Monday, 22 April 2019

Alcohol = MC ( Done )

Hi guys, i got myself 2 days MC. Please clap for me. I am down with COLD!!!
Thanks to the alcohols.

So last Saturday, i went to a pub.  It was for my colleague's birthday and nearly the whole department was invited. I specially wore a black Chiffon cross-back maxi dress with a black thong ( whoever saw, please do not exposes me). In the end, i was 70% drunk. ( I am still quite aware about my surrounding ) As the youngest member of the department, i was forced to drink 2 shots (which i don't know what alcohol was that) after i took my own drink . Luckily, my mentor was there, and she was the one who booked grab for me.

The weird thing was, i am not sure if it was the alcohol that makes me feel stimulated or was it that i was just horny. My 'tap' was leaking even when i was standing beside my mentor while waiting for the Grab.

About like a long wait, my car arrived. I purposely chosen the seat right behind the driver as i am sure i will do something stupid. (Indeed, i did)

There were air con at the back seats and due to the strong blowing, my pussy tingle. I was triggered further. Naughty thoughts was flooding in my head and it was making me crazy. There was a few times, i acted like i was scratching, but i was actually playing with my tits. I was still aware about my surrounding, so knowing i was so wet, i checked multiples times to see if i did make a mess on the seat or my dress. The last check slightly awakens me as I had been sitting with my legs widely apart, with the dress widely opened. Luckily, the driver was not concentrating on me.

As i know my house was still a distant, i decided to make full use of the air-con ( since sg has been so hot lately). I rolled the bottom on my dress higher, high enough for at least 2/3 of my panties to be seen. I could easily feel the cold air, and i think it was the sensation that caused me to leak more. My clit was craving for attention and my juices was flowing like a broken tap. I was enjoying myself when i realized the driver steal peeks on me via the rear mirror, and we even had eye contact. In order to distract him, i complimented that the air-con was so 'shiok'. That's when we started our conversations.

As we were talking, my fingers was also busying rotating around my protuberance clit. Suddenly, i had this dirty thoughts of, how long it had been since he saw a freshly shaven, soaking wet pussy? and should i move to the another side, so he can have a better view of my wet panties or maybe pussy??

The thing was, he was really nice. He knew my job does draining energy very fast, so he kept on encouraging and even complimented on the sacrificial we made. That's was when i decided to give him a reward that was more precious than money.  At the traffic junction, right before i reached my block, I sneakily removed my panties (no big action was made) and left it on the floor below his chair. ( I am not sure when he will find out, but it doesn't concern me).  What i know was, i was leaking a lot.  The spot where it's covers my hole was darker and soaked,

After getting off the car, i did not went home straight. I walked to the playground which was 4 blocks away ( I don't know how i got the energy) and settled myself in the slides. It was a covered slide, so it was convenient for me to do whatever i wanted and guess what, i did something so shameful, (even up until now, i was still guilty about it). I fingered and brought myself an orgasm in the middle of the slide and even peed. I don't know what was i thinking but at that moment, it just occurred. The worst part, without a conscious mind, i slide down after i peed and got my dress strained. ( was disgusted at that moment)

I can't really remembered much in between, but it was about 02:07 when i went to sleep.

P.S :
I will update about Day 3 ASAP. Stay tuned

Friday, 19 April 2019

Family's trip - Day 2

Day 2

0700 - 0900 hours
My mom called my room and guess what, they were already down for breakfast. Crazy right. Like as if the breakfast will 'run' away. 
As i was not wearing any sleeping clothes, i wore the clothes that was planned for that day.  After getting dressed (decent outfits), i went on to meet my parents and my mom was shocked. She had a bet with my dad that i will still be in my sleeping clothes but sadly, she lost. My brother was another surprise to us, he was already in his OOTD too. So amazing. Oversea sure change one's habits. 

1000 - 1600 hours
We went to many tourist attractions and i kind of accomplished my goals which was flashing my panties at all the attraction areas. Estimated at least about 5 or 6 people per attractions saw me. I wore a knife pleated skirt on purpose and it was really fun to do it (Especially when you are at overseas). No one really knows who am i. Hehe. Most of the viewers are guys, except for a few ladies who accidentally saw it. I am not sure if all of them did see but i did tried my best to swing my skirt a few times, sat on chair with my legs widely open and even stood on high ground. Usually, these action do reveal it, so it was their lost if they missed it.   

