Saturday, 19 September 2020

Why so high!!!

Played a stupid game with CY few days back, ended up with her shorts was caught at the tree branch. Went jogging with CY last week, and we did something stupid. Hehe. After legit jogging for few rounds, we were kind of bored and ended up walking to the nearby block. As we were still warm and heat up, we decided to use the stair for more intensive burnout. As my phone was in the pocket, i had to keep on adjusting my shorts, but instead of helping me, CY went and pulled it down. Luckily there was no CCTV around. I did chased her for 2 to 3 level for that and in the end, she volunteer to remove her shorts herself as a punishment. When she took off her shorts, i then realized she was wearing a boyshort, which was unfair. I forcefully took over her shorts ( which nearly cause her to fall ) and throw it down. The hilarious part was, it was caught by the tree branch which was a little bit far from the block. I did went down, hopefully it will drop as the wind blow but was disappointed. CY was went into panic mode as her boyshort was so obvious, her tee was unable to cover anything and we were a bit far from home.   
With no other choices, we exchanged our top as my tee was able to covered her until mid thigh which was better than nothing, but her shirt for me was kind of tight. I had to squeeze and adjusted a bit since i was so sweaty.  In the end, i sent her home as i felt so guilty. 

Saturday, 5 September 2020

Xav's birthday

Few days back, celebrated my boy boy's birthday in a special way. Had a candle light dinner with him at one of the famous restaurant. Although most of the time he was worried due to certain reason, but i know he did enjoyed it. Kind of planned a lot of things, but in the end, only manage to do 3 items. Firstly, i rented a car and picked him up from work. He did admit that he knew this plan since i been asking him about cars, but what surprised him was my outfit. I wore his favorite outfit ( sleeveless blouse plus short pencil skirt ). 

Second, as he was buckling his seat belt, i removed my yellow G-string ( which i purposely purchased it) right beside him. The whole progress was watched by him. I know it seems to be a bit over but this is the best and similar to one of his fantasies. As i removed it from my legs, i even swing it in front of his face before lashing over my wrist. Trust me, he was excited as evidence from his bulging. 

Thirdly, as we were having our dinner, i officially told him about the panties which i given to him when we were in JC. He did tried to act surprise, but was caught off by me. I meant, it wasn't that hard to know it was from me either. The dinner went peacefully. As that day was his day, i volunteer to send him home, which he did resisted for a long time, but then i managed to convince him by planting deep kisses. I even send him to the lift ( what a gentlewoman i am, hahaha). Just right before the door close, i handled my yellow G-string to him and told him to use it wisely that night. 

We ended our night by having phone sex ( he was paranoid with texting plus videoing in nude, so we called over phone), and i know he did legit used my G-string properly

Wednesday, 26 August 2020

Peach colour

Yesterday, went to Xav's house ( yup, we are to the extend of i am already introduced to his family) for just a normal family dinner. Her mom insisted. Xav fetched me from work and we grab to his house. Their family had the habit of eating early. As soon as i stepped in the house, the food was already prepared. Kind of shy and awkward as yesterday was my 4th time in his house only and it was just me, her mom and Xav. Dinner time was pleasant actually. His mom was so sweet and understanding. Most of the topic was about me and how tiring was my job. 

As we were done with the dinner, i did try to volunteer to help out in washing but was told not to, as their maid will do later. I sincerely wanted to but Xav and her mom kept pushing me out of the kitchen. We were sitting at the living room when Xav's younger sister, (which i will nickname her as 'Noreen" similar pronunciation as her Chinese name ) came back. If i am not wrong, she is in poly. We did met before but wasn't that close yet. I meant, i am still very new to his family. 

The awkward part happens when Noreen decided to join us in the living room after her shower. 
I kind of accidentally saw her's peach colour panties. True, it her's house but i am still a guest, shouldn't she wear something more decent?! Furthermore, we are not that close yet. Maybe that's why Xav was kind of conservative. 

She was wearing a tanktop, with a normal black bra and a short cotton shorts. Luckily she was wearing panties, as i saw her "upshorts" for at least 4 times. peach colour. As a girl, it was not a pleasant feeling or disgusted, kind of normal to me which i am kind of hormone high type. but in the end, i didn't voice out to Xav as later he might look at me differently. 

Saturday, 1 August 2020


The other day, i did something that beyond my own imagination. I wore my lingerie ( no bra but with panties, was having period) and went downstairs to collect stuff from my female cousin.

It was around 11pm when she called me. She was suppose to meet me at 6pm when i was on my way home, but she was struck at work so in the end, i agreed to meet her after that. At first, it was out of my mind and i changed into my 'pyjames'. When she called me, i was actually half asleep. Was having period so i was kind of tired the whole day. Honestly saying, i plan to reject her and meet her on another day but she had arrived at my blk.

