Saturday, 5 September 2015

Holiday's trip ( Part 2 )

As i was saying, we were picked up by the hotel crew , which thanks to my father's friend. He is the share-holder of that hotel and he arranged transports for us. I won't said which hotel i am staying in, but it is located near to Kowloon. A 4-start hotel.

My parents shared one room while Fay and i shared another. It was not a big room, but both of our room do have a small living room where TV, mini-fridge and some other things were placed there. Both of our room had a double king size bed and we were fortunate enough to have our room facing the swimming room. Sadly, i didn't bring any swimsuit, if not, i will sure visit the pool.

As soon as we arrived at the hotel room, the first thing i went was the toilet. Not because i am in urge, but i need to take out 'Thor' as it was getting slightly discomfort due to lots of movement. When i came out of the toilet, Fay was changing from her dress to decent shorts and tee. That's was when i confirmed that she is a A cup person. I was checking around the room when my mom knocked on the door. She claims that since we are fortunate enough to check in early, we shall not waste time in the hotel room but honest saying, i think she just wanted to go for shopping^^

We went to the nearby shopping mall and etc.( No point going in details as it might be boring for some of you ) In conclusion, we did went some famous places. By the time we reached back to our hotel room, it's was about 11 plus. Fay and i was tired after walking for the whole day, and maybe due to the flight too. As soon as we opened the door, Fay went straight to the sofa. I was tired too, but i still need to bath. The last thing i saw before i went into the toilet was Fay trying to untie her shoes. I think i wasted 20 min in the bathtub as it was really relaxing. By the time i came out, Fay was already lying on the bed, asleep. Maybe for her, she was alright to sleep without bathing, but not for me.

As i washed my hair, i needed to dry it before i could sleep but i was too lazy to use their hair-dryer, so in the end, i sat on the sofa, with the TV on, and dry my hair with my towel. I think it was about 12.30 when my hair was completely dry. If you guys wonder what i am wearing for my bedtime, don't be excited ( again ). I wore normal tee with FBT shorts, although it was without bra and panty. After switching off all the lights except the table lamp, i went to bed but something caught my attention. It was Fay's clothes!! Her clothes and undergarments were all lying on the floor beside the bed. I thought that she might had changed into her pajamas but i was wrong. As i was getting on to the bed while covering myself with the blanket, i managed to saw her boobs. Yes, her A cup boobs, she was sleeping naked. That was the second time, i confirmed that she is a A cup. Fay and i might be cousin and females, but we were not that close and yet she slept naked. That's why i said she is open-minded. Not many people could do that, even for me too. I was thinking of joining her but i was afraid that my parents might find out so in the end, i went to sleep with clothes on.

The next day morning was even worse. I got up quite early due to the alarm i set. Since it was a overseas trip, i don't like to waste time and money on bed. When i was getting out of bed, Fay woke up too. I can said is, she really have a pretty face, even when she woke up, her face never change. Not like us, if we were damn tired and woke up by disturbance, we will have 'stoned face' or 'ugly face' but not her. I told her that i am going to freshen up first so she can rest more, but she claims that she had to pee so she got off the bed quickly and went to the toilet. When she was out of the toilet, i was sitting on the sofa with my toothbrush on my hand. As she was in her birthday suit, i was able to see her pubic hair which i predicted that she had never shave but trimmed before as it was like a forest down there. Not being bad, but the truth!! The fact that she was not shy or embarrassed when she knows that i was looking at her naked body, amazed me. I think that's the different between Singaporean girl and girls that studies overseas. They tend to be more open.

As usual, after morning breakfast, we went out again. This time, we went to further places from our hotel. I know Hongkong is not that big, but it do takes time to travel too. The best part was that we went to Disneyland. Nothing much there, i could said. I did managed to take photos with Minnie and some other Disney's characters. There wasn't many people too. I won't said the details for the rest of the days as it will be boring for you guys and i was lazy to type. ( Ask me if you wish to know )

The interesting part was on the day when we are returning to Singapore. Our flight was during noon time, so we were able to have our breakfast in the hotel before checking out. I was thinking of slacking in the hotel room but my parents were scared that we might missed our flight so in the end, we went to the airport 4 hours ahead. Kiasu right!! After checking in our luggage which almost reaches the maximum weight, we went around the airport. Nothing much to see, except those duty-free stores. My dad managed to buy a Polo Ralph Lauren wallet for my brother, so you can predict how much time we had before our flight.

