Saturday, 1 August 2020


The other day, i did something that beyond my own imagination. I wore my lingerie ( no bra but with panties, was having period) and went downstairs to collect stuff from my female cousin.

It was around 11pm when she called me. She was suppose to meet me at 6pm when i was on my way home, but she was struck at work so in the end, i agreed to meet her after that. At first, it was out of my mind and i changed into my 'pyjames'. When she called me, i was actually half asleep. Was having period so i was kind of tired the whole day. Honestly saying, i plan to reject her and meet her on another day but she was already on the way. 

Instead of changing out of my pyjames, i took my cardigan and went off. I mean, 11pm on the weekday, should be quite safe. I was quite confident at the start, but became a coward right after i locked the house door. Kind of afraid my neighbor might be awake and smoking at the stairs, or even worst, took the lift with people inside. Lucky me, no one was sitting at the stair or even in the lift. I was all alone until i met my cousin.

The funny thing was, she didn't even notice that i wasn't wearing a bra and my outfits (kind of translucent) even through we did hugged. In the end, went back up without meeting anyone. Kind of lucky. 

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