Friday, 27 February 2015

Chinese New year 's FUN

Sorry for the late post, was kind of lazy to update.

During CNY, i did something naughty but yet irritating to my little nephew..hehe..
On the 1st day of CNY, i wore a Floral print Mini Pencil Dress which i brought it online at last minutes.With the Mini Dress which cover only until my mid-thigh, of course i have to wear my bra and panty...

We went out as normal, went to visit my grandma and my great-grandma...but during night time, we will always gather at my 1st aunt's house as she will be cooking for us and Lou Hei..It was about 8pm plus when they started the gambling. When they start, i was talking with my female cousins in her room but they were lack of players so in the end, all of us joined..
They were sitting on the floor so no choice but to do the same. I purposely sat opposite to a female cousin as i do not not wish to zaogeng to my male cousins and sitting beside her is my 10 years old nephew..Quite a cute little guy but yet so pervert...As a girl wearing a dress, we usually sat down with our legs turning side, but prolong of sitting in that position will cause numbness to my legs so in the end, i changed my position and sat with my leg cross ( like how we sit down normally). I was enjoying the games but my little nephew were enjoying my zaogeng. I know, he was aiming for my panty since the time when i crossed my leg as he kept looking at my legs area. After a few rounds, he was still looking, and that's when i decided to play with him a bit. I purposely open up a bit so he can totally see my panty. There he goes, saw my panty and yet keep staring. I know that he is enjoying as he totally lost concentration on the game and start to lose.. Since he were losing, i decided that i should let him enjoy more..I stayed at the position for about 10 mins ( i guess ), and i changed my position.. I bet he was disappointed..

After the game ends, i went up to confront him and guess what.. he was shock and scared...He shocked as he thought that i did not know, but yet i caught him...I somehow lecture him about respecting a female but actually is not his fault...It is normal for a guy to be pervert as their sexual hormones is higher than girls.  However this time, is i purposely showed him, but as an adult, i have to teach him a lesson if not, next time he will suffer the worst.

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  1. hello! 恭喜发财! Nice to see your post again! may you have a joyful new year! hope to see more of your post soon!