1700 - 1830 hours
Dinner time, did nothing, but just eating

1800 - 2200 hours
Continue on (window)shopping at nearby night markets/shops and i brought a swimsuit. Not really those sexy type. Just a common type of one piece swimsuit. 

2200 - 2330 hours
I went back to the spa and requested for the Jacuzzi. After changing into my swimsuit, i immediately jumped into the hot tub nearby and I managed to find one without any one in it.

You guys must be wondering on why am i so obsessed with Jacuzzi. Actually i am not, but it was strongly recommended by Charmaine and Carissa. They stated that it will be one of the best orgasm i will get in my life.

As the pulsing water hits my back, it really does feels good. Like gentle but strong massage. After enjoying for like a good 20 to 30 min, I positioned myself right above one of the bubble jets in the hot tub and i guess it was the bubble that was gushing up, my hormones was reaching the peak in no time.

Soon enough, i pulled the bottom of my swimsuit to the side and all the bubble hit straight up on my clit. It was really a different feeling from using the shower head and the thrills of knowing that there are people around but they could not see exactly, caused me to reach my max.  

As i was enjoying the sensation and almost reaching the peak, this stupid lady joined me out of no where and i had to to stop. I pulsed back and forth at the jet but due to the awkward eye contact, i stopped. I was hopping she will move out but in the end, i had to give up my Jacuzzi as her guy came and joined us and just well, my timing was up. So sad!!

I was frustrated and the next move i made was seriously bold and now thinking back, i was really crazy. I walked back to my room in the swimsuit. Like literally, walked out of the facility, took the elevator (with 2 other guests) and walked past the CCTV and back to my room in just the swimsuit. I couldn't remember what's really triggered me, either the incomplete satisfaction or my guts was getting out of control but i was seriously crazy.

Luckily i was staying by myself, so i managed to relieve myself. 2 orgasms before my sleep. 1st during showering, 2nd was on bed before sleeping.

Stay on for Day 3

Wednesday, 17 April 2019

Family's trip - First day

Regarding this post, please bear with me as i will post in day method.

Flight day ( first day ) 
Our flight was at 0835 hours and guess what, we were at the airport at 5.30 am in the morning. Yup, my mom was kind of 'kiasu' whenever we were travelling as she always states that, 'the plane won't wait for you'. Since we were at the airport so early, meaning we had get up earlier. I was up at 4 am, as i had few more items for me to squeeze into my luggage and somehow i couldn't sleep well. Not only the travelling part, but also i get to have my own room. (Although i paid it). My brother and his girlfriend had their own room, and my parents got their's too. After few days of debating with my parents, using of my age, privacy and etc, my mom finally agrees but only if it was the next room. In the end, i managed to book it, and best of all, we were all neighbors. The hotel i booked was a 5-star hotel as they had a swimming pool( got plan) and i bet the security will be more efficient, if things were to happen.

Back to the flight, there were nothing special except my hand-carry bag, which was scanned for quite long, got stared by the security, if not, everything was fine. My 'thor' was safe from the scan. Yup, i brought my 'thor' with me on the plane and the interesting part was, i used it right from the start to the end, and i even had 2 or 3 orgasms on the flight. Luckily, i was sitting beside my brother's girlfriend which she slept like a dead log.

That day was really perfect, "thor" sat well throughout the whole flight, and even when we were on the way to the hotel. Yes, i didn't remove it at all. It was not turned on after we had alighted from the flight as i knew there will be consequences if i had my orgasm when walking towards the custom. Even when we were on the way to the hotel, i kept it off, to prevent my mom from suspecting.
Only after we checked in, as soon as i stepped into my room, then i removed 'him'

After all of us had settled down, we went to the surrounding area that was near to the hotel and even the night market.

The fun started after my parents went to sleep. It was only about 8 to 9 pm when they took their night off. Bet they were tired from the travelling. My brother and his girlfriend were still out. As the person who booked the hotel, i kind of researched on what kind of facilities they had. There were gym, swimming pool, spa, laundry room, and even a garden in the middle of the hotel. Cool right.

I was browsing through on where should i go and something caught my eyes. The spa which provide of Jacuzzi and sauna room and best of all, they closes at 12am. Best timing. After a quick shower, i slip on a normal sundress, without wearing my bra and panties and off i go. It was not a tough decision of not wearing, as i knew i will not be needing it later.

