Tuesday, 9 October 2018


Hey guys, there will no challenges or dares for this week or next. Charmaine had requested that, after a long debated session, which she offers to bring us to an expensive restaurant with 2 conditions of, we will be free from dares for this week and next, and she will be the queen for the event night. I bet she is collating ideas to take her revenge. hehe

Extra note : We will be going to one of the famous restaurant in MBS. It will take place on Friday, the 19th. ( Treats from Us to you guys.) 

So in fact, there is nothing much for me to update this week, so i shall excuse myself from tying so much.


I remembered that my loyal fans has been asking about my personal kinky life. Like for instance, do i still masturbate, do i still go commando and etc. Like i replied thru the email, i am still doing so, but more discreetly, as my mom was still "on" me at times. However, i would like to take this opportunity, to introduce , Q&A part 2

Yup, i am open to questions from you guys. Ask me any questions, except questions that will reveal my personal life. The due date will be on after Halloween night. (Check ur calendar if you are not sure when is Halloween) :)
Looking forwards to all your questions. XOXO

Thursday, 4 October 2018

Daring game : The run

Finally, there is one loser. Charmaine loses her dare. She was challenged by me to remove her panties and slide it into her friend's bag by CY. In the end, she didn't manage to do the second dare which she claims that she has no opportunity, which means she failed. I was worried at first, as she was the first to do those dares this week, and she might 'drag' someone else with her to pay for the meal but luckily, I managed to accomplish my dares.  Happy that we are getting a free meal soon^^.

For my dare, I had to remove one piece of clothing until I am left with just a bra and panties during a night jog(by CY) and was only allowed to get it back after I had run for 2 round in just my bra and panties(by Charmaine). It was not my first time undressing during night jog but at least this week's dares was more challenging than the previous. Base on the previous incident(I did posted before), which causes me a jacket and bottle, I requested CY to accompany me, which I had to wait until 9 pm as she had to change her outfits.

We started our run at about 9 pm plus, which kinds of benefiting me. At least I know, my mom will be asleep by the time i am home. For the first few rounds, I didn't manage to remove any of my clothing as they are still joggers around. I guess it was the 4th or 5th round when I finally removed my 1st piece of clothing, my jacket.

I was not wearing many layers, only my jacket, a tank-top, FBT shorts and black sports bra with black panties. ( To prevent the obvious wetness spot ). After removing my jacket, I was hesitating on removing my top or bottom next, but in the end, I removed my top. At least, wearing a sport bra and run isn't that worse than wearing just a panties. At that point, I am aroused and moist. When I was finally left with my bra and panties after the "N" rounds, I knew I had chosen the correct colour of my panties. ( There was a big patch of wetness on it ).

We went rounds and rounds, until CY complained that we are on our 9th round. It's true that we did ran more than what we had expected. When we were walking towards the resting point, I am not sure if it was my sweat or juice that was leaking down my legs.

We didn't rest for long, maybe for a good 2 to 3 min as I was still in my bra and panties, and CY was afraid that we might attract more attention if we did rested longer. (We attached quite a number of attention after removing my shorts). She even accompanied me back home to make sure i am safe.

CY's dares :
- Wearing a black nu-bra with black spaghetti top ( by me ) and have to walk around crowded area( by Charmaine ) ( She claims that she attached a lot of audience when she was in the bus) 

Friday, 28 September 2018

Daring game : Meeting room

This week's challenge was so easy-peasy. Easier than last week, so, sorry if the post is short

I was told to take 2 photos and a boomerang with my panties being seen during my morning meeting. The reason of why they use the morning meeting is because, a few days back, I was complaining to them about the daily morning meetings. Like how useless it is and etc. I kept saying that I had no purpose in there so yesterday they provided me with a purpose to be in that meeting.

As per normal routine, 9 am, there will be a short meeting by the boss with all the coworker. As the newest member of this company(minus intern), I was seated at the very back corner, the only seat. It was not as sad as what CY said as it kinds of benefits me in many times, especially when I was sleepy.

