Tuesday 23 December 2014

Mr Pillow

Okay guys and ladies, have you try having sex with your pillow or bolster?? If you have not, try it..it's fun and comfortable.Yesterday night after using the com, i went to bed straight, but i couldn't fall asleep but i manage to slept before 4am, but that not the main point. Ytd night, i had sex with my bolster..Hehehe..In official, it's called as humping , but also consisted as sex as the positions is similar to having sex.

After offing my com, i went to bed straight with just a jacket. If you are wondering if i was typing in just my jacket, the answer is YES...Like i said, if in my room, i will just wear one piece or at times being naked, but ytd was a bit too early , so i have to wear a jacket incase my mom just budge into my room which she usually will. Back to topic, while on bed, i couldn't sleep at all, which i not sure why. I turned left and right multiply times,but still unable to find a comfortable zone. At about 1.20am, i am still awake and is fully awake, which was like impossible for me as since exam period, i slept as early as 11pm but ytd night was different. With no intention to sleep, i took my phone and played my game. Who play LET'S GET RICH??? I do play, but so noob..Yeah, i took my phone and played 3 games, which i lose. My trophy was not high in the first place, so it doesn't matter to me at all, but is the losing part that make me sian of the game. So in the end, i stopped playing and went on with tumblr..( Sorry guys, for now i can't let u guys follow me yet as it is my original account, maybe wait until i created a new account, then i will let u guys know..)

I search randomly, and out of nowhere, i am on a page which is about masturbating. ( i did not search for porn but it just came out ) At first, i was not really into it, but as i was scrolling down, the GIF and photos makes my sexual's trait excited. At first, it was just some girls fingering or use dildo, but there was this post which is a GIF, showing of a girl, humping against the pillow and even squirt, which caught my attention!!! I looked in more to the page, and turned out, it is a page for girls or woman who masturbating with their pillow / bolster or even using the shower head.

Shower head, i did used before...Not that shiok, but the gushing of water against the clit, will make any girls orgasm in no time. However, masturbating with pillow or bolster, i did not try and it seems to be more fun. Now i am horny , and decided to try the new method. ( For Girls reader only, you can follow my steps which i learned from the internet )

First step : get half naked or full naked, but for me, i was just wearing a jacket, so my bottom was completely empty which is a good thing.

Second step : put a piece of cloths of something if you are scare that you might dirty your pillow or bolster, but not for me ( I am okay with it not because i am dirty, but i know it's my own juice )

Third step ( Optional ) : slot in a vibrator or dildo if you have or if you want. For me, ytd night i tried without vibrator, later i will try with it. ( Hint for what i am doing later..hehe )

Four step : sit on top of the pillow or bolster and start moving front and back against the pillow or bolster. For those with vibrator or dildo, sat on top of it and turn on.

Fifth step : ENJOY IT!!!

Ytd i only did it with my bolster, without additional aids, and i came twice...( Hint : once is never enough for me ) The first time, i did it with my jacket on, but the second time, i was getting more and more warm and wet, i removed my jacket and continue humping my bolster which is similar to having sex and i came in no time. You guys should try it. It  will be more fun and wet with the aids of my vibrator..hehe

Alright, now i going to try on, so that's end of this post.

Updates :
 1)Q&A session until 27th dec mid-night, email me asap okay..don't miss this chance.
and a reply to Christina, for the question you send me, the answer is YES.
You are not the only one...Good night.

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