Saturday, 8 December 2018

Daring game : The family gathering

It's been 2 weeks since we stopped our game as i was down with coughs, flu plus period. This is the worst 'combo' that i ever had in my life. Now, period are gone, but i am still sneezing like a pikachu.

This week, i was given an easy task, as i was down with flu and cough. The task was really easy as what i need to do was to be pantyness in front of my families and i had to remove my panties on site, which i did. The flaws in this was, they didn't ban me from wearing shorts or pants, so i wore a jeans to the gathering. I even video down on how I removed my panties in the toilet and even hanged there, and Charmaine were so triggered by it. In the end, it doesn't seems like a dare at all. I was having my fun without restriction.

For them, CY was dare to be braless for whole day and she can only wear a white tee. She managed to did it but she skipped sch that day.
Charmaine was dare to wear a crotchless panties and a pleated skirt which only can covers up to her thighs for her job interview. ( She claims that 2 of the interviewers were looking for chance for her upskirt but she didn't reveal any)

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