Saturday, 2 February 2019

Treetop Walk

Last Sat. Went Treetop walk at MacRitchie Reservoir with Xav ( My JC friend who has been chasing me since then until now ) - So actually, we had been going out since the time he invited me to his POP until now. I know he really likes me a lot, and there were a few times he did something that really melted my heart, but until now, he didn't ask or even try to hold my hand.

That morning, the weather were perfect, with clouds surrounding and sunlight shinning too.
After he parked his car, i purposely removed my jacket, revealing only my sport bra. Of course i am wearing my fbt shorts.
He was shocked when i did that, and what he did next was quite sweet. He went to his car boot and took out a new Airforce tanktop which was still in plastic and passed it to me. His reason, he don't like me to expose too much skin in public. Sweet right.
Furthermore, the tanktop fitted me. ( He did claimed that he brought it for me since i had commented before that i wanted ).

We spend like a good 90min there, and after walking through the bridge, i decided to reward him for waking up so early for me and being so sweet.

I purposely went to toilet to remove the tanktop, and went out in my black sport bra and my Fbt shorts.( I even purposely wet the tanktop, so i can have a legit reason of not wearing it and actually, i was planning to even remove my panties and hide in his car)

He looks dumbfounded when i went up to him and guess what, he took his gym towel and covered me. That's was the sweetest thing a guy had even done for me. Honestly.

But the next thing he did, kind of sweet too but a bit too 'fatherlike'. He kind of scolded me lightly, and even wanted to remove his tee. In the end, i rejected, but he still insisted i uses his towel to cover up.

So in the end, his reward became my reward. At the moment, i legally felt so well protected.
He might not be as handsome as Kim soo hyun, ( everyone said they look alike) but he seems like a good man, someone maybe i can rely on.

Even when we get back to his car, his first priority was, passing me my jacket. I do had the idea of him being so protective was because he might not able to take it, but then, let's keep it in a positive way. Hehe

1) There will be lesser dare game for this year, as all of us were quite busy with our work and life. Specially CY and Charmaine. Me too, but not as worst as them. 

2) I will be going taiwan during the march holiday with my relatives, excluding my parents.
So guys, give me ideas of what should i do there. Xoxo

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