 I was actually aiming for the Jacuzzi but due to my dress code, (which they doesn't allow guest to be naked), i changed it to the sauna. Not my best choice. I was given a small towel but i am allowed to be naked. It's not fun, as there were 3 person including me in the room. Kind of awkward too, as the 2 ladies were friends and were older than me. I was like the small girl in that room. (Their assets were bigger than mine.) We did tried to have some conversation but not for long.

I went off at 11.30 pm as my timing was up. I did managed to wear back my dress before leaving the premises but as soon as i reached my level, after walking past the CCTV, i removed the dress and ran towards my room. It was really an silly act as my room was just 4 room away from the lift. It was far  at all.

However, the next action was really random and daring. As i was staying on the 8th floor, the view was astonish. There were no building blocking, except a few blocks which was quite a distant away. After locking my door, I walk straight to the window, forgotten that i was not wearing anything, and there, I stood with the curtain wide open. Showing my bare body to the world.  It was a bit weird but quite arousing feeling. My nipple got harden and my hormone was raising. The next thing i remembered, i was sitting on the chair and started to touch myself. The feeling was slightly different from how i did it at home, but i bet it was the place and time.

I didn't last very long from normal touching. I went on to off all the lights (except the toilet), position the chair to the middle of the window, slightly further and started to 'dig' myself. Trust me, it was not a dare or plan but it was one of my fantasy. My hormone was the one who did all these and you won't believe how wonderful it felts at that moment. It was not really my thing, to be so open but at that moment, fu*k care..My pussy was so wet and my hands just continue by it's own. After my first orgasm, i was craving for more. I walked to the bed, while fantasying that i was peeped. Kind of stupid.

At one moment, i accidentally moaned too loud that i panicked. Afraid that my parents might heard it (my mom is a light-sleeper), and rush into my room, i ended my 'activity' and went to sleep.

Stay tuned for Day 2

Saturday, 13 April 2019

April's fool

Hey guys, sorry for the slow updates. I just got back from Taiwan and there are so many things for me to update here. But as you guys know, April's fool was like few days back, i got prank badly by Isabel.

Firstly, let me talk about the prank. 2 days back, when i arrived at the airport, Isabel and CY came to fetch me ( although it was a family trip) and that's when the prank started. There were 3 part of the story. The first part was that Isabel received a letter from a person who named himself/herself as 'invisible'. The letter was placed on her front door, which contains photos of us in our lingerie and photos of us doing indecent things.

The second part was, a second mail was received the next day and it contains of 'missions' for us to complete. All of them had done their's, which included of walking with only thong, remove of bra along the street, no "top" walking and even licking each other nipples along the street. The worst of all, all of these happened within Isabel's neighborhood.

After listening to these two, it did scared the shit out of me. But at that moment, i was having two thoughts.
1st: Something so bad had happened and i was told only now??
2nd: Am i getting prank???
As i was collecting my theory and suspicion, i was given the third part of the story, which was regarding my 'mission'. As the 'mission' was for individuals and there were five of them, i was left with the last and the most bizarre 'mission'. I had to remove my panties and swing in around my hand. Isn't that brutal?? Like serious.

However, that was also the loop hole that i realized it was a prank. And i was right. CY was astonished by my wisdom and laughed. Isabel was dumbfound when i crackled the prank. It was simple, if things were getting out of control, there will be conversation in our group talking about this and secondly, CY will sure informed on the very first hand.

How nice of them to give me such a warm welcome back gift

P.S :
- I will update my adventure trip on the next post
- I am not dead nor quitting, just lazy and slow in updating. Hehe

Sunday, 3 March 2019

Ben Wa balls from Fifty shades???

Recently Isabel brought this Ben Wa balls that she claimed that it will help to train her pelvic muscle, so she can tighten her pussy muscle cause she claims that her boyfriend has been using her holes until she felt that it was so loose. I was having those query query looks, but who knows...

After i did some researches, multiples websites did stated that it does help in improve the pelvic muscle, but then, after trying for once, it doesn't feels much difference. (Hehe, i loaned it from her)

Let me share on what i had researched: 

Ben Wa balls. are made with the finest metal giving them a superior smooth silky finish.
Metal Ben Wa balls can be easily cleaned with soap and water or alcohol and it doe come with a string which have their benefits. They’re great for kegel exercises which will cause vaginal tightening and improve sexual performance and bladder control.

Beyond pleasure, the use of Ben Wa balls as a kegel exerciser is commonly recommended as a way to tighten the vaginal muscles and strengthen the pelvic floor which can not only increase sexual pleasure and performance but also improve bladder control.

