Friday, 3 August 2018

Personal Tips ( part 1 )

The following two post is mainly for the ladies. So guys, unless you are gutsy or planning for your gf. If not, you can skip the post. Alright, so like i said, this is post is mainly for ladies because, the first part, i will give some personal tips of how to masturbate quietly and how to locate the legendarily G-Spot.
The second part will be more to "dress-code".

Firstly, Let's talk about masturbating. Masturbating is a norm nowadays. I had replied on this topic a few time, and now it has become a sexual education talk. The most common question they asked were, how do i masturbate. Hmmm, for the first few times when i was being asked about this, my reply was " Just do it" but after a few more conversations, i managed to understand their real meaning. They wanted tips to masturbate. It's kind of weird as i thought it was a common sense, but apparently, it was not. So the remaining post, i will be sharing/replying my own personal tips.

Usually, i will start off by playing with my nipple. As nipples are sensitive and can provide some really enjoyable sensations. As i gotten more aroused, i will move on to the next step, which was targeting on my clit. ( Things will escalated faster if your clit are swollen ). For me, i will play with my clit for at least one orgasm before moving on to my G-spot, but base on individual. For examples, Charmaine prefers to go straight to G-spot. So how do we find the legendarily G-spot???

Stimulating the G-Spot is an extremely pleasurable for most women, as the "nerve game" are strong. Although there are some females who doesn't experience it but some do. For myself, i do experience the G-spot's sensation, provided if i am really in heat.

So how do i find my own G-spot?
There are few ways, which i personally experienced it. I tried it with lying on my back, and squatting. For lying down, you will have to bring up your legs towards your sides, then reach in fully with the middle finger. Try to feel the top wall of your vaginal and press on the spot, hard. You will feel a sort of sensation that is different from other stimulation. For squatting, squat down with your feet flat on the floor. Then spread your knees apart. ( Like a Malasana pos ) Then, use your middle finger and reach up into your vagina and feel for the spot. Malasana position do help relaxes the vaginal and allows the spot to become more prominent to the touch. ( However, this is base on my experiences, and i am not sure if i am experiencing the real G-spot orgasms, but i do feel like peeing. ( Which was a sign of G-spot orgasm.) The thing is, do not stop fingering. Keep on going. It's not guaranteed that you will have G-spot orgasm, and it is different for every woman, but most of the time, it works. (4 out of 5 times)

Did i squirt when i had the G-spot orgasm?
The answer is once. However, not all woman squirts. That only time i ever squirted was due to the accumulation of hormones, which caused me to "explode".  

I had heard of others ways of stimulating the G-spot, but currently, i had only tried with my fingers with position. Maybe you guys can do some research and let me know. ;)

Second part of this post will be sharing on how to have a silent masturbation.

As a lot of you knows, when a girl was about to orgasm, she will moaned. It was true. All girls moans, including me. However, i managed to keep my voices as low as possible. I know some of you guys are curious about how did i managed to have a silent masturbation when i was in Malacca. What i can say is, use of fingers, and cover your mouth as hard as possible. ( It will be better with blankets)
If not, you can try using of pillows, which i did most of the time when my family are at home. If you are daring enough, you can even using toys. 

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