Friday, 28 September 2018

Daring game : Meeting room

This week's challenge was so easy-peasy. Easier than last week, so, sorry if the post is short

I was told to take 2 photos and a boomerang with my panties being seen during my morning meeting. The reason of why they use the morning meeting is because, a few days back, I was complaining to them about the daily morning meetings. Like how useless it is and etc. I kept saying that I had no purpose in there so yesterday they provided me with a purpose to be in that meeting.

As per normal routine, 9 am, there will be a short meeting by the boss with all the coworker. As the newest member of this company(minus intern), I was seated at the very back corner, the only seat. It was not as sad as what CY said as it kinds of benefits me in many times, especially when I was sleepy.

Like I say, the challenges were not that hard, so in the end, Charmaine 'upgraded' the dares to video taking too. Which was not that hard either, except that I had to film my colleagues who were sitting in front of me.

I bet they didn't plan well enough before trying to take revenge on me( my dares to them was too harsh. Sorry bae(s))

but taking an upskirt shot is really not that hard, especially when you are the one taking for yourself

CY's dares : 
Removing her panties in the bus(Charmaine) and put it on the seat next to her until she alights (me)

Charmaine's dares :
- Wearing a Chemise with no bra and panties(CY ) and walk 2 rounds around her condo's swimming pool (me) 
FYI : She managed to do it with Carissa

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