Saturday, 19 December 2020

Summary of the month of November and partial December 2020

Hey guys, didn't get to update much recently so let me summarize for the month of Nov
  1. Went shopping with mom, wore denim shorts but loose type, when tying shoe, purposely put up one of my leg, and my panties was kind of exposed via the leg hole. I bet quite a number of people saw it before one of the female staff came and told me. In the end, i had to act surprise but still got scolded by mom.  

  2. Was feeling naughty that day, decided to remove my panties. As i was wearing a dress, removing it was easy but i kind of accidentally kicked my panties under my colleagues table. Luckily he was too into the coms. Was kind of scary while waiting for him to leave his table. In the end, took it after he went to the pantry. The weird part was, my thong was quite visible but didn't get it why he didn't see it or did he???

  3. Went down to collect masks, while wearing only loose tee and yoga shorts. ( Nil panty or bra) 

  4. In the living room with my parents for nearly an hour while in just an oversized tee and panties. 

  5. Had dinner at the hawker centre with Xav after jogging. Felt all slots of staring especially from the family who was sitting opposite of us. Wasn't wearing skimpy clothing. A peach sport bra with white thin fabric tee and a black Adidas tights. 

  6. Cycled all the way to Changi village with CY, while wearing a padded white spaghetti top and denim shorts. We did noted that people are staring but we did nothing naughty. Nothing fun. In the end, CL came and fetch us as we were too tired to cycle back ( Foldable bike)  

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