Friday, 4 January 2019

Daring Game : Last game on 2018 and the first in 2019

Updates for the new year countdown

The countdown party at Isabel's place took place on the 31st and i am proudly to say, we accomplished all the plans we had and the best things was, we completed a plan from years ago. Something so gutsy, ridiculous, and fiendish. It was way far from my normal habits and i am really not sure if Isabel and Charmaine were captured by any cameras. If they did, it will be a gift for you guys for this year.

Furthermore, this year, we exchanged gifts. To compensate for our Christmas and to spice up the last game of the year.(one of the big plans) As we all agreed, we had to buy a lingerie and everyone must wear it for the countdown. (You guys must be wondering, wearing lingerie and counting down at home wasn't that exciting, but the real fun is at the back.)

The first thing we did, was exchanging the gifts. It will be our outfit for the night, including of outdoor. We were told to pick from a big box. The lingerie i picked, were 'sponsor' by Carissa. It was rather simple, a pink cami type of lingerie with bra pad. However, the length were slightly shorter than i expected. Trust me, my butt cheek and the front part of the g-string was so noticeable even when i am standing up straight.
CY had her lucky lady shinning on her. She picked the lingerie that was prepared by me. A 2 piece type of lingerie, very suitable for sleeping.
For Charmaine, she picked the dress lingerie that were prepared by CY. It was as simple as mine but more elegance. The material were similar to mine except that it was translucent when under the light. For Isabel, her navy colour lingerie by Charmaine were classy but due to her height, it became sexy instead of classy. I am not sure if Charmaine purposely chosen a smaller size or what, but it was really small. When Isabel tried on, we can literally see her G-string in full view, her nipple poking out of the lingerie and her extreme deep cleavage. However, that wasn't the worst.

Carissa's lingerie which was chosen by Isabel, was the worst ever lingerie for a dare/gifts. If i were to describe it, it will be just a bra and panties. and what makes it worst was the opening. There were no coverage for the nipple area and it was a crotchless panties. Everything was revealed fully. At first, we thought it was a prank but it was not. There was nothing else in the box.

After everyone done changing to their lingerie, we had our dinner (cooked by me, Isabel and Carissa) and it was kind of weird as Carissa was seated right opposite of me and to be honest, 90% of the time, i was looking at her nipple. The interesting thing was, Carissa was getting aroused. Her nipple got harden and pointy after being stared by most of us, and teased by Charmaine. As she stood up after dinner, there were even wet spot spotted on the chair.

Even after dinner, most of the teasing were targeted on Carissa and some to me but it was not to the extend. Although we are chit-chatting, but some of us did 'touched' ourselves, but as we planned, no one was to jill or being 'extreme' before 12. As the clock turning to the new year, Carissa requested all of us to remove our
G-string/shorts and throw it outside as a representative of fireworks. I am the first to disagree as my lingerie doesn't really cover much of my lower part in the first place, but majority wins. The rest of them agreed. In the end, most of us, welcome the new year with just a top. Although the countdown was not as happening as in Marina bay, but it was heartwarming as 5 of us are still around, and furthermore, 5 bottomless ladies 'in the house'.

After the real fireworks end, we decided to carry out the plans. Each of us had to pick 2 dares from the mystery box. There were total 20 over dares in there. Some were as easy as being naked, but others were as extreme as going to 7-11 with the birthday suit. Most of the extreme dares were contributed by my readers and Isabel. The only difference from our normal games was, there were no punishment or giving up. Die die, we had to do the dares it.

For Carissa, she might get the worst outfit but she picked the best dares. Her's dare was to face-call her guy friend, while wearing just a nu-bra. It was so simple that she did it immediately. The guy were slightly dumbfounded when he picked up the call, but i think he was busy or shocked as he ended the call immediately after wishing.

