Saturday, 25 July 2020

Just a wrong day

Kind of having a bad day today cause i had an argument with a busybody aunty who commented on my outfit!!

Went for hair cut today with my mom. Everything was cool until the aunty came in! I was wearing my normal clothing, big tee and Fbt shorts. Although i was revealing my legs, but i was wearing shorts inside. Even my mom didn't comment at all. This stupid aunty came in after us, and when i was guided to the washing area to wash my hair, we did had eye contact and guess what, she looked at me from up to down. Like freaking judging me!! That's not all. As she was guided to her seat, she commented so loudly to the hair stylist, ' Nowadays, girls don't know what is modesty' while looking at me. I know she was aiming at me, but also she might be talking in general as one of the assistant was wearing a short skirt.

At first, i tolerated since it's not nice to create a nuisance in public but then, she brought it to the next level. As i was walking back to my seat, which have to walk past her seat. She looked at me again in those judgement looks and commented ' See see, poor until no money to buy pants'.. Wahhh, for this i really erupted!( I was having my period btw ) I walked to her seat and pulled my tee until i revealed my shorts to her and even sarcastically commented " thank you for your concern but maybe you can mind your own business". Kind of rude but I was serious annoyed! Everyone was kind of stunned including my mom, who was sitting 3 seats away.

Although that bitch didn't talk back, but she still looked at me with those disgusted eye. Seriously, i didn't even step on her tail and yet she came to step mine. Nonsense!! My hair stylist keep trying to comfort me but i was legit furious. After everything was done, which i suffered nearly 2 hours inside ( Haircut plus hair treatment). As we were walking home, my mom didn't commented about anything regarding the incident but yet was talking nicely to me.. Weird~~~

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