Monday 22 December 2014

After night studies

This is another interesting story that happened during November , still during our exam.

One of the night during Nov, me and a few girlfriends went over to CY's house to study, as next day is our math paper. They went straight to her house after school but not me, as i went home and change. After i arrived, we settled down  and really study throughout the night. We stopped only when CY's mom came the room and told us to stop studying and go home to rest early, which was about 9pm plus already. It is easy for me to get home, just one direct bus, but for the other girls, they have to go to the nearest MRT station, so in the end, we packed and left.

I waited from them to get on bus before i took my bus, but lucky me, my bus arrived right after theirs. My bus ride normally took about 10 min to 15 min so i will always go to the back seat, so i can sit comfortably. It was a single deck bus, which mean the last seat is higher than the normal which i don't really like. I sat down on the seat before the last seat. The whole bus was rather empty, with only me, driver and a uncle who is sitting at the seat which is closer to the driver.

I was dazing for a few mins when suddenly my naughty tots pop out. As i was wear a blue spaghetti strap top, with my tube bra and a jacket, together with navy FBTs shorts and normal panty, it was not easy for me to remove it without letting people see it, but my naughty side is getting stronger as it has been a while that i play with myself, or expose le. i tried methods but still, it will be big action. After few consideration, i decided that i shall just remove my tube bra. I silently and using ninja skill, removed my tube bra within sec and without big action. TA-DAAA, tube bra removed!!! I put it at the seat beside me and used my bag to cover it.. Now i am braless, and i can even see my own nipple poking through my strap..I touched it a few times, and it turning me on..Being braless is nothing to me, so i decide to bring my action further. I waited until the stop before my stop, i quickly removed my shorts and throw it to the seat infront. Once again, TA-DAAA, now without shorts, but only panty ...

 As i need to get down, i stood up and pulled my jacket down to cover my panty but only manage to cover half on my ass. I quickly grab my bag and tap out and slow run to my block . As i was running, saw a few people, but lucky it was night time, they didn't really see if i was wearing any shorts but there was this guy who look at me from a far distance but unsure if he saw it.

When i reached my block, there is no one waiting for the lift, but as is was night time, chances that people might use the lift is high, so in the end, i climbed the stairs. When i reached my level, i have a shock of my life!! My parents are at home and i am am i going to explains..With no choice, I hided at the staircase nearer to my house and think for solutions. I was about to cry when i realize that, the family who is staying above of me, they like to hangs their clothes outside the corridor plus they have a daughter who is younger than me by one year, so confirm got clothing that i could "borrow". I slowly climb up the stair and damn lucky, they still hang their clothes right outside their house and their door is close.  I silently went over and picked a black OP shorts, and wore it. It fit perfectly. Now with a shorts, i confidently walk down and back into my house.

Lucky, my mom never realize i was wearing a different shorts when went out and when i came home.But the problem now is, how do i return the shorts??? put back at the same place or just pass to her??

Guys, i will have a Q&A session until 27th dec. you are welcome to ask me any question, but not all i will be answering. The questions you guys asked, will be posted on my post after 28th onward.
thank you..

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