CY gotten herself the bad dare. The first dare was to sleep naked at the living room and for her second, which was really bad. She had to wear a nipple clipper for the whole night and trust me, her nipple was really swollen and not even a thick padded bra can cover it's shape. ( Both of us captured a lot of attention when we are on our way home)

As for myself, my first dare was no peeing in the house but i peed when we were at the petrol station. My second dare was to remain in my current outfit ( No bra, no panties but just a lingerie) and be the driver for the night.( Luckily, Isabel's dad car were installed with window shades) Yup, we also went out to accomplish Isabel and Charmaine's dare. The original 2nd dare was removing my panties and leave it at the busstop, but since we had been bottomless since the start, they changed my dare.

For Charmaine and Isabel, their dares were quite similar. Both of them had to purchase an item from a store( Charmaine : potato chips , Isabel : Coke), and since it was already late night by the time we are out, all of us agreed to allow them to cover themselves with a towel and to purchase at the same store ( Mama store ). Luckily, the shop owner was an indian lady, but i bet she was in shock when she saw them. Base on Charmaine, she was staring at them since they stepped in.

Bad luck for Charmaine as her's 2nd dare was harder. She had to walk back to Isabel's house from the nearest bus stop with just her current lingerie with towel. She did attracted the attention from the people standing at the bus-stop. Worst of all, by the time we returned, it was about 2am plus, and the street were slightly noisy. People are coming back from the countdown celebration and thanks to us( those who are sitting in the car and Isabel), we caught a lot of unnecessary attentions. Specially when Isabel squeezed her tits on the car window. That wasn't her original 2nd dare but she improvised it.

After a very long time( we paced Charmaine's speed), we finally reached back to Isabel's house and the first thing we did was quickly headed for the door. Afraid that someone might just followed us. We gathered on the sofa and was cheering for Charmaine. Out of nowhere, Isabel shouted for us. She was pulling off a couple of mat at her backyard

After everything was done, we looked at each other. Who was going to be in her birthday suit first? As usual, Isabel was quick to lead the way. She removed her lingerie while we watched, and guess what, what she did stimulated me. She looked at us and that got us going. Watching them getting naked, as I stripped off, and knowing why we were getting naked, was such a turn on.
Isabel led the way, sat down on the mat, legs spread and instructed us to lie down. CY was facing Isabel's pussy, while Charmaine was below of CY.  I was the next in line and between me and Isabel were Carissa. Somehow, we formed a circle. With this arrangement, i bet you guys had few ideas of what we planned to do. Yup, the final plan was for us to assist each other to jill/lick/suck. We move closes to each other, in order not to strain our bodies, and with our heads inbetween each others legs, not only i could feel, but i could also see and smell the wetness, heated excitement.
With my head between Charmaine’s legs, her tight and sexy mold all slicked up with her wetness, parted just slightly which gives me a good look at her thick inner folds. (first time) The slight musty scent and the view of those sexy inner walls was making my heart pound and wet. My wetness not only came from looking at Charmaine, but also the feeling of Carissa getting her head between my legs. Knowing that she had a full on view of my shaved pussy, and my swollen clit, my 'tap' was spoil again.

I looked at the 5 of us, lying in a circle of lust. Five horny naked girls in open space, who was so eager to stroke and masturbate for each other and ready to pleasure each other, made me feel like i am back in my 18. The high sexual hormone girl who just wanted to get off, and get my girlfriends off,  The atmosphere was so erotic then.
This part will be slightly in details, as requested.
After like a good 2min of arrangement, I slides my fingers into the tight, juicy rim of Charmaine’s pussy, listening to her soft gasp of pleasure, and others gasps of pleasure including mine. Everyone started working over the tight, eager, slick pussy in-front of them.

