Tuesday, 18 September 2018

Daring Game : Up the skirt

Sorry for the late update, i will update 2 new post today.

My last week dare was quite a challenging one as I had to kind of flashed myself( panties)to my male colleague in a very unnoticeable way. Just well, on that day, I was dressed in a black pleated skirt so it was not that hard to flash myself.

However, the challenging part was, no one was looking at me. I tried so many ways and for the whole day to upskirt, but I bet I was just a small kid to them as no one was looking at my direction even when my skirt was up to my thigh. In the end, CY had to add in "female colleagues" when it was about 4.35pm, about to off work soon.

In the end, I didn't catch anyone stealing a sneak but I was told by my female senior when we were otw to home. She asked me in a very cute way, as in " What color am I wearing today?" When I told her, it's white, then she told me that my skirt was rolled too high just now, and she did saw my white panties. However, I was a bit confused when she told me that, as I was not showing to her side but more to the new intern, which was sitting opposite of her.

CY's dares :
Discard her panties infront of her friends, and pantyless throughout the day

For Charmaine's :
Wearing one size runner shorts with no panties and do stretching. (Our mistakes as she did it at home)

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