Saturday, 5 September 2020

Xav's birthday

Few days back, celebrated my boy boy's birthday in a special way. Had a candle light dinner with him at one of the famous restaurant. Although most of the time he was worried due to certain reason, but i know he did enjoyed it. Kind of planned a lot of things, but in the end, only manage to do 3 items. Firstly, i rented a car and picked him up from work. He did admit that he knew this plan since i been asking him about cars, but what surprised him was my outfit. I wore his favorite outfit ( sleeveless blouse plus short pencil skirt ). 

Second, as he was buckling his seat belt, i removed my yellow G-string ( which i purposely purchased it) right beside him. The whole progress was watched by him. I know it seems to be a bit over but this is the best and similar to one of his fantasies. As i removed it from my legs, i even swing it in front of his face before lashing over my wrist. Trust me, he was excited as evidence from his bulging. 

Thirdly, as we were having our dinner, i officially told him about the panties which i given to him when we were in JC. He did tried to act surprise, but was caught off by me. I meant, it wasn't that hard to know it was from me either. The dinner went peacefully. As that day was his day, i volunteer to send him home, which he did resisted for a long time, but then i managed to convince him by planting deep kisses. I even send him to the lift ( what a gentlewoman i am, hahaha). Just right before the door close, i handled my yellow G-string to him and told him to use it wisely that night. 

We ended our night by having phone sex ( he was paranoid with texting plus videoing in nude, so we called over phone), and i know he did legit used my G-string properly

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