While i am fingering Charmaine, Carissa’s fingers were also sliding over my pussy, teasing and tickling. I could feel my clit became so hard and erected, but i know Carissa wasn’t going to bring me off. All of us agreed to take it slowly. After a few movement, she slides her fingers inside my opening and guess what, i lost it. My juice flowed out by it's own. Charmaine was just as wet as I was. My fingers were dripping wet with her juice too. In a random move, I brought my fingers up and sucked them in. I licked Charmaine's juice. Slightly salty but the taste makes me electrified. I slipped my fingers back into her hole, sliding inside her vaginal hole and continued on my in and out movement for quite a while, before she exploded. My hand were literally covered in her juice. 
All of us had our first orgasms only after a few mins of jilling. I think Carissa was the first, and i am the second. While taking a small break, i looked around. Cy was moaning but fingering intensively on Isabel. Maybe all of us were really enclosed, i could easily spotted Isabel's clit or CY's. So swollen. I bet CY was working so hard over that glistening opening, making Isabel gasped and moaned so loudly even with her mouth covered on Carissa's pussy.
At that moment, if someone did saw us and recorded everything, it will be the best new year gift he/she ever gets. My short break didn't last long, Carissa gotten up and did her job again. I am not sure if i were still too sensitive or what, but thanks to the combination of Carissa's tongue and fingers, my juices oozed out freely again, and to make it worst, Carissa not only licked, but sucked too. It was not a soft sucking. Even after i was slightly chilled, she purposely licked her fingers clean right infront of me but i was too tired and i just smiled at her.
The scent of our heated pussies filled the air and it was strong. Five very horny girls worked over each other throbbing pussies, of course it will be strong. We took a break after each of us 'came' twice or thrice. (I can only said, my pussy was really burning and swollen, even until now) 
Lucky for us, there were no building surrounded the backyard, if not, we will be in the head news for today. As we were all resting, CY crawled towards me and clamped her soaking wet fingers around my clit, pulling and tweaking at it. I was still recovering from my 'exercise' but my body reacted by it's own. Her pulling and tweaking, caused my 3rd orgasm. As i was not prepared, i accidentally screamed and it was loud. The feeling of electrics pulses sent up to the spine was not a normal man could tolerated.

As the scream was quite loud, we went back into the living room to avoid attention and guess what, we continued. This time, everyone was more sensitive that only after a short 'exercising' everyone was moaning and screaming in pleasure. ( Really like porn video)
I was the 2nd to 'waterfall' and Carissa was the 1st. She had a real hard orgasm as she stopped licking me, and sat on Isabel's face. For that period, i was taking a small break but also 'eating' Charmaine's meat. The next moment was epic, Carissa screamed and squirted on Isabel's face. Thanks to her scream, everyone was focusing on her. The rest of us laughed. Even Charmaine were laughing so loudly. After she was done, we continued our 'exercise'.

It was such a erotic and lascivious moment. Seeing us all in such an intimate way, watching each others pussies close up as we climaxed, our bodies shaking and jerking in the grip of orgasm. The room was filled with the smell of horny girl juices and sweat.
Even as I cooled down from my high orgasmic, I was intrigued. I wanted to do more but my body was really tired. My arms were sore and my tongue were tired too.
After a few mins, CY was out. Although she didn't squirted like Carissa, but her shivering was so strong and she totally knocked out. (I was too tired to go over to her side) The final winner was Charmaine. She managed to make Isabel orgasms and squirted like a fountain. The rest of us were lying on the floor or resting on the edge of the sofa while watching Isabel's juice spout out landed on her carpet.
As Charmaine was the winner, she get to use the new 9 inch dildo. I guess she was on her edge too as when CY try to insert in, she orgasms. Not just a simple one, but intensive orgasms, because she was shivering and her toes was curling up. CY was so bad too, she still flicked her pussy, making her juices spouted everywhere. (What a scene. Sad that you just are unable to see it)

Soon, everyone was drifting off to sleep, including me. In the end, we didn't managed to sleep for long. At 6 plus, Charmaine woke us up as we had to do some cleaning and dressing before everyone can go back home.

Now, after typing this, tbh, i am wet. really can't believe we actually did it and all those sucking and fingering. i could not wait for the next big event. The stroking and orgasming with them was the best gift i had for the year 2018. 
Hope you guys have a good dream/imagination about us. I am going to 'let go' my fluid now. Good nights 

Monday, 31 December 2018

Naughty christmas

This post has nothing to do with the dare challenge. I did it in a randomly thought and it really reminds me about my old self, where i used to be so daring and badly behaved.

