Saturday, 4 April 2020

Cardigan's extra benefit

Yesterday or i shall said just now, i did something out of my usual routine. Kind of 'thankful' to my mom who was still sleeping in my room. Okay, can't really blamed her too but my own hormones. ( Even after releasing it during showering, but wasn't enough for me)

My dad fetched me home from work. Why so good?? Because i requested. I planned for it, plus he had and never will refused me, cause i am his only baby girl..Hehe
He fetched me around 8.30 pm, as i got hold up by work. Let me share a bit about my job since it was requested by you guys( long ago). Currently, i am working as 12 hours shift so i can enjoy long off days ( for now only due to this virus), allowed to wear own clothing to work but need to change before entering, and before exiting my work place. Air-conditional and my job to operate with multiples machines and sometime assist. ( If you are able to guess it, keep it silent okay). As i said, we are allowed to wear home clothes to work ( quite beneficial to me as at times, i walked in with just my jacket). That day, i purposely wore a black skater skirt accompanied with a black floral spaghetti top and a dark red cardigan. It seems nice but honestly, it wasn't. My plan was not to attract attention in my workplace but it still did. 

I purposely settled myself at the back seat, removed my cardigan and started to rant to my dad on how busy the day was, trying to distract him. After the 3rd traffic light, on the way towards the express way, i then sat with my legs a little wide open and covered myself with my cardigan. As my mouth was busy ranting, my hands were doing their job too. I started with rubbing my clit through my fabric of black thong ( lace type ) . It was not that hard to find, especially when u had planned for this the whole day. With the cardigan covering my bottom, i widen my legs, pull my skirt higher, total exposed of my thong. I could even feel the cold air and seat's texture.

After my 1st silent orgasm( small), i became more confident and aimed for more. I slowly removed my thong, tied it on my bag and inserted 'Thor'. Hehe, You know me :) ‘Thor' will always be in my bag. The inserting part was slightly hard as i need to minimize my action, but as a pro, it didn't took much effort for 'it' to be inside. However, the toughest part was maintaining my voice, and the communication with my dad.

There was this moment when we were exiting the expressway, we stopped at the traffic light Stopped next to us was a SMRT bus. At that moment, i think i was enjoying too much that I ignored that fact, faced at the bus and continue allowing 'Thor' to do his job. I even imagined that someone saw it and recorded it down. ( i meant they can't really see right!!??

My plan was for at least 3 to 4 orgasm in the car, but sadly, i only managed to have 2 before we arrived at the carpark.  'Thor' was still in his place when we were in the lift, and only managed to 'off work' after i went to shower.

Disclaimer: photos are for illustration purposes only, and was 99% similar to the one i wore

To note : Kindly press on the link at the wording if you like to see the clothes i wore

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