Saturday 27 December 2014

Q & A

Hey guys, this post will be about the questions that you guys emailed me. I was amazed that there are so many readers, and thanks guy for emailing the questions.. Like i said before, not all questions i will give you an answer, base on the sensitivity. It will be a long post as i don't want to separate into two post so read it slowly guys.

Questions that have decimals, meaning is from the same person, E.g : 1.1, 1.2, 1.3, and 1.4.

Q 1.1 : What's the biggest thing i had in my pussy ?
A : Just my middle finger!! haha

Q 1.2 : Have a guy ever see me naked?
A : No..

Q 1.3 : Will i chat with you guys more?
A : Yeah, of course, provided that you don't offense me

Q 1.4 : How many pieces of clothing have i lost or put at somewhere else?
A : 20 to 25?? lost count >.<

Q : Am i into erotic glamorous modeling?
A : Maybe? but still too young for it..

Q : Who inspired me to start a blog?
A : CY

Q 2.1 : How many types of Sex Toy do i have?
A : 2. vibrator and dildo

Q 2.2 : Will i post any photo of myself?
A : yeah, i did it before..but no face

Q 2.3 : Am i a Exhibitionist ?
A ; Define it for me?... for my stand, i am not..:)

Q 2.4 : Am I into anal sex?
A : hmm, doesn't it hurt??

Q 2.5 : Do i masturbate every night?
A ; No..crazy or what...

Q 2.6 : How to turn me on?
A ; hmmmmmm, i not sure..hehe

Q 2.7 : Did i have gay sex with CY?
A ; LOL..confirm never read my previous blog!!!

Q 2.8 : How extend will my naughty act be?
A ; Idk..base on how horny i will be??

Q 2.9 ; Did any of my family members (include cousins) see me naked or being naughty before?
A : NO WAY... if they know, i confirm die

Q 2.10 : Do i watch porn?
A: Yes, of course...

Q 3.1 : Do i always wet my panties or string?
A : Noo..I might be a naughty garl in your term, but i am not a horny garl...

Q 3.2 ; How often do i masturbate? 
A : Base on my mood..hehe, but recently, had been doing it..

Q 3.3 : Do i squirt?
A : hmmm, once or twice? but is in the toilet..

Q 3.4 : Will i have sex with guys?
A ; Guys? no way..i don't like orgy, but if with my group of GFs, i am okay..

Q 3.5 : Will i have sex with guy?
A : yeah, only my BF or husband

Q 3.6 : Did i see my brother naked before?
A ; hmmm, when we are still child..

Q 3.7 : Will i have sex or suck my brother's dick?
A ; No... Incest is just for anime..real life, i don't dare

Q 3.8 : What size do i wear?
A : S...but can fit in XS, but will be slighty tight, due to my chest area ( if u know what i mean )

Q 3.9 : Can you buy my panties?
A : haha, Yeah, of course.. but must let me know in advances..

Q 4.1 : How do i masturbate? ( From a girl )
A : hmmm, watch porn if at home, with the aids of my toys but if is outdoor, normally is when i did something naughty..

Q 4.2 : Can i teach her how to get naked outdoor? ( from the same girl )
A ; Yeah, sure.. but only through email

Q 4.3 : Is there any other girls who are also reading this blog?
A : yeah, you not the only one..( got 2 more )

Q 4.4 : If she also start a blog, can i guide her?
A : yeah,i am happy to do so but i not a pro

Q 4.5 : How can she start with?
A ; Try getting naked in your own room first, then sleep naked, then slowly progress..

Q 4.6 : Did X ( the guy who had a crush on me ) msg me about the G-string ?
A : No..if he will, it will be so awkward..

Q 5.1 : Can you guys dare me?
A : Sure, but if is not too over lor..

Q 5.2 : Do i always slept naked?
A : Not really, but often..Some days, i will wear at least a shirt or tanktop or sleeping dress.

Q 5.3 : Do i sleep with bra and panty?
A ; No... Sleeping with bra, is way to stressful le... Panty if i having menses.

Q 5.4 : Will i go downstairs or somewhere far without wearing my panty or bra?
A : if nearby, at times i will not wear panty, but bra.. but if somewhere far, i confirm will wear both, but chances that i will wear back both is another question...

Q 5.5 : Will i sell the bolster that i humped on?
A ; No, for what!!

