Wednesday, 19 September 2018

Daring game : Polyclinic's pap smear test

This challenge was done ytd but i could still feel the embarrassment until now. It was a not a legit challenge but 3 of us agreed that we shall make it as a official challenge.( Planned since last Friday )

First, let me talk about what is pap smear and how it was done. It was not a scary procedure but if you are a first timer like me, it will be kind of nerve-wrecking.

A Pap smear is also called as a Pap test. It is a procedure to test for cervical cancer in women.
It involves in collecting cells from your cervix, the lower, narrow end of your uterus that's at the top of your vagina. It is use to detect abnormal cells, to prevent the development of cancer.
Base on what the nurse told me, it is good for ladies,aged from 21 onward, to have it check every 3 years.

So how was it performed?
It was done in a room and it only takes a few minutes. (I think it was faster than i undressed myself.) I was told to undress completely as i was wearing a Floral Wrap Romper, and luckily i was wearing bra and panties. However, for CY ( Normal tee with Crochet shorts) and Charmaine( Spaghetti top with ripped denim shorts) , they are told to undress only from the waist down.
When i was done undressing, i knew i was slightly moist and the awkward thing was, the nurse told me to lie down on your back on the exam table with my knees bent and rest my heels on the supports. ( It was really awkward at that moment as i was literally flashing my moist vaginal to a stranger )

After a few minutes and confirming my name and ID, the nurse proceed to wipe my vagina with some cloths and i apologized for the unnecessary wetness. But she was kind enough as she told me, it was common for young girls like me to have that reaction. After reassuring me,  she then gently inserted an instrument which was slightly bigger than my "Thor" into my vagina. I can feel that the instrument holds the walls of my vagina apart, I bet it was for the nurse to see my cervix easily. When she was inserting the instrument, it caused a sensation, and i accidentally screamed / moaned. The nurse was shocked by my scream too but in the end, we laughed it off.   
Then the nurse used a soft brush and a device which looked like a spatula and collected something from my cervical which i think it was the cervical cells.

After she was done, I was told to dress back but due to the arouses, i kept my panties in my pocket instead and i guess the nurse did saw, as before i went out of the room, she told me that after doing pap smear, there might be some discharges, so it will be best if i keep a lookout. ( Not sure what she really means, but she didn't tell CY or Charmaine about it ) 

So just in case, you guys are unable to catch the main-point, the challenges for this week was to do pap-smear and showing our vaginal to a stranger which was the nurse. 

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