Friday, 24 August 2018

Daring game : Movie with colleagues

So on Tuesday, it was my turn again and this time, the dare was so naughty and kinky that i nearly give up.

I was told to go for a night movie with my colleagues, while wearing a bullet vibrator that wasn't controlled by me( 1st challenge) and had at least once orgasms ( 2nd challenge ). It was really really hard to control the sensation and my panties was literally soak after the show.

At first, i was feeling real scare but aroused after i placed the bullet vibrator in. My colleagues was there, it was in public and the worst, silent area. I was so worried that what if my colleagues caught me or what if moaned too loud or even worse, the vibrator can be heard?? 
During the dinner, i was literally thinking of all possible solutions but none of it works without me telling the truth, in which will cost my reputation.  
If it was CY, who controls the remote, i can be ensured that she will do her best to protect me but this time, it was Charmaine who will be deciding my fate. Somehow, she managed to win against CY on scissor-paper-stone. 

The movie we watched were 'The Meg"  and i was kind of lucky as my colleagues picked the corner seat for 4 of us. Although it was full house, but at least i was seating in the corner. However, i didn't see Charmaine which she claimed that she was sitting at the first few rows.

The real challenge started with the movie and my plan was to fully concentrate on the movie as to distract myself but as the movie starts, a strong pulsing sensation was felt between my legs and it created an electrical feeling straight up to my spine and immediately, i clenched my thighs. The sound of the vibrator was soft, but i bet it could be felt through my seat and a slight buzz could be heard. 

The first few minutes of the movie, i was covering my mouth to prevent myself from leaking a slip of sound as i was really stimulated. The vibration was real, my colleague was real and i was seriously having 'fun'. 

Charmaine did paused when the movie quiet down and it happens quite a few times during the starts. However, there was this once, the movie went total silent and she turned it off. I was really near to my climax. I was slightly pissed but as i think back, it will be crazy if she did continued. It was really intensifying when you know you are about to orgasm in a cinema full of people, specially beside your colleagues. 

There were a few times where i almost reaches down to touch myself but whenever i moved, my colleague who was seated beside me will look to my side.
It was during the part where "they" went down to save the crews, i was having my first orgasm while others was nervous about the movie. It was quite a torture as i had to restrain myself from moving too much or from making sound and even maintain my position while orgasming.  

At that moment, i was really afraid that my colleague might heard or feel it, but soon, it didn't really bother me after my 3rd orgasms, which luckily, was my last orgasm. Whether if she did heard or feel, i think it's alright, as she didn't mentions anything about it.

Note : we will only do once per person per week
Currently, there was no loser
and some of you asked for CY and Charmaine's dare,

Conclusion for CY's dare, 
Last week : Remove her bra, wear a revealing clothes in forever 21 and walk around for 5mins

This week : Remove and wear back her panties in karaoke booths.

Conclusion for Charmaine:
Last week : Wearing a shirt with nipple sticker only and buy a condom in 7-11

This week : Remove her panties when she was in her parent's car and used it as a hair-tie for 2 hours

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