Instead of changing out of my pyjames, i took my cardigan and went off. I mean, 11pm on the weekday, should be quite safe. I was quite confident at the start, but became a coward right after i locked the house door. Kind of afraid my neighbor might be awake and smoking at the stairs, or even worst, took the lift with people inside. Lucky me, no one was sitting at the stair or even in the lift. I was all alone until i met my cousin.

The funny thing was, she didn't even notice that i wasn't wearing a bra and my outfits (kind of translucent) even through we did hugged. In the end, went back up without meeting anyone. Kind of lucky. 

Saturday, 25 July 2020

Just a wrong day

Kind of having a bad day today cause i had an argument with a busybody aunty who commented on my outfit!!

Went for hair cut today with my mom. Everything was cool until the aunty came in! I was wearing my normal clothing, big tee and Fbt shorts. Although i was revealing my legs, but i was wearing shorts inside. Even my mom didn't comment at all. This stupid aunty came in after us, and when i was guided to the washing area to wash my hair, we did had eye contact and guess what, she looked at me from up to down. Like freaking judging me!! That's not all. As she was guided to her seat, she commented so loudly to the hair stylist, ' Nowadays, girls don't know what is modesty' while looking at me. I know she was aiming at me, but also she might be talking in general as one of the assistant was wearing a short skirt.

At first, i tolerated since it's not nice to create a nuisance in public but then, she brought it to the next level. As i was walking back to my seat, which have to walk past her seat. She looked at me again in those judgement looks and commented ' See see, poor until no money to buy pants'.. Wahhh, for this i really erupted!( I was having my period btw ) I walked to her seat and pulled my tee until i revealed my shorts to her and even sarcastically commented " thank you for your concern but maybe you can mind your own business". Kind of rude but I was serious annoyed! Everyone was kind of stunned including my mom, who was sitting 3 seats away.

Although that bitch didn't talk back, but she still looked at me with those disgusted eye. Seriously, i didn't even step on her tail and yet she came to step mine. Nonsense!! My hair stylist keep trying to comfort me but i was legit furious. After everything was done, which i suffered nearly 2 hours inside ( Haircut plus hair treatment). As we were walking home, my mom didn't commented about anything regarding the incident but yet was talking nicely to me.. Weird~~~

Saturday, 11 July 2020

Summary for the past 3 weeks.

Hey guys, it's been a 3 weeks since the phrase 2 started. What have you guys been doing? For me, i/we had managed to accomplish a few objectives that was set during the CB period.

1) Went to treetop with the girls during weekend. All of us wore only sports bra and thighs shorts when we were going up( we did bring normal clothing). Caught a few attentions but was still fine. Even the staff who was guarding at the treetop was looking at us. The worst part was, it started to rain when we were on the way down and all of us were soaked and cold. Our nipples can be seen. Was damn awkward whenever we walked past others. Especially when this weird guy, who was with his gf. He knows what he saw and he keep staring.

2) Wore a black fbt short (nil inner linen) without panties to shengshiong. Queue to entry was okay but the queue at cashier was long. Had an unpleasant feeling as i keep having the feeling of those people who was queuing behind me could see that i was not wearing panties. Did regret for a moment but then, i was kind of wet too. Unsure how many knows i am not wearing panties.

3) Collected my EZ buy items in skimpy clothes. A piece of white loose tanktop ( did wore bra and panties) and no shorts. Got stared so many times.

4) Went work with just a big jacket, no shirt or shorts. ( did changed into proper working outfit) Did caught attention when onboard on bus and even when i walked into my workplace. Even Xav was kind of shocked when he picked me up after work.

5) Tied my G-string as my hairband throughout the whole outing with Xav, he didn't even realize until i removed and passed to him.

Wednesday, 8 April 2020

The white FBT shorts girl

Do you guys remembered that i did said before, most of my FBT shorts doesn't have the inner lining as i personally does't like it?? Guess what, just now when i went to purchase my dinner, i saw this lady, maybe same age as me or younger than me. She was wearing this white straight cut FBT shorts ( Sorry, didn't took photo) and it was so obvious that she removed the inner lining. Why?!, cause saw her light-blue panties when i was standing behind her. I mean, it is not easy to see a light-colour panties right?! unless her shorts was too thin..  Now i am curious if she wore it on purpose or ??.... What do you guys think??

Disclaimer: photos are for illustration purposes only
Note: Guys, does anyone had any experience in preceptorship?? I was tasked to guide a newbie. Email me okay