So last Tuesday, during Christmas, i did it again. If you guys remembered, during 2015 CNY, i purposely 'zaogeng' to my nephew which then was only 10 years old. I did it again this year. Yes, to him again but i didn't confront him nor scolded him this time. I think i given him a good 15 to 20 mins of 'good view' before i moved on. It was not my fault that he looked. I was sitting on the computer chair and facing him directly. It was not my plan to expose myself to him, but i did noticed that he has been trying to steal glance on my 'opening'. I was wearing rather simple that day, a pinafore dress and the length is about to reach my knee. Furthermore, i was wearing a black normal panties, so i don't think i am the one who seduced him. 

I was talking to my older cousins regarding my new job when i spotted him from the corner of my eye. He was looking at the area where i crossed my legs. Not once or twice, but as many as he could. Although there are others in the room, but he seems to be in his own world and was not afraid that others might seen him. Quite daring i will say. 

So after a good 10 mins of torturing, i granted his small wish. I uncrossed my legs and open slightly. From my view, i am not sure if he did catch a glimpse but he did noticed about my changing of position. I think it lasted for 2 to 3 mins before i widen my legs and this time, i am sure he did saw what he was aiming for. His eyebrow raised and his eye was widen. He tried to act like he was not looking but it was too obvious to me. I was observing from the start. It all ended when he tried to snap a photo of my panties and he was so damn obvious Before he could even ON his phone, i stood up and went out of the room. I did saw his disappointed face when i was closing the door. 

Notes :
The countdown party is on, but you guys are not welcome.:P but i can assure you guys, it will be so erotic and naughty, that it might costs your 'child' to shoot out. Hehe

^^Wishing you guys, an advance happy new 2k19^^

Saturday, 15 December 2018

Daring game : maximum 3 pieces

This week's dares were more exciting than the previous. I think it was a revenge for what i did last week but CY claims that it was not. I was dared to wear only 3 pieces of clothing ( includes of shoes) and i had to send CY home. Yup, she was my 'eyewitness' for this time round. They were afraid that i might cheated my way out again and CY was already at my house when i came home after work.

Sending her home was easier than removing my panties while we are on the way down from my house. Yup, i had to remove my panty or tee in order to wear my shoe. ( Hints : somewhere where people love to have discreet intercourse)

I also lied to my mom that i will be going for a jog after sending CY home. My mom was a still kind of sensitive with my outfit, so i had to wear proper clothing before stepping out of the house.

Regarding on how i removed my excessive clothing, long story short, it was not easy and i feel so exposed.. Hehe  What's left was my sport bra, yoga shorts and my shoe. 3 pieces, not more or less.

The trip to CY's house was easy, as we were literally chit-chating. With CY around, i feel i am safe. The distance were long, but it was fun. However, after we are separated, i started my jogging and after a short distance of jogging, i was perspiring like a spoil tap. It was not hot either but my sport bra were soaked with my sweat. ( Not the whole bra )

Already i was quite disturbed with the people who stared when i was waiting at the junction and yet the worst thing happened. I went back to the corner where i kept my clothing and was filled with fear as my tee and panty were missing. I did panicked for like a good 10 min before i realized that i went to the wrong block. How silly can i be! Hahahaha

Luckily, my mom was in her room when i stepped in the house, as i was lazy to wear back my tee and panty.

P.S :
1)  As we were planning for our countdown party at Isabel's house, we decided to hold off the dares for next week. Yes, we are going to have a Countdown + sleepover + gathering at her house during the new year. There are tons of naughty ideas and there are even few that i feel i am unable to accomplish it.

2) I will like to clarify that, doing the dares are just one part of my daily life. I am still doing naughty things around but not as frequent as previous, plus i am still 'recovering' my trust from my mom, and indeed, she seems to be more relaxed.  I had already planned to buy chemise as a Christmas present for myself. Hope i can do 'something' with the chemise

3) Send me ideas on what i should do for my last day of work.
Date ends on the 19th Dec.

