Sunday, 5 April 2020

Trying out in the living room ( Reader's suggestion)

Today early morning around 02.30 am, when everyone was asleep (including my mom who was still in my room), i did something insane again. As suggested by G****(my reader), i had a terrified but slight fun time in my living room. Although it was within that short period of time, and i didn't get to orgasm but like what he described, the feeling of adrenaline rush was totally different. ( Now i totally agreed with you). 
It wasn't a hard challenge/dare/task, just that when removing of clothing was an issue for him as he loves to strip naked. For me, that was not even an issue. I was wearing FBT shorts ( no inner lining), with my loose shirt. With my black seamless panties and no bra. Easy-peasy. I just pulled my FBT shorts and panties to the side, and ta-daa, i am able to assess my vaginal. What i found it hard was, i had to be on high alert on my surrounding, which i find it hard when i am 'enjoying'.

In the end, guess what, i didn't last long. Maybe 10 mins to 15mins, or even shorter. Neither i orgasm nor enjoyed.  I can't psycho myself on rejecting the feeling of getting caught, thus, i can't even enjoyed myself.
Ultimately, i went for the toilet and relieved myself.     

Disclaimer: photos are for illustration purposes only, and was 99% similar to the one i wore

To note :
Firstly, multiples thanks to those who had suggested ways on how to relieve my hormone's needs. However, if i didn't use your idea this time, please do not feel sad. I had saved up all the ideas and will use it in one of the day. Cheer up okay..

Secondly, i was asked regarding this, 'My dad didn't heard the vibration sounds when i turned on my 'Thor'???
- If you inserted into your vaginal ( which is the main purpose), you will only feel it but not heard it ( Unless you are in a very very quiet room)
- My dad had hearing problem, plus our conversation was covering too. 

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