Sunday, 3 March 2019

Ben Wa balls from Fifty shades???

Recently Isabel brought this Ben Wa balls that she claimed that it will help to train her pelvic muscle, so she can tighten her pussy muscle cause she claims that her boyfriend has been using her holes until she felt that it was so loose. I was having those query query looks, but who knows...

After i did some researches, multiples websites did stated that it does help in improve the pelvic muscle, but then, after trying for once, it doesn't feels much difference. (Hehe, i loaned it from her)

Let me share on what i had researched: 

Ben Wa balls. are made with the finest metal giving them a superior smooth silky finish.
Metal Ben Wa balls can be easily cleaned with soap and water or alcohol and it doe come with a string which have their benefits. They’re great for kegel exercises which will cause vaginal tightening and improve sexual performance and bladder control.

Beyond pleasure, the use of Ben Wa balls as a kegel exerciser is commonly recommended as a way to tighten the vaginal muscles and strengthen the pelvic floor which can not only increase sexual pleasure and performance but also improve bladder control.

Many women know the frustration in dealing with bladder control as they age or after having a baby. Bladder control can be improved by strengthening the vaginal and pelvic muscles.

That's the best answer i can find on the internet, simple and sweet.. and somehow, everything linked to Fifty shades of Grey..
So somehow, after being brainwashed by Isabel, i used it. Just for the sake of trying, okay!

So this morning before waking up, i tried. The inserting part was quite straightforward. Just lay on my bed with my both legs widen. I lubricated the 'balls' with aloe vera gel and placed it on my vagina entry and 'pop'. It went in. Not as scary as what the internet had claimed. All i did was just a little push and it was in. 

The feeling was very similar to when i inserted my 'thor', but then, this was heavier. When i get myself up, i could literally felt the 'balls' dropping. Like it was going to drop down and i had to use my muscle to hold it. ( that's the only part i felt i am exercising my pelvic muscle)

I wore back my shorts and went for a 'walk' within my house. Honest saying, i wasn't even using my pelvic muscle at all when i was walking. It feels like it was struck but heavy. I even went for my lunch with 'it' inside me. Very similar feeling, like how 'thor' was inside of me, shaking whenever i moved but just the weight was different. 

The removing part was as easy as ABC. All i need to do was to pull the string and it was out. Similar to removing a tampon or 'thor'. All i felt was the ease of weight and slight arouses.

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