Saturday, 15 December 2018

Daring game : maximum 3 pieces

This week's dares were more exciting than the previous. I think it was a revenge for what i did last week but CY claims that it was not. I was dared to wear only 3 pieces of clothing ( includes of shoes) and i had to send CY home. Yup, she was my 'eyewitness' for this time round. They were afraid that i might cheated my way out again and CY was already at my house when i came home after work.

Sending her home was easier than removing my panties while we are on the way down from my house. Yup, i had to remove my panty or tee in order to wear my shoe. ( Hints : somewhere where people love to have discreet intercourse)

I also lied to my mom that i will be going for a jog after sending CY home. My mom was a still kind of sensitive with my outfit, so i had to wear proper clothing before stepping out of the house.

Regarding on how i removed my excessive clothing, long story short, it was not easy and i feel so exposed.. Hehe  What's left was my sport bra, yoga shorts and my shoe. 3 pieces, not more or less.

The trip to CY's house was easy, as we were literally chit-chating. With CY around, i feel i am safe. The distance were long, but it was fun. However, after we are separated, i started my jogging and after a short distance of jogging, i was perspiring like a spoil tap. It was not hot either but my sport bra were soaked with my sweat. ( Not the whole bra )

Already i was quite disturbed with the people who stared when i was waiting at the junction and yet the worst thing happened. I went back to the corner where i kept my clothing and was filled with fear as my tee and panty were missing. I did panicked for like a good 10 min before i realized that i went to the wrong block. How silly can i be! Hahahaha

Luckily, my mom was in her room when i stepped in the house, as i was lazy to wear back my tee and panty.

P.S :
1)  As we were planning for our countdown party at Isabel's house, we decided to hold off the dares for next week. Yes, we are going to have a Countdown + sleepover + gathering at her house during the new year. There are tons of naughty ideas and there are even few that i feel i am unable to accomplish it.

2) I will like to clarify that, doing the dares are just one part of my daily life. I am still doing naughty things around but not as frequent as previous, plus i am still 'recovering' my trust from my mom, and indeed, she seems to be more relaxed.  I had already planned to buy chemise as a Christmas present for myself. Hope i can do 'something' with the chemise

3) Send me ideas on what i should do for my last day of work.
Date ends on the 19th Dec.

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