Saturday, 8 September 2018

Daring game : Recording

Sorry for the late post, but i can guarantee that you guys will love this week dares.
The reason of why there was no dares last week, was due to Charmaine and I was visited by our "big aunty"
The dares from last week was moved to this week.

My dares was slightly easier than their, which is record a moaning recording and send to my 2 best readers. It was taken yesterday when both my parents were in their room while i was watching the tv. So the 2 lucky guys, kindly enjoy the short recording, as this might be the first but also the last.

Currently : No loser

For CY's dares :
Wearing a black crotchless thong with denim short skirt for her class.

For Charmaine's :
Wearing a sport bra and yoga shorts with no panties and shops in NTUC. ( In the end, she grabbed me along as we meet up for dinner, but only she did the dare )

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  1. wow! I'm new to your blog! read through a lot of your posts and wow! I didn't know there were such daring and naughty sg girls <3
    Don't stop doing dares!