Wednesday, 17 April 2019

Family's trip - First day

Regarding this post, please bear with me as i will post in day method.

Flight day ( first day ) 
Our flight was at 0835 hours and guess what, we were at the airport at 5.30 am in the morning. Yup, my mom was kind of 'kiasu' whenever we were travelling as she always states that, 'the plane won't wait for you'. Since we were at the airport so early, meaning we had get up earlier. I was up at 4 am, as i had few more items for me to squeeze into my luggage and somehow i couldn't sleep well. Not only the travelling part, but also i get to have my own room. (Although i paid it). My brother and his girlfriend had their own room, and my parents got their's too. After few days of debating with my parents, using of my age, privacy and etc, my mom finally agrees but only if it was the next room. In the end, i managed to book it, and best of all, we were all neighbors. The hotel i booked was a 5-star hotel as they had a swimming pool( got plan) and i bet the security will be more efficient, if things were to happen.

Back to the flight, there were nothing special except my hand-carry bag, which was scanned for quite long, got stared by the security, if not, everything was fine. My 'thor' was safe from the scan. Yup, i brought my 'thor' with me on the plane and the interesting part was, i used it right from the start to the end, and i even had 2 or 3 orgasms on the flight. Luckily, i was sitting beside my brother's girlfriend which she slept like a dead log.

That day was really perfect, "thor" sat well throughout the whole flight, and even when we were on the way to the hotel. Yes, i didn't remove it at all. It was not turned on after we had alighted from the flight as i knew there will be consequences if i had my orgasm when walking towards the custom. Even when we were on the way to the hotel, i kept it off, to prevent my mom from suspecting.
Only after we checked in, as soon as i stepped into my room, then i removed 'him'

After all of us had settled down, we went to the surrounding area that was near to the hotel and even the night market.

The fun started after my parents went to sleep. It was only about 8 to 9 pm when they took their night off. Bet they were tired from the travelling. My brother and his girlfriend were still out. As the person who booked the hotel, i kind of researched on what kind of facilities they had. There were gym, swimming pool, spa, laundry room, and even a garden in the middle of the hotel. Cool right.

I was browsing through on where should i go and something caught my eyes. The spa which provide of Jacuzzi and sauna room and best of all, they closes at 12am. Best timing. After a quick shower, i slip on a normal sundress, without wearing my bra and panties and off i go. It was not a tough decision of not wearing, as i knew i will not be needing it later.

 I was actually aiming for the Jacuzzi but due to my dress code, (which they doesn't allow guest to be naked), i changed it to the sauna. Not my best choice. I was given a small towel but i am allowed to be naked. It's not fun, as there were 3 person including me in the room. Kind of awkward too, as the 2 ladies were friends and were older than me. I was like the small girl in that room. (Their assets were bigger than mine.) We did tried to have some conversation but not for long.

I went off at 11.30 pm as my timing was up. I did managed to wear back my dress before leaving the premises but as soon as i reached my level, after walking past the CCTV, i removed the dress and ran towards my room. It was really an silly act as my room was just 4 room away from the lift. It was far  at all.

However, the next action was really random and daring. As i was staying on the 8th floor, the view was astonish. There were no building blocking, except a few blocks which was quite a distant away. After locking my door, I walk straight to the window, forgotten that i was not wearing anything, and there, I stood with the curtain wide open. Showing my bare body to the world.  It was a bit weird but quite arousing feeling. My nipple got harden and my hormone was raising. The next thing i remembered, i was sitting on the chair and started to touch myself. The feeling was slightly different from how i did it at home, but i bet it was the place and time.

I didn't last very long from normal touching. I went on to off all the lights (except the toilet), position the chair to the middle of the window, slightly further and started to 'dig' myself. Trust me, it was not a dare or plan but it was one of my fantasy. My hormone was the one who did all these and you won't believe how wonderful it felts at that moment. It was not really my thing, to be so open but at that moment, fu*k care..My pussy was so wet and my hands just continue by it's own. After my first orgasm, i was craving for more. I walked to the bed, while fantasying that i was peeped. Kind of stupid.

At one moment, i accidentally moaned too loud that i panicked. Afraid that my parents might heard it (my mom is a light-sleeper), and rush into my room, i ended my 'activity' and went to sleep.

Stay tuned for Day 2

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