Friday, 19 April 2019

Family's trip - Day 2

Day 2

0700 - 0900 hours
My mom called my room and guess what, they were already down for breakfast. Crazy right. Like as if the breakfast will 'run' away. 
As i was not wearing any sleeping clothes, i wore the clothes that was planned for that day.  After getting dressed (decent outfits), i went on to meet my parents and my mom was shocked. She had a bet with my dad that i will still be in my sleeping clothes but sadly, she lost. My brother was another surprise to us, he was already in his OOTD too. So amazing. Oversea sure change one's habits. 

1000 - 1600 hours
We went to many tourist attractions and i kind of accomplished my goals which was flashing my panties at all the attraction areas. Estimated at least about 5 or 6 people per attractions saw me. I wore a knife pleated skirt on purpose and it was really fun to do it (Especially when you are at overseas). No one really knows who am i. Hehe. Most of the viewers are guys, except for a few ladies who accidentally saw it. I am not sure if all of them did see but i did tried my best to swing my skirt a few times, sat on chair with my legs widely open and even stood on high ground. Usually, these action do reveal it, so it was their lost if they missed it.   

1700 - 1830 hours
Dinner time, did nothing, but just eating

1800 - 2200 hours
Continue on (window)shopping at nearby night markets/shops and i brought a swimsuit. Not really those sexy type. Just a common type of one piece swimsuit. 

2200 - 2330 hours
I went back to the spa and requested for the Jacuzzi. After changing into my swimsuit, i immediately jumped into the hot tub nearby and I managed to find one without any one in it.

You guys must be wondering on why am i so obsessed with Jacuzzi. Actually i am not, but it was strongly recommended by Charmaine and Carissa. They stated that it will be one of the best orgasm i will get in my life.

As the pulsing water hits my back, it really does feels good. Like gentle but strong massage. After enjoying for like a good 20 to 30 min, I positioned myself right above one of the bubble jets in the hot tub and i guess it was the bubble that was gushing up, my hormones was reaching the peak in no time.

Soon enough, i pulled the bottom of my swimsuit to the side and all the bubble hit straight up on my clit. It was really a different feeling from using the shower head and the thrills of knowing that there are people around but they could not see exactly, caused me to reach my max.  

As i was enjoying the sensation and almost reaching the peak, this stupid lady joined me out of no where and i had to to stop. I pulsed back and forth at the jet but due to the awkward eye contact, i stopped. I was hopping she will move out but in the end, i had to give up my Jacuzzi as her guy came and joined us and just well, my timing was up. So sad!!

I was frustrated and the next move i made was seriously bold and now thinking back, i was really crazy. I walked back to my room in the swimsuit. Like literally, walked out of the facility, took the elevator (with 2 other guests) and walked past the CCTV and back to my room in just the swimsuit. I couldn't remember what's really triggered me, either the incomplete satisfaction or my guts was getting out of control but i was seriously crazy.

Luckily i was staying by myself, so i managed to relieve myself. 2 orgasms before my sleep. 1st during showering, 2nd was on bed before sleeping.

Stay on for Day 3

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