Thursday, 19 April 2018


Recently my brother brought a Argentina Jersey for me. He claimed that it was the jersey for World Cup 2018 and my favorite soccer player will be wearing it too. I was like who cares since it is free, so i took it. In the end, i found out that he brought the wrong size and the jersey is supposedly for his girlfriend but not me!! He brought a size XL, where his gf and i were about the same size, M..Pathetic bf...

The Jersey was black in colour with Argentina logo on the left top. I like the colour but just the size, too big. It can even cover all the way to my knees when i wear it, good enough to be a dress. For few times, i wore it with my shorts and went for dinner at the coffeeshop. However, i went crazy just now and went completely bare. No shorts, no bra, no panties but only the jersey and nipple sticker on. It was a last min decision as i was told to go for dinner when i was doing something kinky halfway. My mom was not home and my dad was like no F*** given..

When i put on my pair of black flip-flops and it hits me that all I have on my body is this jersey and these flip flops, and it is all I will be wearing in public. Kind of exciting but scary.  I did my safety checks a few times before moving out.

The fun part was during my walk to the traffic light. The airy feeling of the jersey and the wind going up it. I had experienced being naked in public before, but not at this timing. The sun is still on it's way home and somehow, i think i had became the spotlight when we were crossing the road. I can feel multiplies eyes on me.

The worst thing happened when we were at the coffeeshop. Although there isn't many people but we managed to find a seat near to the road side. Once we settled down, without thinking I take my feet out of my slipper and sit cross-legged on the seat, making sure not to show off. Only after a minute or two, I realized that, now I only have one thing on my body in public. My mind was in a wrong direction. I was so aroused throughout the whole dinner. Afraid that someone might know and took pic but the more i think of it, the more moist i am. I was so afraid at one moment that my juice might drip down from the hole of the chair but lucky it only strained on the Jersey.

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  1. This is fucking hot. I would love to be there to see you drip.