I was getting bored from the window shopping and decided to rest at the resting area. Fay volunteer to follow me as she too tired due to her late night yesterday. As we were walking towards the resting lounge, Fay requested to go to the ladies which i followed her. If you guys still remember, i brought 'Thor' with me and it was hidden in my sunglasses box. Yes, i managed to take it out and placed into my panties again, but this time, i was wearing a shorts instead of a jeans and i remembered to take out the controller. hehe. Thinking of achieving orgasm in the attitude of more than 25000 feet makes me excited. I was grinning to myself when Fay tapped on my shoulder as we went off to the resting lounge. I managed to control myself from turning on the speed at the resting lounge as i wanted to experience it during the flight. At that moment, i was really looking forward to board the plane. Someone told me before " Time passes slowly when you are expecting something" which is so true. That moments was like the longest hours i had waited since my birth. Every mins seems to be passing so slow.

After waiting for 1 hour and 30 mins, our flight were finally being called. As we were walking towards the boarding gates, My dad was shocked that i was so excited to go back to Singapore when in the morning, i was still reluctant to leave the hotel room. He will never know that i am excited to try out my 'mission' but not returning to Singapore. We did waited for another 20 min before boarding the plane but it was still okay, i am near to my 'mission'.

When the broadcast announced our seat number, i was the first to rush to the queue, even faster than my parents. We were ushered to our seats and i was so lucky that we had the same seating arrangement. Fay beside me, my mom beside Fay and my dad was at my back. Since the time when we settled down, my 'Thor' had been turned on, but at speed of one. I am not sure what happened, but the vibration feeling was not that, and i thought that 'Thor' had dropped out, but after few adjustment, i managed to feel it. It was resting nicely on my concave area but due to the speed was slow, and the plane do have some vibration, i couldn't feel it. I increased the speed to 2 and indeed, i felt only slight vibration. In the end, i maintained throughout the whole taking off period , but increased to 3 when the plane was stabled as it had no feeling at all. At that moment i am not sure was it due to the battery or due to the plane. Even after increased to speed 3, i could only feel slight vibration. Normally, i will feel it when in speed 2, but this time, even in speed 3, i could only feel slight vibration. When the meal was served, i didn't eat much as i was thinking how to adjust it again. In the end, i only managed to have a few bites. My mom thought that i was unwell but i told her i am not.

After the meal was being taken away, and the tables were up, i lower down my back and covered myself with my dad's jacket. He given me as he thought i might be cold but in fact, i used it to cover my lower half, so i was able to adjust 'Thor'. As i touches 'Thor', i could feel it's vibration and it was still vibrating strongly. I placed it near to my clit area and i could really feel the impact even when it was not touching my clit. I think i was enjoying myself too much until i forgotten Fay was right beside me. She too thought that i was unwell but i ensure her that i am not while switching off. After talking to her for 1 hour plus, she wanted to have a nap. She was sitting while her face faced to my mom side. As soon as she turned her head, i turned the speed to 2 again. Slowly by slowly, i increased the speed and i had my first orgasm when the speed was at 4. I tighten my legs closely while shivering. It was intense i guess. 'Thor' was still attacking even when i was having my orgasm, but guess what, i didn't stop it until my 4th orgasm when i almost peed but luckily i stopped in time.

I was thinking of having my 5th orgasm as it was such a rare chance to orgasm while on a plane but i stopped as i was quite tired from having 4 orgasms. Right before the announcement of reaching Singapore, i went to the toilet and took out 'Thor' and kept it in my pocket. I put back into the sunglasses box when we were allowed to take down our belongings.

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