Q 5.6 : Do i sell my School Uniform away?
A : Can i??

Q 5.7 :  Am i still selling my undies or FBTs?
A : Yes, my used panties ,bras and FBTs shorts are still on sale, but only if you are keen to buy but not just play pranks.

Q 5.8 : Will i wear them before sending out?
A : yeah, that is a confirm YES...if not, why buy from me? Just purchase from shops.

Q 5.9 : Will there be wet spot?
A : I believe if by mailing, it take 3 to 4 days, and by the time, it will dried up even i squirted on it.

Q 5.10 : Can you guys meet me to deal?
A : No, sorry, but still NO

Q 5.11 : How about delivery?
A : Yes, i did it once, but too costly...unless you willing to pay for my transport fees.

Q 5.12 : How do i do the delivery?
A : I will wear the stuff u purchased, and go to your block which you must give me, and i will remove it straight  at scene , then put in your mailbox.

Q : Do i take photo of myself naked?
A ; hmmm, No.. even i did, i will delete it straight after that...Internet is too scary..

Q 6.1 : Can i post first, to update my location so that he can go there to "camp" and watch?
A : hahaha.. funny but no..

Q 6.2 : Can i like said the location if i would ever leave my panties or shorts in that location?
A : hmmm, worth considering

Q 6.3 : Do i use adult website to show my body or stuff?
A : No..but i did use with CY before, is a web call with random people..but not naked

Q 6.4 : Will i just show my naked body on skype or webcam?
A : NO no no...

Q : Can you guys send me photos of your dick?
A : hmm, yeah, provided is long and thick enough..

Q : Will i accompany him ( a uncle ) if he pay me?
A : NO.. i am not a social escort and never i will be

Q : How long will i continue to post on this blog?
A : I not sure, maybe until i grow older or maybe even until i got child...

Q 7.1 : Will i ever have SExting ( Msg ) with you guys?
A : I was planning to do so, after i start working ( look forward ba )

Q 7.2 : Will i like a malay dick?
A : Dick is dick, i don't see race but only the length and thickness..

Q 7.3 : What is my breast Size? ( cup size )
A ; I am a C cup

Q 7.4: Do i prefer Dress or shirt and shorts?
A : What a question!!!... both i also okay..

Q 7.5 : How tall am i?
A : 1.66m, i grown..base on recent height and weight taking

Q 7.6 : If i wear dress, won't i look shorter?
A : laughs...haha, my dress is short type , that is one of the reason why i easily get upskirt.

Q 7.7 : Did i go commando before when wearing dress?
A: Yeah, countless times

Q 7.8 : Won't i feel weird ?
A : In the beginning, yeah, but now, hehe, used to it..

Q 8.1 : Have i lost my first time?
A : no, i am still a virgin

Q 8.2 : Didn't i use my dildo?
A : Yes, i use it to rub my clit, and not yet really insert in, but i used my finger before

Q 8.3 : Why didn't i try using toothbrush or other objects?
A : Firstly, i have a vibrator, and a dildo, so what for i use other stuff?

Q 9.1 : How many times can i orgasm?
A : As many as you can imagine.. i guess

Q 9.2 : Highest records of orgasms ?
A : 4 times, i guess

Q 9.3 : What type of porn do i watch?
A : As normal as guys, i guess.. hardcore, masturbation, outdoor and etc

Q 9.4 : Did i ever caught my brother masturbating?
A : What a question, but no.. cause we have our own room.

Q 9.5 : Did i went in my brother's room to masturbate ?
A : No, but i did went into his room naked once, when he was not at home, to get something.

Q 9.6 : Did my brother steal my undies?
A : i not sure, if i lost my panties or bra, i also not sure is it becos i never bring home or he stole it, but i guess all brother will at least stole their sister's undies once.

Q 9.7 : Am i a straight, bisexual or gay?
A : I am a Bisexual person, i love male and female, but i prefer male more.

Q 9.8 : Will i get into threesome?
A : NO way...With girls only, i am okay, but if is guy and girls, then sorry.

Q 9.9 : I prefer mouth, pussy or anal?
A : i am not sure, never try have sex before.

Q 9.10 : Why didn't i suck my dildo?
A : My dildo is those type from Durex vibrator, not those type that look like penis

Q 9.11 : Why didn't i buy those penis dildo?
A : not interested but I got it free ( Christmas gift )

Q 9.12 : Do i know how to do tittyjobs?
A ; Yeah, but not pro.. But I can squeeze a pen inbetween my tits.