Saturday, 8 December 2018

Daring game : The family gathering

It's been 2 weeks since we stopped our game as i was down with coughs, flu plus period. This is the worst 'combo' that i ever had in my life. Now, period are gone, but i am still sneezing like a pikachu.

This week, i was given an easy task, as i was down with flu and cough. The task was really easy as what i need to do was to be pantyness in front of my families and i had to remove my panties on site, which i did. The flaws in this was, they didn't ban me from wearing shorts or pants, so i wore a jeans to the gathering. I even video down on how I removed my panties in the toilet and even hanged there, and Charmaine were so triggered by it. In the end, it doesn't seems like a dare at all. I was having my fun without restriction.

For them, CY was dare to be braless for whole day and she can only wear a white tee. She managed to did it but she skipped sch that day.
Charmaine was dare to wear a crotchless panties and a pleated skirt which only can covers up to her thighs for her job interview. ( She claims that 2 of the interviewers were looking for chance for her upskirt but she didn't reveal any)

Saturday, 17 November 2018

Daring Game : Last minutes changes

So ytd night, we had another daring challenge together again. It was one of the random plans we had discussed during the dinner on the 12th Oct 2018. Sadly, we only managed to accomplish one out of two. 

The 1st plan was to sleep naked at her balcony but due to Charmaine's parents who are late sleeper, we cancelled the plan and went on with the 2nd dare. So the original 2nd plan was, no panties with tight neon colour fbt shorts for breakfast, but due to some unforeseen natural circumstances, Carissa and Charmaine were unable to wear it without a pad. In the end, we replaced with kinky top. To make it more exciting, there were only 5 choices. A purple turtleneck sleeveless top, a pleated spaghetti top, a black crop bralet and a floral printed tube. 

Charmaine was really fortunate. She picked first and got herself the floral printed tube. Legitly, unable to see any "pokie". I was blessed too. I got myself the black crop bralet. It comes with a thin padding which was unmovable. For CY, she picked the turtleneck and Carissa was left with the spaghetti top. As due to the evident "pokie" from them, all of us were allowed to stick our nipple with a piece of cotton. No scotch tape was allowed, and if it drops or shifts, we are not allowed to adjust it. Thanks to the weather, my cotton didn't shift or dropped.

Sunday, 11 November 2018

Q & A ( 2018)

This post will delicate to my readers who had asked me questions. Thank you guys for still being out there supporting my although there are less updates. It's been 4 years since i had posted the first Q&A, didn't realize it has been so long..

Questions that have decimals, meaning is from the same person, E.g : 1.1, 1.2, 1.3, and 1.4.

1) Sleeping naked still? 
A : At times, maybe 4 out of 7 days in a week. 

2) Attached?
A : Attach to myself 

2.1) Still a virgin?
A : I think so?

2.2) Would you be willing to play Truth or Dare with your followers?
A : I don't mind, but there must be limits to the dare

2.3)U said you'll sext with your followers the previous QnA, how will you do it?
A : I used to, through Telegram 

2.4)Since you've been caught by your mom, would it be safe to sext?
A : Currently i am not, so it is safe 

3) Have you tried masturbating in a car?
A : Once or twice

3.1) Masturbate during work?
A : If orgasm is not included, yes

3.2) Masturbate in public?
A : Kindly read my blog

3.3) Masturbate when there are people around?
A : Kindly read my blog

3.4) Masturbate when parents are around?
A : Kindly read my blog

3.5) Masturbate in front of your love ones?
A : U mean CY or my family?

4) Have you tried Anal masturbation?
A : Had that idea before, but didn't try

5) Watched porn with someone?
A : Not only watched, but do too. 

6) Video yourself naked?
A: No, and never

6.1) Naked photos?
A: Few times, but deleted

6.2) Just pussy photos?
A: For??

7) Did you go out without panties and bra before?
A : Kindly read my blog

7.1) Flash your bare to a stranger?
A : A few times

7.2) Upskirt purposely?
A : Kindly read my blog 

8) Tasted your own juice or others??
A : Yes, slightly salty

8.1) Taste semen before?
A : No, can buy from outside??

