Saturday, 2 March 2019

Daring Game: Sheer day

This week, which i won't state which day (already too broadcast), i was given this dare, which i had to wear a yellow bra and a sheer shirt for the whole day, which included working, dinner with parents and even met up with CY. ( To complete her dare)

Let me tell you, it wasn't fun at all, i had to explains to my mentor regarding my outfits, i had to cover up myself from my mom, i had to be thick skinned when taking the bus or train. All these, really could just killed me. I was literally wet from top and bottom when i was on the train to work. Really caught tons of attentions.
Luckily, my current jobscope doesn't required me to interact with people so much yet, if not, i am so dead.

In the morning, after changing into my dare 'outfit' of the day, i did struggled between wearing it or just surrender, but after looking at the prices of the restaurant that we found, i think i can tolerate this outfit for one day. So in the end, i wore a black cardigan to protect myself from my mom before stepping out of the house ( the girls approved).

The starting was nice, the bus was crowded, and i was sitting beside this Indian lady which kind of protected me as she was carrying a lot of things, somehow covered me partially. But, once i was on the train, kind of attracted multiples pairs of eye. I admitted that my yellow bra was really bright plus with the white sheer shirt, kind of like welcoming viewers but it was really discomforted, with so many pairs of eye staring at you. It made me perspired plus moist down there. ( Luckily, i was wearing pants)

The worst part was being nagged by my mentor which totally criticized me for the whole day. I do know it was all my fault, but i did tried to brainwash her, but failed. In the end, she even text me the next day morning, to check myself out before going to work.

When i was having my dinner with my parents at home, i was still wearing it ( i usually bathed after dinner or when i was going to sleep) My mom did had that suspected looks, but i keep denying which in the end, works.

The best part of the day was actually, witnessing on CY's dare. It was really pathetic plus exotic. Although i was still in the same outfits, but from CY's second dare, i felt i was really fortunate.
She was dare to cycle to my house, while wearing just a white loose top and her cute rabbit panties. I bet she zaogeng all the way from her house to mine, because i could already see her white panties from far away. 

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