Many women know the frustration in dealing with bladder control as they age or after having a baby. Bladder control can be improved by strengthening the vaginal and pelvic muscles.

That's the best answer i can find on the internet, simple and sweet.. and somehow, everything linked to Fifty shades of Grey..
So somehow, after being brainwashed by Isabel, i used it. Just for the sake of trying, okay!

So this morning before waking up, i tried. The inserting part was quite straightforward. Just lay on my bed with my both legs widen. I lubricated the 'balls' with aloe vera gel and placed it on my vagina entry and 'pop'. It went in. Not as scary as what the internet had claimed. All i did was just a little push and it was in. 

The feeling was very similar to when i inserted my 'thor', but then, this was heavier. When i get myself up, i could literally felt the 'balls' dropping. Like it was going to drop down and i had to use my muscle to hold it. ( that's the only part i felt i am exercising my pelvic muscle)

I wore back my shorts and went for a 'walk' within my house. Honest saying, i wasn't even using my pelvic muscle at all when i was walking. It feels like it was struck but heavy. I even went for my lunch with 'it' inside me. Very similar feeling, like how 'thor' was inside of me, shaking whenever i moved but just the weight was different. 

The removing part was as easy as ABC. All i need to do was to pull the string and it was out. Similar to removing a tampon or 'thor'. All i felt was the ease of weight and slight arouses.

Saturday, 2 March 2019

Daring Game: Sheer day

This week, which i won't state which day (already too broadcast), i was given this dare, which i had to wear a yellow bra and a sheer shirt for the whole day, which included working, dinner with parents and even met up with CY. ( To complete her dare)

Let me tell you, it wasn't fun at all, i had to explains to my mentor regarding my outfits, i had to cover up myself from my mom, i had to be thick skinned when taking the bus or train. All these, really could just killed me. I was literally wet from top and bottom when i was on the train to work. Really caught tons of attentions.
Luckily, my current jobscope doesn't required me to interact with people so much yet, if not, i am so dead.

In the morning, after changing into my dare 'outfit' of the day, i did struggled between wearing it or just surrender, but after looking at the prices of the restaurant that we found, i think i can tolerate this outfit for one day. So in the end, i wore a black cardigan to protect myself from my mom before stepping out of the house ( the girls approved).

The starting was nice, the bus was crowded, and i was sitting beside this Indian lady which kind of protected me as she was carrying a lot of things, somehow covered me partially. But, once i was on the train, kind of attracted multiples pairs of eye. I admitted that my yellow bra was really bright plus with the white sheer shirt, kind of like welcoming viewers but it was really discomforted, with so many pairs of eye staring at you. It made me perspired plus moist down there. ( Luckily, i was wearing pants)

The worst part was being nagged by my mentor which totally criticized me for the whole day. I do know it was all my fault, but i did tried to brainwash her, but failed. In the end, she even text me the next day morning, to check myself out before going to work.

When i was having my dinner with my parents at home, i was still wearing it ( i usually bathed after dinner or when i was going to sleep) My mom did had that suspected looks, but i keep denying which in the end, works.

The best part of the day was actually, witnessing on CY's dare. It was really pathetic plus exotic. Although i was still in the same outfits, but from CY's second dare, i felt i was really fortunate.
She was dare to cycle to my house, while wearing just a white loose top and her cute rabbit panties. I bet she zaogeng all the way from her house to mine, because i could already see her white panties from far away. 

Saturday, 9 February 2019

CNY 2019

Gong Xi Fa Cai                                                         ๆญๅ–œๅ‘่ดข

Sorry for the late wishing, although today is just the 5th day of CNY. As i promised to some readers to update about my outfits for this year. Just to clarify, this year i didn't do anything stupid or naughty. So this post is 'purely' about my outfits. ๐Ÿ˜Š

For 1st day, i wore something similar to a cheongsum, but slightly more sexier. Base on the website (Yup, i purchased online), they called as Floral slit cheongsam dress. My mom did verbalized unhappiness with the length of the dress but since it was the 1st day, she didn't said much. Starting, i was quite alright with it, but soon, it became a nuisance as whenever i need to get into the car, or sit down, there isn't much cloth for me to pull to cover myself. I think my zaogeng chance was as high as 90% whenever i wanted to sit down or get into the car.

2nd day, i wore the dress that were picked by CY. We went shopping together and we helped each other to pick one outfit. We picked the same cami dress, just different colour. Quite sweet looking if i were to compliment myself. Hehe

There was no 3rd day outfit, as i have to go back to work. So sad :(