Saturday, 30 May 2015

Lonely Saturday!!

Haix, finally we get to rest for 3 days, but sadly and sadly, i was left alone at home!! My parents went Malaysia with don't know which relative and they "put" me at home cause they thought that i have plans which i usually do la but not today!! We went for breakfast but they went off after that and my freaking brother went off to find his GF. Left me walking home alone!!

When i reach home just now, i immediately stripped naked and lied down on the sofa. The whole house is mine for today so i can be fully naked and walk freely around my house. Being naked in my living room, my windows and doors will be closed, just in case people or neighbors look into my house. I just carry on with my usual life, watching tv, using the com and do some pathetic housework which is my mom's orders! I accidentally showed my breasts to the world when i was hanging clothes, but lucky no one sees it.

It was around 6 plus when i decide to go for dinner. Not alone!! CY's mom asked me to go over and have dinner with them as she knows that my parents was not at home. I was a bit reluctant at first as i need to travel but agreed to go after CL nagging!

I chose a tee and a exercise shorts ( not FBT ), without panty but only bra and left home. When i was walking towards the bus-stop, the bus was there, causing me to run after the bus. Annoying!! It was an old bus with the back seats lower than the front which make me always go to the back. The bus was quite empty, only 3 persons including me and the driver. There was a uncle sitting at the very front seat. I love the last seat becos if i sat low, only my head will be seen from the front or from outside. Knowing that there will be not many people who will take this bus so i decide to free myself a bit. I slid my shorts to my knee area while sitting with my bare ass. Long time didn't do that le,, I waited for the next stop, seeing no one boarding, i took it further by removing my shorts completely and put it beside me. Semi-naked in the bus!! I even support my legs onto the seats infront while my pussy was like hanging on air. Quite cooling!!

The distance to CY's house was not that far, but the ride was damn long. idk why! I sat at the same position for roughly 10 min while using phone and yet i was still halfway through. I think i was too concentrated on my phone that i almost missed the stop and even wear my shorts in the wrong direction. I didn't notice until CY ask me that why is the pocket at the front!! Like so paiseh lor!!

I went off at nearly 10plus and took the same bus again! Don't know is lucky or being stalk..hehe
Same as usual, went back to my fav seat and took off my shorts. This time, there was really no one except the driver and me. I still manage to rest my legs on the seat beside. When i reaches my stop, i didn't bother to wear back my shorts but alight with just my tee ( holding on my shorts). There was only 1 aunty at the bus-stop and i think she did saw me and looked rather shocked. I quickly run into the park and walked home from there. Somehow didn't see anyone when i was walking home. I waas actually planning to have some "fun" when i reach home but was irrupted as my brother and his bitch is at home so no choice, but relieved myself when i was showering just now.

Chatted with CY about how wild we are last year and she told me to plan an outing so we can do it again. Really looking forward!!

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