9) What type of vibrator do you have?
A : One bullet type, and one dildo

9.1) Do you use it frequently?
A : For which? I uses my thor( vibrator) more.

9.2) How many vibrator can you stick in? Include anal
A : 1

9.3) Highest number of orgasms using vibrator?
A : I can't really recall, but i guess is more than 4

9.4) Try before butt plug?
A : I don't dare

9.5) How about fucking yourself in the shower with your toys?
A : Why will i, when i can do it in my room

10) Have you ever try skinny dipping??
A : i think once

10.1) or masturbating in the pool or jacuzzi?
A : Hmm, am i allowed? 

10.2) Have you tried wearing Bikini with vibrator inserted??
A : Yup, nothing different from normal panties, except it do absorb water

10.3) or wearing revealing bikini and purposely flash yourself??
A : How revealing is the bikini? 

11) What is your highest frequency of orgasms?
A : Above 4

11.1) Do you squirt??
A : I am not sure, if it is counted

11.2) How far can you squirt?
A : Is there a tournament for that???

11.3) Which do you prefer to pleasure yourself. morning, afternoon, or night?
A : Whenever i have the feel

11.4) How to turn you on?
A : Turn right

12) Comparing your first masturbation and latest, which is better?
A : Latest, i guess

12.1) What fictional story do you fantasized on when your touching yourself?
A : i don't really fantasized, but occasionally, i will imagine about Tom Hiddleston

12.2) Have you fantasized on having sex with one of your teachers or friends?
A : Eh, no. I am not interested in them.

12.3) or having sex in front of a group of people?
A : I prefer my solo time or couple time

13) Have you ever kissed someone of the same gender?
A : Kindly read my blog

13.1) French kiss or normal??
A : Both

14) Do you liked to be blindfolded??
A : I never try before, but quite keen to, can sleep

15) Does naughty/dirty talks arouse you?
A : Optional

15.1) What is the dirtiest thing someone ever said to you?
A : U look like shit

16) Do you peep on your brother, when he masturbate/ sex?
A : No, and never.

16.1) How will you react if your brother asked you to have 3p?
A : That's disgusting

16.2) How about if it is from CY?
A : If i am okay with her bf, and she allows it

17) What is the most satisfying things that your girlfriends said about your naked body?
A : I like your waist

17.1) Do you like orgy?
A : For now, NO

17.2) How about one night stand? 
A : I can't. 

18) Does sleeping naked makes you wet???
A : Does it?

18.1) Do you ever have the urge to jill it off during your sleep?
A : I am sleeping

18.2) When is your last wet dream?
A : Long long long time ago, i guess

19) Do you play tinder?
A : Yup

19.1) How many likes did you get?
A : How would i know?

20) Have you tried to touch yourself when you are sharing a bed with someone?
A : Millions of times

21) I know you do watch porn, do you prefer amateur or professional type?
A : Base on my mood

21.1) What is your fav blowjob method?
A : How many methods are there?

21.2) How about sex position?
A : Sleep position

22) How revealing is your work attire?
A : Buttons and zipps?

22.1) Have you even reveal your titties or vagina to your colleague? 
A : I had tried to flash my panties, but not my bare skin

22.2) Are you still flashing yourself on the bus? 
A : Not as much as last time

Sunday, 28 October 2018

Daring game : mini

As discussed during the dinner time on the 12th, we agreed that we should had some common dares during certain weeks. If not, we will run out of ideas and 'energy'.

So this week's dares was to wear something that was mini. It can be skirt, shorts, tops or even inner wear. We decided to do the dare on the Friday as only on that day, we are allowed to wear something more causal. In the end, Charmaine were wearing almost the same outfit as me. I wore a normal blouse with a mini black pencil skirt that covers up to my thighs ( brought during poly ). For Charmaine, she wore a mini sport bra which in the end, there were obvious red strap mark on her neck area. For CY,  she wore a mini micro g-string. From the pic she send us, i thought she was wearing just a string. 

p.s : Sorry for the short post, was not in the mood of tying.