factory area was quiet and there isn't any humans, but cats and dogs. Beside the factory area, there is a big field with only 1 signboard stating private property. I am not that sure how big it was but just by going straight, it might take a few mins. Either it was too big or i am really tired. I stopped halfway through the straight road and rested. There isn't any car or humans but only the sound of the wind and grasses moving. Kind of scary!!  If i was not having aches, i will had continue to cycle, rather than resting there! I have no choice but to conquer the fear so i could take a rest. I sat at the grass patch and was enjoying the wind while massaging my thighs which was aching like hell. The sun was so warm and shiny causing me to perspire more and not for long, my whole tanktop was wet. Honest saying, i don't like the feeling having my shirt being wet as it stick to my body causing so much discomfort. I try to wind it, but it doesn't seem to have any improvement. No other choice but to remove and dry it.

I remove my tanktop and put it on the grass patch beside but my sports bra was wet too. Since i had already removed my tanktop, i decide to bring it further. I shall remove my sport bra too, although it is a bit hard as it was sticky but i manage to remove it without having trouble and TA-DAA. Topless in the wild!!!. I put my bra next to the tanktop while i kept caution about the surrounding as i was afraid that there might be foreign workers. After a while, i got used to the feeling and didn't even bother if there will be people around. I lie down on the grass patch with my tits facing the sky. I admit, it was so different from being naked in the park or being topless at the beach. I was enjoying it but not for long when i become aroused by the wind which keep blowing on my nipples. Since i was alone, i decided to be more daring and naughty. I took off my FBT shorts, leaving only my G-string on while spreading my legs open. I bet that if there is any guys around,  i am confirm dead.

I played with my nipples causing me to be more aroused and wet. My left hand start rubbing against the G-string which was touching directly on my clit and my right hand was playing with my nipples. I was getting wetter than before as i could felt through my G-string. Since i had already removed 75% of my clothing, i shall remove my G-string too. TA-DAAA again!!Now i am naked and was masturbating in the public for the first time, but maybe more to come. I was too horny that i throw my G-string slightly above my head and continue to massage my clit. It didn't last long before i had the urge to orgasm. When i was about to orgasm, i stopped. I walk to my brother's bike, sit on it, and start to grind against the seat while my both hands was playing with my tits. It was a new experience for me and i orgasm in no time. Juices were flowing out of my pussy and onto the seat. It was my first time to orgasm outdoor and it was so shiok.

After the 1st orgasm, i am more tired but girls doesn't orgasm once only. Even we had already orgasms, but we will still be horny. I went back to the spot and lie down, trying to dry my pussy but not for long, i was playing with it again. I think i orgasm 3 times before i decided to go ( which making me to so tired now )

After the final cooling, i wore back my FBT shorts, sports bra, and tanktop which all had dried by now.  Regarding my g-string?? it was gone!!... I did try to search for it but i can't find it anywhere. Maybe I threw it a bit to hard but it is okay, at least my shorts is still around. I went back to my brother's bike, wanting to clean it but the seat had dried. I tried to cycle back but i can't. Not because i am tired but it was the seat. It keep rubbing against my pussy, making me wet again, plus it was a bit painful when going up and down the slopes. In the end, i managed to cycle all the way home but now my butt and pussy area is quite sore. 

Saturday, 5 July 2014

Night Jogging

If you guys still remember that i once purchase a blue Lacey boy-shorts, and i said that i might go for a night jogging while wearing it..Yes, i did it just now..

Just now, i took a small break from my studies and went for a jog at my house area park..Was actually planning to go for a evening jog, but the weather isn't that good, so i decided to run at night. I wore a Redbull tanktop, which i took it from my brother's room. It was quite big, as i normally wears S size, but the tanks is size L. I wore it with my Blue Nike Sports bra, and my Pink FBT shorts, accompanied with my boy-shorts. When I went out of my room, and my mom stared at me straight!! She confirm thinks that why must i wear until so loose, but before she open her mouth, i quickly left the house. I went straight to the park and what surprise me is, there isn't any people running which was weird. I did a quick warm-up and started my night jogging. 

I think my stamina dropped as i jogged for 30 mins and was already freaking tired, feeling the aches and tiredness. I took a rest at the nearby hut while catching my breaths. After a while, i felt better but was too lazy to continue and i was having aches around my thighs so i decided to rest a bit longer. I was enjoying the cool breeze when i realized that i was sitting at the same hut, at the same seat where i saw a guy fingering a girl. I start to have flashback and not for long, i know i am arouse. Since i was wearing my boyshorts, i shall try what i been thinking of, which is jogging around with my boy-shorts on.

