Monday, 22 June 2015

Mom save the day!!

Happy Father's day to all dads in the world. Specially my dad, who had suffered so much for us. Working from morning to night just in order to keep the family going. I love you dad <3

Just now, my dad asked my brother and i to go for a jog with him in the evening. Actually i was damn lazy to join him but this is the first time that he asked me and my brother to join. Normally,  he will go on his own as he claims that we are too fast for him, but today he asked us. I think that he wanted to show off to others, but who knows why!!  We went for a short jog for 30 min only as the weather was too damn warm le, so we decided to go back home.

In the afternoon, I was on my bed, doing my assignment when my dad open the door without knocking. Annoying!!! Lucky i was wearing the tanktop that i wore for breakfast in the morning but was naked on the below. Normally i will wear a big shirt or tanks on weekends as my parents will be at home and they had a very bad habit of not knocking the door when they coming in to our room. Exactly the same as what had happened just now!! Imagine if i was totally naked when my mom or dad walks in, i think i will just jump off from my floor. 

I was shocked when my dad came into my room ,as usually he will shout for my name to go out rather than walking in himself. There was one incident few years back, which he walked into my youngster aunt's room when she was changing. Since then, he stop going in our room but shouted for us whenever he needed us. I was sitting with my leg crossed, covered with blanket when he walked in. I was quite lucky as he walked in right after i had changed my sitting position, if not he could see my bare ass as i was lying prone on my bed beforehand. 

He came towards me and sat beside me. At first, I was really afraid that he might see me being naked below but it was soon gone as i came to realize that i am not wearing any bra and the tanks i was wearing was quite thin. At that moment, i thought he will find out and scold me but he didn't. He station himself down comfortably and closed his eyes while asking what am i doing. I answered him back while adjusting the blanket. I don't know if he did see or not, but he rested himself on my bed while talking to me. It was really scary!! More scarier than being found naked by stranger!!! We chatted for 5 to 10 min before my mom called for him. I was really afraid but at the same time aroused. Although it was a short period of time but i was wet. When i get out of my bed, there was a small dark patch on where my pussy had rested on. No matter what, thanks to my mom for calling him, if not, it might not just be moist but a pool of juices.

When we were jogging, i kept avoiding my dad but was soon gone when we were on our way back. 

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