Friday, 25 December 2015

Merry Christmas to all my readers. Enjoy the festival with your families and friends.
Sorry if i updated a bit too late as this year, it's my family's turn to open the Christmas party so i had to help out quite a few things plus some outing beforehand, so somehow i didn't really have time for myself.
Hope you guys will understand:)

This are the questions that i received over the past few weeks. Indeed, i received more questions that last year but some were personal, so i didn't reply. Thank you guys for the questions, although i didn't reply some. For those who i didn't reply, i am sorry. For those who asked, please look for your questions and others. 

Q 1.0 : Can you deep throat your dildo?
A : Not sure, i only did a bit of normal sucking
Q 1.1 : If you have any recent fantasies/kinks, what are they about?
A : Hmmm, i don't have lei, how?

Q 1.2 : Ideally, what does your future boyfriend's dick look like (size/pubic hair)?
A : Wow, that's a tough question. I can't predict the future :)

Q 1.3 : Do you cum more easily from insertion or clit stimulation?
A : Clit stimulation

Q 1.4 : Have you ever played with your butthole and do you think you will be interested in the future?
A : Play with my Anus?? No, that's so disgusting

Q 1.5 : Have you ever seen or touched a dick in real life?
A : Does it counted if i seen it during childhood? haha

Q 2.0 : What school am i in

Q 3.0 : Have you tried masturbating at the swimming pool toilet while showering or even the public toilet?
A : Does playing with CY counted?? If it does, then Yes

Q 4.0 : Have you had sex in public before?
A : No, I am still a virgin 

Q 4.1 : Will you meet a stranger you've never met before for a quick tryst ?
A : No, and i will never

Q 5.0 : What is your favourite position?
A : Sleeping position??

Q 6.0 : Did all the stories really happened to you in real life? 
A : Yes, Does it sounds fake? 

Q 7.0 : You like what kind of conversation?
A : Idk, base on my mood

Q 7.1 : What you love to do the most when you are free?
A : 1st ) Slack at home
   : 2nd) Shopping

Q 8.0 : Do i trade photos with my readers?
A : NO. If you guys want nude photos, just go google and search :)

Q 8.1 : Can i post photos of the clothes i am wearing here?
A : For? 

Q 9 : when did you start going on your exhibitionist trait?
A : Am i consider as a exhibitionist? Hahaha

10.0 : Why didn't i find a Boyfriend to meet my needs?
A : I can settle my own needs, why do i need a boyfriend. Haha

Q 10.1 : But Guys is different from toys ?
A : True, but i don't want a commitment for now

Q 10.2 : How about FWB?
A : No, i rather have my first time with someone i love

Q 11.0 : How do i keep up with my figures?
A : Exercise is the best word i can said

Q 11.1 : Do i run a lot?
A : No, I jog at times, but i am into Yoga for now

Q 11.2 : Yoga doesn't burn fats right?
A : No, it does, but slowly

Q 11.3 : Do i do it nakedly or with clothing?
A : I did tried doing it naked once, but mostly i do it with clothes

Q 11.4 : I learned it myself or went for classes? ( Yoga )
A : Learnt it myself

Q 11.5 : Why didn't i went for classes?
A : No money plus No time. Hahaha

Q 12.0 : Am i as close to CY even we went to different school?
A : Yes, of course. We didn't meet up often but we texted and snapchat daily

Q 12.1 : Can i reveal my snapchat, with or without face?
A : No, i saw too much Snapchat nude on the internet

Q 12.2 : Maybe just showing of my genital area?
A : Are you a medical student? and the answer is NO

Q 12.3 : Yeah, he is. Am i a Medical student too?
A : Yeap, but not a pure one. hehe

Q 13.0 : Do I have G-string more or Normal Panties more?
A : I think it's balance, but i do have more Thongs

Q 13.1 : So am i a Thongs person?
A : What do you mean??? Hahaha

Q 13.2 :  Do i wear thongs most of the times or ?
A : It's depends. At times, i don't even wear.

Q 13.3 : Won't i leaked juices if i didn't wear any undies?
A : It will get moist but i won't leak if i didn't do anything naughty.

Q 13.4 : Then did i ever get damn wet when i didn't wear undies out?
A : Yeah, a few times, but mostly due to the warm and hot weather.