I went towards the bushes and removed my FBT shorts and kept it. I had never left my shorts or clothing at this area before so if someone sees my shorts and took it or throw it, i will be good as dead. I stood behind the bushes and waited for the correct timing to go out, while adjusting my boyshorts. Once the coast is clear, i stood up and went toward to the running path while trying to pull down my tanks a bit more to cover up the front. It was useless as it show my ass if i cover the front, and if i cover my ass, the front will be out. After a few adjustment, i give up. I start with slow jog but the boyshorts isn't good for jogging as it keep moving up. In the end, i have to keep on adjusting to be comfortable. There is one thing that is good, which is the feeling of the breeze that flowing against my pussy, similar to being naked but with protection. I jogged a short distance and went back to the area where i kept my shorts. ( was quite worried) 

As the time was getting late, but i was having fun so i decided to bring it further. I picked up my shorts and hold it while jogged slowly back towards my house. The time was around 9 plus so there shouldn't be many people jogging as rarely, people jog on Saturday's night. I was jogging happily when suddenly cycling sound can be heard. I turned back, a bicycle was coming towards me and is a cheena man and sway sway, the area has no tree or bushes for me to hide. At that moment i know i am dead. I slower down my speed in order to let him past through first so he will not see much. When the sound gets louder, so was my heart and worst of all, i am getting arouse. I try to act normal and look back, but before i manage to, he increased his speed and was right infront of me. Did he saw what i was wearing or did he not, i really don't know.

It was so exciting and also so scary. I might get raped if he is a pervert. I continue jogging with no shorts, but wore back when i was near to my blk as i could be seen. I didn't finger myself yet, but going to later....hehe

Just a small updates..
1) Guys, please kindly mind your languages or words when emailing me. I might do "stuffs" but no matter what, i am still a lady...
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4) I might not update so much until my exams is finish or even maybe end of my JC2, so please kindly wait and continue to support my blog.. thanks:)

Lastly, thanks to G**H*** and Ed**** for purchasing and not being demanding and sorry for the waiting, guys..:) 

Saturday, 28 June 2014

Please Support..:)

Recently I just open a carousell account, and sold two of my friends FBT... 
Please support me thru there.. 
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And regarding those people who requested for my instr/FB/tweet, stop wasting ur time, cause I won't give it out..:)  
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Thursday, 19 June 2014

Swimming day

Just now, I went swimming with Charmaine and CY...It was a last-minute plan as CY and I had planned to go cycling but were stopped and changed to swimming. Thanks to Charmaine.


About 11 plus, we decided to go Tampines Swimming complex. Since it was not that far from my house, wearing a swimsuit would do.  I tied up my hair and wore a Navy Adidas 3-stripes One-piece Swimsuit (I brought it during the Adidas sale a few years back but didn’t wear it) with my Red Elmo T-shirt and black denim shorts. I packed my goggles and towel and went off. 

Just before I stepped out of my house, my sixth sense told me something was wrong, but I couldn’t remember it. As I was rushing, I just closed the door and went off.  
Lucky for me, the bus arrived simultaneously as I reached the bus stop. Arrived at Tampines inter, and CY was already standing at the arrival area. She was wearing a Denim shirt (i guess), accompanied by denim shorts. As I walked toward her, I realised that she didn't bring any bag or stuff. She claimed that she had forgotten and left it at home, and since her house was far from Tampines, I agreed to share it with her. 

We went off straight and met Charmaine at the complex. She was wearing a black MANGO Tee with denim shorts. And luckily, she did bring her bag.  If not, one towel will have to be shared between the 3 of us...  


We went towards the adult pool, and there weren’t many people, maybe 3 to 4 only. We undressed near the locker area as we wore it inside.  CY reveal herself with a blue Tankini swimsuit (Tankini is a two-piece swimsuit that offers more coverage than a typical bikini, most tankinis cover a large portion of the stomach area, leaving just a tiny visible strip of skin between the top and bottom of the suit.). For Charmaine, she wore a purple Bikini set. We packed our clothes into the locket, our bags and slippers and went straight to the pool. 


We started with some warm-up strokes to prevent leg cramps and stuff. After about three rounds, CY complained that she was tired and requested to rest at one of the corners. We didn't rest for long before Charmaine asked us to continue. 

Roughly around 1.50 pm, we stopped and went up to the Tanning area. We settled down at the very end as some guys were in the middle area. CY and I were talking about the lifeguard we saw, but Charmaine was on her front, trying to tan her back. She fell asleep as we tried to speak to her, but there was no reply. That's when the fun starts! I wasn’t thinking of doing anything to her, but CY kept nudging me. So, in the end, we decide to prank Charmaine. 


We got up silently and moved towards her. Since she was wearing a Bikini, it was easier for us to untied her top, which was tedious. So, we untied both her top and bottom with the final plan. Amazingly, she didn't realise and was sleeping soundly. 

CY and I were giggling and went back to our seats. After about 10 to 15 min, CY couldn't wait for it any longer, so we decided to wake Charmaine up. Purposely, we acted like we received a call and talked loudly, and the plan worked. Charmaine woke up from the noise we made, and when she turned her head towards us, we stood up immediately, acting like we were in a rush. She panicked and followed us.  Hehe. and there she was, standing in her birthday suit. She screamed and squatted down immediately. Thanks to her scream, which attracted the swimmer’s and lifeguards’ attention. We covered her with the towel while she tried to wear back her bikini. 

