Tuesday, 7 April 2020


This is a live update, hopefully you are viewing my blog now so you get to see it.

About an hour ago, I got caught by my mom. I mean literally red handed. I know it was a really stupid mistake but who the hell wake up at 2.40 am sia!!! If not for toilet which she got in her master bedroom, or drink water, why was she even awake! Now worst of worst, my sleep worm were totally gone and i still need to work later!! Hais

Just now, after talking to the girls, i don't know how or what, i went to the kitchen in my birthday suit!! At first, i was thinking of wearing something, but then it's going 3 am soon!!! and out of all, i even sat at the kitchen for like a good 5 min and she did't come out but why did she when i was going back in!!!arrggghhh!!!!

Luckily she knows that it was like middle of the night and somemore i gotta work later. If not, confirmed got killed by now!! Haiisss

Can i don't talk to her!!! hais.. Hopefully she forget about it. 

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