Q 13.5 : There is a rumors saying, girls who wore panties more will get a stinky pussy, is it true?
A : I am not sure, but i believe if the girl washed it daily and cleanly, it won't stink

Q 13.6 : Won't girls get horny if we washed our pussy?
A : Hmmm, sometimes i guessed.

Q 13.7 : Then do i shaved?
A : Yes, Of course.

Q 13.8 : Do i like it to be bare or due to other reasons?
A : hygiene is the main reason

Q 13.9 : Not becos i am a naughty/horny girl?
A : Does it even link???? Hahaha

Q 14.0 : Do i have any naughty plans for this Christmas?
A : Yes, i wish i can get a We-Vibe as a gift

Q 14.1 : Why do i want to have it? ( He checked what is We-vibe )
A : For fun plus i can play it with you guys

Q 14.2 : Maybe i can ask my readers to buy for me?
A : It's too expensive plus I bet no one will be willing to pay for it without any returns.

Q 15.0 : What will i be wearing for Christmas? Sexy elf or sexy santa?
A : Nope, i will be wearing normal home clothes. My whole family coming over to my house for celebration

Q 15.1 : Not afraid that my toys will be found by them?
A : Hmmm, I got my secret drawer. Hehe

Q 15.2 : How about my sexy G-string and thongs?
A : Will you search other peoples drawers when you visit their house? No right hahaha

Q 16.0 : Do i perfer thick over long or long over thick?
A : Hahaha, I prefer thick and long 

Q 17.0 : Why didn't i go for Uni? Is it becos i got lousy results?
A : Firstly, i did not get lousy results although my Languages are not that strong but i did scores well for my other subjects. Secondly, I went to poly because the course i wanted is either overseas uni or Poly. 

Q 18.0 : Am I a les?
A : Maybe, Maybe not, but i prefer to have a husband

Q 18.1 : I seems to be only into girls?
A : Do i ?? hahaha

Q 18.2 : Did i try having sex with girl or girls before?
A : Yup, did tried before with CY during our trips

Q 18.3 : Did we try the famous scissoring? 
A : Did you mean pussy to pussy? Yes

Q 18.4 : How does it feels?
A : Hmmm, difficult to explains. 

Q 18.5 : How is CY's punishment? ( he claims he suddenly remembers )
A : I have not punish her yet but i roughly had the ideas

Q 18.6 : Does spanking or torture included in my ideas?
A : No, I am not into BDSM

Q 18.7 : Then what will i do to her for punishment?
A : It's a secret. Hehehe

Q 19.0 : Do i like to expose myself to the world?
A To the world? Meaning???

Q 19.1 : He means do i like to flash myself?
A : No, but i like to do naughty stuffs outdoor

Q 19.2 : So i prefer to have outdoor sex than indoor?
A : I prefer to have a good sex. Doesn't matter if it is outdoor or indoor

Q 19.3 : I prefer to have the guy eat me out first or i blow him first?
A : Eat me out first, cause girls can go rounds and rounds but guys, after first shot, must rests for a while

Q 19.4 : I seems to be quite experience in this?
A : Of course, i do have readers telling me that after they cum, they feel tired and stuffs.

Q 19.5 : I do talk to readers about masturbating stuffs?
A : Yup, I can talk about anything

Q 19.6 : Including sex?
A : Yeah, but i am not good at it. I only learnt it from the internet

Q 20.0 : Did i tried using tampon? ( Claims that she is a girl )
A : Yup, a few times specially if i am wearing G-string. 

Q 20.1: Do i prefer Tampon or Sanity Napkins?
A : Base of what type of panties am i going to wear for that day.

Q 20.2 : Will I still masturbate if i am having menses? 
A : No, but normally i will get horny easily when my menses coming.

Q 20.3 : Then what will i do if i get extremely horny during my menses period?
A : Control or masturbate in the toilet. 

Q 20.4 : Did i insert my dildo in ?
A : No

Q 21.0 : What is my height and weight now??
A : 5'4 high, weight is senstive.. Hehe

Q 22.0 : Have i broke my hymen?
A : Yup, to my finger or dildo, i am not sure also. hahha

Q 22.1 : How am i going to explain to my future boyfriend or husband about my broken hymen?
A : I masturbate with dildo and show him the evidence lor

Q 22.2 : What if he still doesn't believe?
A : I will show him how i did it, but if he still don't believe it, that's his problem!!

