Tuesday, 7 August 2018

Personal Tips, Part 2

Alright, so for this post, i will be talking about the advantages of going commando ( pantyless ). For these few years, i had been receiving emails regarding on my habit of being commando and a lot of you has been asking about what is the best outfit if they wanted to go commando. For this, i had been encouraging you guys to try it out with your most comfortable clothing, but not those tight fit and I been sharing about how to not get caught when being commando, but i didn't share on what type of outfits to wear.

For me personally, my outfits for going commando are mostly random. It can be a dress, shorts, skirt, or even pants. However, if you are a newbie, i will recommend pants, leggings or Jeans. Only when you are more comfortable with being commando, you may upgrade to dresses ( mini dress if you are daring enough ), skirt or even shorts. ( Eg, FBT, gym shorts). It can be for "fun" or for health purposes, but no matter what, do at your own pace. Do not rush. Have a trial first. 
You can go for a test-trial at night, or even try it out with a thong first. If you are naughtier, G-string can be an alternative choice. 

For starter, leaking of discharges or juices will be common, as we are excited and nervous. However, try to control it. Do not make it too obvious and remember, clear it up as soon as possible, to prevent strain on your clothing. For girls who are going through period, do not try to go commando. It will be chaotic and embarrassing if your blood leak out when you are in the train. 

There are few reasons why i loved to go commando. It has benefits, which can link to self-esteem, hygiene and even save the earth. A woman, who goes pantyless are always confident about their own body as only when you are confident about yourself, you will dare to show out what you have. So partially, being commando, helps in boosting the esteem that we are always lacking.

In addition, it's comfortable, as there is no constriction between your sexual organs. The best part of it, it can even help in preventing infections. According to some doctors the US, stating that "if the vagina is constantly covered, more moisture will collect down there, which cultivates an ideal environment for yeast growth." 

More benefits such as, no visible panty line, no wedgies, your partner find you sexier, pants can fit better, and the best part, FEEL RANDOM BURSTS OF PLEASURE THROUGHOUT THE DAY, especially when wearing jeans.

This dares is for those who like to try exposure.
Wear a sweat shorts and a white t-shirt for your run, try night-run first before going for evening run.

To start, the t-shirt must not be longer than your hip bone and the shorts' length must be the same as FBTs type of length. You can choose to wear or not wear underwear.
After you are comfortable with the environment, you should fold the shirt to make a half shirt, and continue to shorten your shirt and slit the sides up to the underarm. ( Daring enough : NO bra )
If you are wearing a sport bra, once you are comfortable, remove your shirt and tied it around ur waist. (Only your sport bra as your top) 
For the shorts. Make it shorter by pulling higher on your waist. If you are daring enough, make a hole on the shorts, and not wearing panties. 

If this is not challenging enough,  Remove your bra, and wear only your white t-shirt. Hold your bra while running. Try it first at 10min, then 30min , then 1 hours, and then throughout. You may wear your shorts but you must lower it, so people from behind can see your panties colour .

Location : 
Around the block
In a well lit safe park.
Shopping mall area ( Town )

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