Saturday, 11 July 2020

Summary for the past 3 weeks.

Hey guys, it's been a 3 weeks since the phrase 2 started. What have you guys been doing? For me, i/we had managed to accomplish a few objectives that was set during the CB period.

1) Went to treetop with the girls during weekend. All of us wore only sports bra and thighs shorts when we were going up( we did bring normal clothing). Caught a few attentions but was still fine. Even the staff who was guarding at the treetop was looking at us. The worst part was, it started to rain when we were on the way down and all of us were soaked and cold. Our nipples can be seen. Was damn awkward whenever we walked past others. Especially when this weird guy, who was with his gf. He knows what he saw and he keep staring.

2) Wore a black fbt short (nil inner linen) without panties to shengshiong. Queue to entry was okay but the queue at cashier was long. Had an unpleasant feeling as i keep having the feeling of those people who was queuing behind me could see that i was not wearing panties. Did regret for a moment but then, i was kind of wet too. Unsure how many knows i am not wearing panties.

3) Collected my EZ buy items in skimpy clothes. A piece of white loose tanktop ( did wore bra and panties) and no shorts. Got stared so many times.

4) Went work with just a big jacket, no shirt or shorts. ( did changed into proper working outfit) Did caught attention when onboard on bus and even when i walked into my workplace. Even Xav was kind of shocked when he picked me up after work.

5) Tied my G-string as my hairband throughout the whole outing with Xav, he didn't even realize until i removed and passed to him.

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