Saturday, 19 December 2020

The fabric

Guys, a friendly advice. Please do not wear lingerie during work
That's my mistake. Was so embarrasses when my female colleagues asked me. 

Yesterday, i wore my lingerie for work. Hehe, In simplified,  i wore my lingerie for whole day, replacement for my bra/inner shirt. Since it was able to cover until 1/3 of my thigh, i went out without panties( mistake). It was for a test-run. The ideas was already there for few months but i was just afraid to do it but since it was end of year, i decided to do it since my bosses are not in the office.

Wasn't that exciting as i expected. The feeling was similar to wearing extra clothing but as my lingerie was silky type, the fabric of my work shirt did triggered my harden nipple. In the end, i had to use nipple sticker to cover. What i did not realize was, I was getting wet just by the idea of going commando in workplace and thanks to the fabric, wet spot can be seen easily. 

The most amazing part was, no one spotted my wet spot but one of my female colleague did asked me, if i am not wearing a bra that day, my boobs seems to be rounded and prominent under the clothes. I mean as a female, she did realize, how about the guys. I wasn't desperate for attention but i think i did created  some impact as most of the male colleagues i walked by, did looked at me again. 

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