Like I say, the challenges were not that hard, so in the end, Charmaine 'upgraded' the dares to video taking too. Which was not that hard either, except that I had to film my colleagues who were sitting in front of me.

I bet they didn't plan well enough before trying to take revenge on me( my dares to them was too harsh. Sorry bae(s))

but taking an upskirt shot is really not that hard, especially when you are the one taking for yourself

CY's dares : 
Removing her panties in the bus(Charmaine) and put it on the seat next to her until she alights (me)

Charmaine's dares :
- Wearing a Chemise with no bra and panties(CY ) and walk 2 rounds around her condo's swimming pool (me) 
FYI : She managed to do it with Carissa

Wednesday, 19 September 2018

Daring game : Polyclinic's pap smear test

This challenge was done ytd but i could still feel the embarrassment until now. It was a not a legit challenge but 3 of us agreed that we shall make it as a official challenge.( Planned since last Friday )

First, let me talk about what is pap smear and how it was done. It was not a scary procedure but if you are a first timer like me, it will be kind of nerve-wrecking.

A Pap smear is also called as a Pap test. It is a procedure to test for cervical cancer in women.
It involves in collecting cells from your cervix, the lower, narrow end of your uterus that's at the top of your vagina. It is use to detect abnormal cells, to prevent the development of cancer.
Base on what the nurse told me, it is good for ladies,aged from 21 onward, to have it check every 3 years.

So how was it performed?
It was done in a room and it only takes a few minutes. (I think it was faster than i undressed myself.) I was told to undress completely as i was wearing a Floral Wrap Romper, and luckily i was wearing bra and panties. However, for CY ( Normal tee with Crochet shorts) and Charmaine( Spaghetti top with ripped denim shorts) , they are told to undress only from the waist down.
When i was done undressing, i knew i was slightly moist and the awkward thing was, the nurse told me to lie down on your back on the exam table with my knees bent and rest my heels on the supports. ( It was really awkward at that moment as i was literally flashing my moist vaginal to a stranger )

After a few minutes and confirming my name and ID, the nurse proceed to wipe my vagina with some cloths and i apologized for the unnecessary wetness. But she was kind enough as she told me, it was common for young girls like me to have that reaction. After reassuring me,  she then gently inserted an instrument which was slightly bigger than my "Thor" into my vagina. I can feel that the instrument holds the walls of my vagina apart, I bet it was for the nurse to see my cervix easily. When she was inserting the instrument, it caused a sensation, and i accidentally screamed / moaned. The nurse was shocked by my scream too but in the end, we laughed it off.   
Then the nurse used a soft brush and a device which looked like a spatula and collected something from my cervical which i think it was the cervical cells.

After she was done, I was told to dress back but due to the arouses, i kept my panties in my pocket instead and i guess the nurse did saw, as before i went out of the room, she told me that after doing pap smear, there might be some discharges, so it will be best if i keep a lookout. ( Not sure what she really means, but she didn't tell CY or Charmaine about it ) 

So just in case, you guys are unable to catch the main-point, the challenges for this week was to do pap-smear and showing our vaginal to a stranger which was the nurse. 

Tuesday, 18 September 2018

Daring Game : Up the skirt

Sorry for the late update, i will update 2 new post today.

My last week dare was quite a challenging one as I had to kind of flashed myself( panties)to my male colleague in a very unnoticeable way. Just well, on that day, I was dressed in a black pleated skirt so it was not that hard to flash myself.

However, the challenging part was, no one was looking at me. I tried so many ways and for the whole day to upskirt, but I bet I was just a small kid to them as no one was looking at my direction even when my skirt was up to my thigh. In the end, CY had to add in "female colleagues" when it was about 4.35pm, about to off work soon.

In the end, I didn't catch anyone stealing a sneak but I was told by my female senior when we were otw to home. She asked me in a very cute way, as in " What color am I wearing today?" When I told her, it's white, then she told me that my skirt was rolled too high just now, and she did saw my white panties. However, I was a bit confused when she told me that, as I was not showing to her side but more to the new intern, which was sitting opposite of her.

