Monday, 31 December 2018

Naughty christmas

This post has nothing to do with the dare challenge. I did it in a randomly thought and it really reminds me about my old self, where i used to be so daring and badly behaved.

So last Tuesday, during Christmas, i did it again. If you guys remembered, during 2015 CNY, i purposely 'zaogeng' to my nephew which then was only 10 years old. I did it again this year. Yes, to him again but i didn't confront him nor scolded him this time. I think i given him a good 15 to 20 mins of 'good view' before i moved on. It was not my fault that he looked. I was sitting on the computer chair and facing him directly. It was not my plan to expose myself to him, but i did noticed that he has been trying to steal glance on my 'opening'. I was wearing rather simple that day, a pinafore dress and the length is about to reach my knee. Furthermore, i was wearing a black normal panties, so i don't think i am the one who seduced him. 

I was talking to my older cousins regarding my new job when i spotted him from the corner of my eye. He was looking at the area where i crossed my legs. Not once or twice, but as many as he could. Although there are others in the room, but he seems to be in his own world and was not afraid that others might seen him. Quite daring i will say. 

So after a good 10 mins of torturing, i granted his small wish. I uncrossed my legs and open slightly. From my view, i am not sure if he did catch a glimpse but he did noticed about my changing of position. I think it lasted for 2 to 3 mins before i widen my legs and this time, i am sure he did saw what he was aiming for. His eyebrow raised and his eye was widen. He tried to act like he was not looking but it was too obvious to me. I was observing from the start. It all ended when he tried to snap a photo of my panties and he was so damn obvious Before he could even ON his phone, i stood up and went out of the room. I did saw his disappointed face when i was closing the door. 

Notes :
The countdown party is on, but you guys are not welcome.:P but i can assure you guys, it will be so erotic and naughty, that it might costs your 'child' to shoot out. Hehe

^^Wishing you guys, an advance happy new 2k19^^

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