Tuesday, 23 April 2019

Family's trip - Day 3

Day 3

0700 - 0830 hours
Same as Day 2, we had our breakfast at a very early timing. However this time, i was still wearing my sleeping clothes and you know what, my mom was angry which i really don't get it. I was wearing a normal tanktop and my FBTs shorts, and i was wearing bra and panties. Still got scolded. Weird!!

1000 - 2100 hours
Continue on our attraction's trips and even went to 2 temples (specially requested from my dad).
After few hours of tourists fun, we managed to settle down at one of the famous district. It was a heaven for ladies but hell for man. Somehow, the whole area was literally like clothes shops. Only a few food stores were there. Even my mom asked me not to follow her. After few hours, i spend about S$150 for 7 pieces of tops and 5 pieces of shorts. The best decision i made that day was wearing my panties as one of the shorts was slightly transparent and legit, my panties could be seen.
Somehow we didn't have a decent dinner, as we were grabbing small bites from the night market. My dad legit spend most of his money on food. We nearly queued for all the stores. I was so fully that night.

2200 - unknown hours
There was 2 dares for me to complete during this trip and they idiotically combined it. As usually, it was given by CY and Charmaine but it was bolder and i had to admit, i was a lunatic to even accomplished it.

The dares was to lock myself out with only one pair of undergarment and asked the staff if i look sexy. Yes, undergarment, so i was only left with either my bra or panties. Furthermore, if i am locked out, i had to walk all the way to the elevator area to call for help (not part of the dare). Options were limited and everything seems to be a bad choice. Surrender and pay for the treats (est S$300) or do the dares and humiliated myself.

After a long internal conflict within my id, ego, my superego finally had the best solution. I called the reception and told them i was locked out of my room and i even requested for a lady staff. That's was how i solved this. After ending the call, i called CY and Charmaine on skype, wore my panties and went out of my room. The moment the door closed, my heart was beating so fast that i thought i might just collapsed. I was so afraid that my parents or brother opened their door, or even worst, the room opposite of me (which was a family). Suddenly, the whole corridor seems so open and scary. Trust me, i was perspiring profusely and I was not only wet from the top, my panties were getting too.

Luckily, the staff didn't took her own sweet time to respond to my call and indeed, they send a female staff. The lady looks shocked when she saw me. Maybe due to my freely tits. Yup, i was not allowed to cover it too. It was super duper awkward and yet i had to smile at her. She did smiled back but the feeling was OH MY GOD!!

After she opened the door, i immediately thanked her and asked my question before closing the door. I bet she was totally gone as she stared at me blankly. So damn awkward!! CY and Charmaine was laughing so hard as they saw the whole process and how awkward the staff was. In the end, the staff took like her whole life before she replied 'yes'. Like a finally. I thanked her again before closing my door. I was looking for a hole to hide my head, so embarrassed.

After confirming with CY and Charmaine about their dares, the day ended.

The next day was bad, i had a short eye contact with the same staff when i was walking past the reception and the feeling was damn damn damn weird.

2 more days to go
CY's dares:
- Skype in her birthday suit with us & removed her string panties and left it on the table
Charmaine's dare
- Exposed her panties by standing near the glass panel & removed her panties at bus stop

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