Saturday, 27 April 2019

Family's trip : Day 4

Day 4 was a bad day..

0800 - 0930 hours
Slightly overslept and got scolded badly by my mom as she came into my room and saw my pyjames ( naked). Worst, my dad came in too when i was literally naked under the blanket. Quite a bad start of new day. In the end, i missed my breakfast also.

1030 - 1500 hours
Went on a tour with a local guide to another district, but weather was bad. Even 'thor' was bullying me. Kept on dislodging and the worst, the battery went flat!!! It was just the start of the trip and it went dead. Like literally spoiled my whole plan. Was thinking of having 'thor' turned on and continuously stimulate me but then, hais. 

1600 - 2300 hours
The trip ended at 3.30pm and all of us went back to our hotel. We decided to have a short break as we did a lot of walking and climbing. Too much for my parents. 
I was thinking of walking around the hotel's area, but in the end, i went to the hotel's gym. Hehe, must have some 'burning' after all those intakes.
As exercise was not in my plan, i didn't brought any outfit for it. In the end, i sacrificed my yellow sport bra, my Nike shorts and in collaboration of my jacket, i seems legit ( and decent ). 

Right after i enter the gym, there was this idea, which was given few months back by one of my reader. What i had to do was to remove the padding in my sport bra and go for a gym session. That's was the chance.

Immediately, i  went to the ladies and removed the pad and placed at the corner of the sink since there were no lockers. My nipple could be seen but not very obvious (Good material). After double/triple  checking with the mirror, i decided to push up the game. I removed my panties ( placed together with the pad) and pulled the shorts slightly higher, showing my butt-cheek and my long legs. ( Not very obvious too). 

After exiting the toilet, i went straight to the treadmill and guess what, the place was empty. Might be due to the timing. Anyway, i was not accustomed of getting attention but i know the warmth between my legs. After a good 25 mins of legit jogging, finally came a person but it was a female cleaner. Not really as what i had expected. The lady did stared at me for a few times, as if i am being naked.

After another 10 to 15 mins, i stopped. My fats were burning and i could felt the heat. After waht i called it as 'cooling down', i was prepared to return back to the ladies to fetch my pads and panties, but guess what, it was gone. Missing. Honestly, my brain did went blank for a moment but on the second thoughts, i could just walked back to my room. I had done it once with my swimsuit so why not.

I took a deep breath and pushed the door and walked briskly to the front desk and out i go.
I went straight to the stairs. My breath raced as i ran up the stairs and i was perspiring more than jogging. I was somehow naked but not naked.

After showered, we went for dinner and maybe due to the exercises, i was exhausted and went to bed very early.

P.S :
1 more day to go

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