Wednesday, 26 August 2020

Peach colour

Yesterday, went to Xav's house ( yup, we are to the extend of i am already introduced to his family) for just a normal family dinner. His mom insisted. Xav fetched me from work and we 'grab' to his house. His family has the habit of early dinner. The food was already on the table before i stepped into his house. Kind of shy and awkward as yesterday was only my 4th time stepping in his house and it was just me, his mom and Xav. Dinner time was pleasant actually. Aunty was so sweet and understanding( For now, i guess). Most of the topic were about me and my job. 

As we were done with the dinner, i did try to volunteer to help out in washing but was told not to, as their maid will do later. I sincerely wanted to but Xav and her mom pushes me out of the kitchen. As we were sitting at the living room, Xav's younger sister, (which i will nickname her as 'Noreen" similar pronunciation as her Chinese name ) came back. If i am right, she is in poly yr 2. We did met up before but wasn't that close yet. I meant, i am still very new to his family. 

The awkward part happens when Noreen decided to join us in the living room after her shower. 
I kind of accidentally saw her's peach colour panties. True, it her's house but i am still a guest, shouldn't she wear something more decent?! Furthermore, we are not that close yet. Maybe that's why Xav was kind of conservative. 

She was wearing a tanktop, with a normal black bra and a short cotton shorts. Luckily she was wearing panties, as i saw her "upshorts" for at least 4 times. Peach colour. As a girl, it was not a pleasant feeling or disgusted, kind of normal to me cause i am kind of hormone high type but still not a good habit for her. In the end, i didn't voiced it out to Xav as later he might look at me differently. 

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