As soon as she was done, she scolded us, but we laughed like a crazy woman. We tried to apologise and even agreed to treat her to dinner, but she declined. In the end, she decided to forgive us if we could do the things she said. Both of us agreed with no choice.


We went straight to the shower room, and when I was unpacking my stuff, I realised that I had forgotten to bring my bra and panties!!! Damn it!!! I told CY about it, and the best part is that she didn't get it too. I was like, " oh yea; she doesn't even have a bag!!"  

With no choice, we went to shower and wore back our clothes without bras and panties. Luckily, my shirt was slightly loose, so it didn’t show much of my nipples. But for CY, she was so used to not wearing a bra, so she was okay with it; plus, she was wearing a denim shirt, so it doesn't portray her nipple but just cleavage. 

I was teasing CY when Charmaine came out. She changed into another shirt, a pink tank-top with a blue sports bra and White high-waist shorts.

We managed to go to Tampines mall and have our dinner and luckily, we didn't catch much attention. Even after dinner, the time was still early, so we went around and shopped. 

In the end, we shopped until nine plus before heading home. The best part is Charmaine has forgotten about her punishment for us. Hehe.


Sunday, 15 June 2014

Repost : Library

Finally, June holiday is here^^... sorry for not updating as frequently as before. JC2 is really busy and stressful. A lot of times, we seems to be playing but the fact is we do studies too. Now, using a bit of time spare, let me update(s) before the war start!!!

Last Saturaday, i woke up at 8am when it was a weekend. (Plan to go to library early to "chop" seat ) Saturday morning, even my parents were still asleep, and yet i was up and ready to go out. I wore a shirt and denim shorts, and went out.(Of course with my bra and panty) I went directly to the library as to leave my bag, to reserve a seat before having my breakfast. I took the bus and surprisingly, reached the library at 9am sharp, which they just open the main door. Managed to "chop" my seat and went off for my breakfast.

Surprisingly, it was not crowded when i return to the library,  so i kind of occupy the whole table (4 person table). I proceed with my textbooks and test papers until CY texted me, which was about 12noon. She claim that she might be coming down but in the end, not even a single hair from her. It was about 2 pm, when it started to rain and the whole library turns into a freezer. Luckily, i forgot to take out my jacket last night, if not i will be as good as a frozen specimen.

Starting, i was still able to concentrate on my books but the fight didn't last long as i lost to the coldness of the library. My nipple became hardened in no time and was touching on the bra's fabric. Whenever i move, my nipple seems to rub against the fabric and that's how i got aroused! I tried to cross my legs for few times but my "little sister" was kind of " itchy" and warm. I tried to maintain but in the end, i give up! 

I went to the female toilet, locked the door and started to remove my shorts. Initially, i was just touching myself with my panties on but not even 5 min, i was extremely wet and sadly there are people waiting outside which means i have to be fast. Kind of unsatisfied and wanted more, i decided to "play"it further. I removed my panties, my bra and wore back my shirt, shorts and jacket. I hided my bra and panties in the right pocket of my jacket and went out of the toilet and back to my seat. 

When i was settled down,  I secretly kept my bra and panties into my bag. Starting, it was kind of exciting as there are people around me, but the excitement didn't last long. I started to bored!!

As i was sitting near to the corner of the library, not many people will be walking past. After observing for a few mins, i decided to challenge myself further. Slowly, i unzipped my shorts and lower it. Just using of few mins, my shorts was down on the floor..hehe..Okay, that was the most crazier thing i had done so far and if i was to get caught, i might get stomped or maybe even police case. 

Carefully, i took my shorts and slided it into my bag. I crossed my leg to prevent attracting attention but it didn't last long (again)!! This time, I slide my left hand back into the jacket and started to touch myself. ( Yea, i know i was crazy enough to touch myself in library, but i was really horny.) I wanted to change my seat to the opposite so i can have more fun but when i stood up, i was shocked with the coverage by the jacket. My pussy was totally exposed

I quickly moved over and settled down, with my butt touching the cold chair and it increased my aroused and wetness. I think i even caught some attention. 

I maintained for a while to reduce the attention but in the end, failed (again).

In order not to create another big action and more attention, i slide back my right hand into my jacket and moved down slowly to my pussy.(Okay, i was really smart at this stuff).  I rubbed my clit and play with my labia. 

Just a few seconds, my fingers started to get wet. I told myself that i have to stop playing, but i really can't. In the end, i had to stop and started to pack my stuff after wearing back my shorts. 

There was a big wet-spot when i pushes in the chair..hehe..I quickly went off and went back home, hided in my room and continue from where i paused..

New blog...

Welcome to my new site...

Was trying to rearrange my blog, but was a bit lazy, and not very sure on how to do it. Guess my brain only know how to play but not on Coms..hehe

Just enjoy this new site, and free free to comments...