Q 23.0 : Nowadays, do i still use my fingers or dildo to masturbate?
A : Mostly is fingers, more convenient 

Q 23.1 : Then what are the circumstance that i will use my dildo?
A : When i am really free, and alone 

Q 23.2 : How about my Thor?
A : That's for outdoor 

Q 23.3 : Did i try putting Thor inside of me while i sleep?
A : No, i couldn't sleep if there is something inside of me, Will feel discomfort 

Q 23.4 :Do I still sleep naked ??
A : Yes, Most of the times but not during my menses period

Q 24.0 : Where is my sensitive area?
A : Neck and Nipples

Q 25.0 : When is the last time i masturbate?
A : 2 to 3 days back. Hehe

Q 25.1 : If you could invite one celebrity to watch you masturbate and have sex, who will it be?
A : Can i choose 2? Hehe..  Tom Hiddleston and Keanu Reeves

Q 25.2 : Do you prefer to be the dominant one in bed or the leading one?
A : The lazy one, hahahha

Q 25.3 : What's your idea of foreplay?
A : Something that can stimulate me more??

Q 25.4 : What kind of foreplay do you prefer?
A : IDK, hahahha

Q 25.5 : What is your favorite part of a men's body?
A : The arms

Q 25.6 : Why arms?
A : A good fingering needs a good arm or hand

Q 26.0 : Have i tried sext? ( From a damn weird guy )
A ; Yup, with my girlfriends but just for fun

Q 26.1 : How about phone sex?
A : Yup, didn't you read my blog!!

Q 26.2 : Have you ever been caught masturbating? If so when and by who?
A : No, but almost by my mom

Q 26.3 : Have you been naughty in the public and did you get caught?
A : Seriously, go read my blog first. Hahaha

Q 26.4 : Do i like to watch porn? ( Took few days before he reply )
A : When i am horny

Q 26.5 : What type of porn attract me the most? 
A : Outdoor or public for now

Q 26.6 : Where do you like being touched the most when having sex?
A : Of course is my pussy and nipples

Q 26.7 : Would you use sex toys during sex?
A : If my boyfriend is not good enough

Q 26.8 : If your bf standing behind of you during a queue, gets harden and you felt it, will you get arouse , lean back to tease him more or heck care him?
A : I will turn around and pretend to hug him while grabbing his dick

Q 26.9 : Will you give your bf a masturbation show if he requests?
A : If he is able to make me damn horny

Q 27. 0 : Do you prefer doggy style or cowgirl?
A : Cowgirl but not i bounce. Hahaha

Q 27.1 : Since i prefer outdoor, where is my idea place to have sex with my bf in the future?
A : Tough questions. Parks and Pools is a must. Hehehe

Q 27.2 : Do you prefer Morning sex or Night sex?
A : I prefer whole day sex. 

Q 27.3 : Do you prefer the guy wearing condom while having sex with you or raw?
A : BF is confirm condom, Husband then is raw

Q 27.4 : If you bf shoot into your mouth, will you swallow it or split it out??
A : Hmm, If i allow him to shoot into my mouth, so that mean i am willing to drink his semen

Q 27.5 : What's your secret to turn a guy on?
A : IDK, i never try before, but i think i will just show him some cleavage and upskirt while biting my upper lips.

Q 27.6 : What is your sexiest clothes i ever worn?
A : hahaha, Birthday Suit

Q 27.7 : What are you thinking when you are masturbating?
A : hmmm, Sex? hahaha

Q 28.0 : Have you took off your bra or panties in the public before?
A : No

Q 29.0 : If a hot and sexy girl wanted to kiss you, will you?
A : Why not? I am alright with girls.

Q 29.1 : What about if she want to have sex with you?
A : I prefer someone i know and familiar with

Q 29.2 : How about masturbating together?
A : My answer is still the same, I prefer familiar people

Q 30.0 : Someone asked me, why do i like to sleep naked?
A : Read this and you will understand
" "

Alright, guys. This come to a end of the Q&A post. Thank you for your time and effort of sending me questions although there are some weird ones. You can always ask me questions at Ask.Fm. Regarding my TP, i didn't took it as my instructor had a small accident the day before my TP, and his car went for repair, so i had changed my TP to Jan, but not yet confirm is when. 
Once again,
                                                     **Merry Christmas**

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