Tuesday, 29 December 2020

Merry Christmas ( Our first time)

Merry Christmas guys. Sorry for the late wishes. Although this year seems to be a tough and rough year, but it's time to celebrate the end of year event. 

  • May Santa Claus bring everything you wished for. Merry Christmas!

I believes that from the title, you guys is able to imagine what is this post about. It might seems a bit weird especially with my high hormone, but we(Xav and I) had our 1st sex during Christmas. Don't be amazed okay. We did controlled well. Hehe. I am not sure if this was a plan from him, or just a random act, but he was the one who wanted it, even through we did agreed to not to have sex prior to marriage. 

This year, officially, I brought Xav to Isabel's party. We agreed that we will only bring our future husband to our annual party so I brought Xav. I wasn't the only one, Isabel also brought hers. In total, the twin, CY and us. Maybe can add in Isabel's brothers. ( Which i heard that one of them is chasing Charmaine) Just as usual, we had dinner together, exchanged of gifts and drinking. If i am not wrong, we went off after 1am as i kind of remembered, it was 1.54am when CY alighted.   

The fun part started when we were on the way home. My memory highlighted that I removed my thong while at the front seat and throwed at CY which she was half dead at the back seat, causing Xav to stop in order to get back my thong as CY threaten to throw out. I even rested on Xav and touched his manhood region. Can't really remember if i did bj him while he drive but i do have remembrance of pulling down his zips while touching myself. 

I was back to conscious after Xav slapped me on my butt ( It was really painful). I had to call CL as CY was legit gone. In the end, i was back to full alertness as it was CY's dad who came down. Had to do some explanation to her dad which make me felt so nervous. 

After sending her off and before we got into the car, Xav kind of humped on me. Kind of annoying but that was the first time he was so proactive. We did have some touchy moments before but not to this extend of him poking me using his bottom, which was so hard. This got me excited too. but we didn't continue for long as there are people walking towards us.

As soon as we closed the door, we had some fierce tongue fight. I admit, i was kind of lost at that moment. That day was his first time to be so forceful. Kind of like it too. Hehe. Annoying part was, he stopped halfway!! and started the engine. Although he was driving, his left hand was so busily careless my inner thigh. Annoying as he is, he kept went in between my thigh and when he almost touched my pussy, he withdraw!! He purposely one!!!.

At one of the traffic junction, i went all the way out. I changed my position, kneeling towards him and went straight to his 'younger brother'. It was really hard and big. ( He was wearing a jean) I think i was playing for like a good 5 minutes before deciding to unzip it but was stopped as he reaches my block, in the end, i didn't went back home but went to his house. Yup, both of our's hormone was at the peak that night. We teased each other while enrouting to his house. I even removed my bra when he was trying to park the car. Even when we were in the lift, i was touching his bulge through his open zip and he was playing with my boobs. ( Didn't play attention to the CCTV). The difficult part was getting into his house, as it was extreme late, plus his family is at home. Kind of have to sneak through it.

As soon as we closed the door, magical things happened and what i meant by magical is, he was so into it. I was still trying to remove my earring and make up, but he came from the back and did what most of the guys will do. In the end, we had our first sex. ( Not going to explain any details cause kind of awkward even i am thinking back now). 

If I were to described, real penis did feel way better, warmer and even kind of larger. Just that he didn't last long like what porn video shows. Maybe a good 7 to 8 mins, maximum 10mins and he came!!! The warm and sticky feeling when the cum touches my skin, kind of weird, but at least i know he can cum alot. Hehe. Did tasted a bit, not as salty as what Isabel claimed when he tried on other guys.

We did have the second rounds but not the 3rd. He did lasted longer during the 2nd round and his techniques is consider quite good for a virgin. ( Maybe he has been practicing). Overall, if it is to judge out of 10, i will give it a score of 10. 8 points for the sex, 1 point for not cumming into me and last point is for making me orgasms at least twice. 1 extra marks for the morning cuddle and kisses. ( Felt so loved and warm)

The next day was kind of lovely to me. After cuddles and kisses, he went down to purchase breakfast for us, and i kind of had his whole room for myself, tried on his shift and etc. In the end, i exchanged my bra for his Army green tee. I know he was triggered when he saw me in that outfit but as usual, he controlled so well even I did told him about the bra game. ( I hided it in the wardrobe)    

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