Wednesday, 8 August 2018

Daring game : Dress room

Recently, i was playing this dare challenges with CY and Charmaine. It was a challenge which include of "only" dare and we will have 2 challenges per day. We will rotate the turn daily and whoever decline the dare, will have to treat a meal.

So far, we started 2 days, and there was no free meal yet and today was my turn. The biggest challenge for the day was to visit cityhall link and expose myself in a changing room.

Considered that i succeeded as i managed to did it in one of the shop which located near to the escalator.

As I entered, I was kind of moist. I mean, the idea of doing something kinky plus going commando for the rest of the day after lunch break, had already caused me to be wet. (That's was my first challenge) In additional, it was kind of thrilling with so many people in the shop.

After picking up 2 different dresses,which was pick up randomly, i went up to the changing room and was led to the furthest cubicle to test out my dresses. I was so afraid that the door for the cubicle will be a like a normal door, which will kind of make my challenge harder. But luckily, it was covered with curtain type.

After stepping in, i left my phone on the floor while video calling with CY.  I purposely left my curtain halfway open and proceeded to change. My plan was to act like i didn't realize my curtain was not closed properly, and start to change.
Just right after i stepped out of my dress, a lady who was right opposite of my cubicle, drawn open her curtain. I know she was shocked as we had a few seconds of eye contact. However, the funny thing was, she didn't bother to help me to pull the curtain, but walked off.

I mean, I was naked at that point and both of us are woman. Why didn't she help??? Kind of disappointing. But from her expression, I know she was shocked. In the end, i tried all the dresses i took, but didn't purchase any. As that was not my focus.

P.s : I only showed my legs to CY as most of the focus was on that door. So there was no naked body in the video call.
     : Send me ideas to dare CY and Charmaine

Happy 53rd Birthday Singapore

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