Q 10.1 : How many Fbt Shorts do i have?
A : i think 7 or more ba.

Q 10.2 : Is all my Fbt shorts without the inner layer?
A : No, only certain shorts , specially is those that is quite old already.

Q 10.3 : Won't i expose too much if i were to wear those Fbt shorts that without inner layer?
A : Yeah, specially is those light colours such as yellow and orange, but i normally wear it for swimming or sleeping.

Q 10.4 : About my swimwear, how many types do i have?
A : 1 Arena swimsuit and 2 bikini set

Q 10.5 : Did i remove the padding for my swimwear?
A : Yeah, one of the bikini is without padding

Q 10.6 : Did i wear that bikini out before?
A : No, and never i will in Singapore.

Q 10.7 : What about my bras and panties, did i remove the padding also?
A : Yeah, i do have some bras without padding but i only have 2 panties that is without the protection layer.

Q : Did i try inserting my panty or G-string into my pussy before?
A : No, but i see it before in porn.

Q 11.1 : Did I masturbate or touch myself when my parents are around?
A : A big no for Masturbate, but touching, hmm, a few times when we all were sitting at the living room but I will cover with cushion.  

Q 11.2 : How underdressed will I be when at home , with and without parents? 
A : hmmm, if my parents are around, normally I will wear like a spaghetti strap top with my FBT shorts, or just wear a long tanktop..if no one at home, naked is the only word...

Q 11.3 : Do I wear my bra and panty when my parents are around?
A : Of course got wear la.. My mom will killed me if I being braless, and even worst if being commando.

Q 11.4 : Does my parents know that I am such a naughty girl?
A : My mom do know that, at times I will sleep naked but she doesn't know much

Q 11.5 : How often do I get naked when I am at home?
A : By any chance.. If no one at home.

Q 11.6 : Do I by any chances, masturbate in the living room? 
A : Yeah, once or twice le ( second time is on the coffee table )

Q 11.7 : Where do I keep my toys? 
A : Somewhere over the rainbow.. Hehe, of course in my secret drawer 

Q 11.8 : Do I keep my G-string or thong in that drawer too? 
A : Lol lol.. Why do I have to? My mom knows I wore all those sexy undies..

Q 11.9 : What is the sexist clothes I have? 
A : All my clothes are quite sexy.. Is base on how you wear it..

Q 11.10 : Do I have yoga shorts or pants?
A : I do have 2 to 3 pieces

Q 11.11 : Do I wear legging or thighs?
A : Leggings? I do have one but damn old le. Thighs : No

Q 11.12 : He asked if Is he asking too much question?
A : Not really.. As long as I can reply, I am okay with it.

Q 11.13 : How often do I wear skirt?
A : Is base on my mood

Q 11.14 : Do I go commando if I wear skirt?
A : Rarely, cause my skirt is all quite short ( the longest I have is estimate, one iphone 5 length,  before my knees which is my school's skirt )

Q 11.15 : Do I always have naughty ideas? 
A : Not always, but ideas will just pop out, if I am doing nothing ( sex drive high, i guess )

Q 11.16 : What is the naughtiest act I had think of?
A : Being naked in a park, and masturbate

Q 11.17 : Regarding my naughty ideas, how often do I carry out it?
A : Almost everytime.. Provided it is safe for me to do so..

Q : What is my weight? ( 4 person asked )
A : Sensitive question sia... But is Inbetween 40 to 50kg

Q : Isn't my breast like a burden to me? 
A : Still okay ba, CY's one more burden

Q 12.1 : Where is the places that I will like to masturbate ( except home ) ?
A : Bus, park or beach.. Haha

Q 12.2 : If I were to have a chance to change my gender, will I change it? 
A : No.. Being a girl is good, except having period!!!

Q 12.3 : Will I like to have a dick if given a chance?
A : No.. I don't want to be a shemale.

Q :  Did I try humping the edge of the table before ?
A : No.. Does it feel good?

That's all for now.. 
Thanks for the questions again.. For those questions that I didn't post, sorry about it. It was too personal.
I will post another Q&A next year if i am still updating the blog. 

I will soon update about my Christmas gift once I come back from Malaysia tml..:) 


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