Friday 1 May 2015

New record!!

Sorry for not updating for a period of time, was kind of busy with my new school..Somehow still trying to adapt to the new environment, time table and friends.

Today was a tiring day for me,i guess. Maybe due to the amount of fluid i lost ba, hehe.. I just had my 4th orgasm before typing this post and was planning to have another one or twice before i turn in for the night. Was quite horny today when i woke up (random) and decided to "bring" my bullet to school today. Today schedule was a bit hay-wire lucky, started at 11am, but ended before 3pm as something happened to my lecturer or whosoever so lesson was canceled.

I had my 1st orgasm in the morning by fingering while bathing. Actually was planning to do it on bed, but i just changed my bedsheet on the Sunday, so yea..

2nd orgasm happens in the bus, kind of accidentally "brought" my "Thor" to school. ( Thor is my wireless bullet vibrator ) Was actually planning to put it at speed 1 and maintain before reaching school, but due to the empty bus, i tune up to higher speed. I orgasm when the speed reaches 5. Was kind of enjoying, but also embarrassed as i orgasm when the journey was just 50%. The area covering my pussy was so wet until i have to keep changing my position to avoid staining my shorts. Forgot to add in, i was wearing a normal black tee, with shorts, and my bra & panty.

Before reaching school, i somehow recovered, but i was really afraid that it might stain on my shorts, so i decided to wait until school ends, but in the end i can't! During lesson time, as i was sitting at the furthest seat with another girl, i started it again. Indeed, i had my 3rd orgasm during the middle of the class. It's true that it is not my first time playing in class but was somehow different. Last time in JC, CY will always be there for me to cover up but not now. Kind of miss her just now..
The girl sitting beside me also somehow deaf, my vibrator vibrates quite loudly, but she can't hear. She only turn to me when i put my head on to the table when i was having my orgasm and she thought that i was sleepy and given me a Cola sweet. YOLO..

After the orgasm, i didn't really listen much to the lecture, but was somehow dreaming or stoning Lucky for me as lesson ended early. I took my bag and kind of rush off, even faster than my lecturer. I reached the bus stop at 3.15pm as i looked at the time and i reached home before 4.30pm. Afternoon buses is somehow faster, plus no traffic jam..When reached at home, my brother and his GF was shocked by me when i open the door. I don't know what they were doing, but they didn't lock the main gate and door, so i was able to open it straight. I went into my room and changed. My panty was still kind of soak, but only a small part.

I changed into my running attire which consisted of my black addias tee with my FBT shorts, and only with sport bra. Planned to do naughty stuff in the park but there were people everywhere. I reached back home and realize that i am aroused, which i also don't know why!! My nipple was harden and pointing out. I took a shower before joining for dinner, but was scolded by my mom as i was wearing quite slutty, from what she and my dad claims. I was wearing a blue long tanktop which already cover beyond my mid thigh and with my normal bra and panty. Although the long tanktop is suppose to be wear with a jeans or pants, but i am at home.. Throughout the whole dinner, being nagged..Sianzz lor...

I return to my room straight after dinner even when my dad asked me to come out and watch "Hu ma". Not because i am angry but i am chatting with CY in my birthday suit. Usually i will sleep naked so i will undress first before getting in bed. Only if got needs, then i will wear back something before going out. I told CY over the phone that i masturbated 3 times, went from a jog and yet i was still energetic. Her reply to me was epic, she said that i need the dildo power..lame! but in the end, she guess that it might be that my period is coming soon, true la, but i also not sure. After chatting about our new school for a while, we both ended up playing with ourselves. I declared, it was i who asked her if wanna to play together, but she agree. So in the end, had my 4th orgasm, but that was about  9.40pm. hehe.. So now, i somehow had my energy back so it.s time for my "thor " and finger to start work le.. hehe. and enjoying the PH, happy Labour day..xoxo

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  1. Hi Alicia, welcome back! love your stories, looking forward for your next post. Enjoy your long weekend! :)