CY's dares :
Discard her panties infront of her friends, and pantyless throughout the day

For Charmaine's :
Wearing one size runner shorts with no panties and do stretching. (Our mistakes as she did it at home)

Saturday, 8 September 2018

Daring game : Recording

Sorry for the late post, but i can guarantee that you guys will love this week dares.
The reason of why there was no dares last week, was due to Charmaine and I was visited by our "big aunty"
The dares from last week was moved to this week.

My dares was slightly easier than their, which is record a moaning recording and send to my 2 best readers. It was taken yesterday when both my parents were in their room while i was watching the tv. So the 2 lucky guys, kindly enjoy the short recording, as this might be the first but also the last.

Currently : No loser

For CY's dares :
Wearing a black crotchless thong with denim short skirt for her class.

For Charmaine's :
Wearing a sport bra and yoga shorts with no panties and shops in NTUC. ( In the end, she grabbed me along as we meet up for dinner, but only she did the dare )

Friday, 24 August 2018

Daring game : Movie with colleagues

So on Tuesday, it was my turn again and this time, the dare was so naughty and kinky that i nearly give up.

I was told to go for a night movie with my colleagues, while wearing a bullet vibrator that wasn't controlled by me( 1st challenge) and had at least once orgasms ( 2nd challenge ). It was really really hard to control the sensation and my panties was literally soak after the show.

At first, i was feeling real scare but aroused after i placed the bullet vibrator in. My colleagues was there, it was in public and the worst, silent area. I was so worried that what if my colleagues caught me or what if moaned too loud or even worse, the vibrator can be heard?? 
During the dinner, i was literally thinking of all possible solutions but none of it works without me telling the truth, in which will cost my reputation.  
If it was CY, who controls the remote, i can be ensured that she will do her best to protect me but this time, it was Charmaine who will be deciding my fate. Somehow, she managed to win against CY on scissor-paper-stone. 

The movie we watched were 'The Meg"  and i was kind of lucky as my colleagues picked the corner seat for 4 of us. Although it was full house, but at least i was seating in the corner. However, i didn't see Charmaine which she claimed that she was sitting at the first few rows.

The real challenge started with the movie and my plan was to fully concentrate on the movie as to distract myself but as the movie starts, a strong pulsing sensation was felt between my legs and it created an electrical feeling straight up to my spine and immediately, i clenched my thighs. The sound of the vibrator was soft, but i bet it could be felt through my seat and a slight buzz could be heard. 

The first few minutes of the movie, i was covering my mouth to prevent myself from leaking a slip of sound as i was really stimulated. The vibration was real, my colleague was real and i was seriously having 'fun'. 

Charmaine did paused when the movie quiet down and it happens quite a few times during the starts. However, there was this once, the movie went total silent and she turned it off. I was really near to my climax. I was slightly pissed but as i think back, it will be crazy if she did continued. It was really intensifying when you know you are about to orgasm in a cinema full of people, specially beside your colleagues. 

There were a few times where i almost reaches down to touch myself but whenever i moved, my colleague who was seated beside me will look to my side.
It was during the part where "they" went down to save the crews, i was having my first orgasm while others was nervous about the movie. It was quite a torture as i had to restrain myself from moving too much or from making sound and even maintain my position while orgasming.  

At that moment, i was really afraid that my colleague might heard or feel it, but soon, it didn't really bother me after my 3rd orgasms, which luckily, was my last orgasm. Whether if she did heard or feel, i think it's alright, as she didn't mentions anything about it.

Note : we will only do once per person per week
Currently, there was no loser
and some of you asked for CY and Charmaine's dare,

Conclusion for CY's dare, 
Last week : Remove her bra, wear a revealing clothes in forever 21 and walk around for 5mins

This week : Remove and wear back her panties in karaoke booths.

Conclusion for Charmaine:
Last week : Wearing a shirt with nipple sticker only and buy a condom in 7-11

This week : Remove her panties when she was in her parent's car and used it as a hair-tie for 2 hours