Saturday, 8 August 2015

Painful but pleasure

                                                        Happy 50th Birthday to Singapore ^^

 This year, no one in my family manage to get ticket for SG50 NDP. Kind of sad but it's alright!!4 days off is here...Yesterday's night, i told some of my readers who emailed me that my pussy feel sore and painful. Although some of you did guess wrong, but some were correct. Now i will tell you guys why..hehe

Yesterday, i was alone at home as my parents was out for business. ( Hint: Food industry ) I was disturbed by my brother who called me at 9 am, just to let me know that he is going out to meet his girl and ask me to settle my own breakfast or brunch. Lame right!! 9 am sia, so early to wake one person up during PH!! The bad part is, i was fully awake after answering his call. I did tried to sleep back, but in the end, i ended up using my phone. I messaged CY, which we do it daily even when we were not in the same school. However, her last seen was in 1.15am , which was the time when we went to sleep after chatting. I played with my phone's game but was getting bored as i keep on dying. (Not because i am lousy okay!!) After "rotting" on my bed for a while, i got up and grabbed my lappy which i left it in my school bag. 

I looked for movies in my hard-disk but in the end, i ended up watching porn. hehe..I do have some porn movies. Don't judge me!! I was watching this porn where a couple got themselves out in the wild and helped each other to masturbate and have sex. It's not that i am in need of partner but sometime i do wonder how does it feel when having someone to finger me,while i stroke his dick. I did had some mutual masturbating with CY before, but she is a female. The feeling is different from what Isabel told me.( Yup, she has sex buddies. )

My favorite part of the movie is when the guy was fingering the girl, while the girl was stroking the guy's dick. I think that's my fetish ba..hehe.. I was getting wet and started to rub against my nipple ( advantage of sleeping with tanktop ) when my phone rings. It's was CY. She finally awake but she called me at the wrong timing. I answered her call and told her that i was masturbating ( which is quite common for us ) and guess what, she recommended me something more daring and fun. 

She knows that i had never tried to masturbate with open doors and windows as i was afraid that people might see me so she recommended me to do so. At first, i thought it was a crazy idea and if i do it, i might be more scare than enjoying but i was wrong. After we put down the phone, i went to open up my windows and my door. I know that my brother and parents were not at home, so i wasn't worry at all. 

Next, i took out my dildo which i kept it in my secret compartment and went to bed. I don't really like to use my dildo as rumors claims that if a girl used it too much, they will become loose but yesterday was an exception.  At first, i was stroking the dildo,( forgot to add in, it's a dick dildo) but sooner, i was sucking and licking on it. I don't really love to suck on dick but i think my future Bf might like it, so i did a bit of training first. I don't know why, but the more i suck, the more wet i am. Maybe it is a hormones thing. Even in porn video, the girls do get wet from sucking dicks.  

I seated on the edge on my bed while teasing my pussy with my dildo when my mom called. She called to ask if i had taken my breakfast and if not, she will buy lunch for me when she is coming back. After i told her to buy lunch for me, i moaned as the dildo slide into me.( i was really wet and i changed from sitting to kneeling position) She was shocked and asked what happened, but i lied to her that i dropped something. After ending the call, i start to move up and down while holding onto my dildo. It was not a sticky dildo, so i have to hold on it. I think i was really enjoying it as i missed the call from my mom and that was the biggest mistake i did this year!!

The more horny i am, the more daring i will be. Now, bouncing on my dildo while the door and windows are open are not enough for me. I took out my dildo and walked to the living room. It was not my first time having fun in the living room but it was my first time using a dildo outside of my room. The door and windows were close although, but the feeling was scary but exciting. I placed my dildo on the coffee table and i sat on it. It was quite fun, but the table were shaking. Not because i am heavy, but because i bounced up and down too much. In the end, i moved on from the table to the sofa.  

I kneed on the sofa, while holding on to the dildo targeting straight to my pussy. It was slightly difficult as the dildo was not able to stand on it's own and whenever i sit on it, it tend to hide in between the cushion. With no choice, i have to hold it with one hand. I was really horny and wet as i was bouncing up and down like crazy. ( First reason of why i am still sore right now )  As i was facing the Tv, i saw my own reflection and honest saying, i was quite amazed on myself. I had never think or imagine that i will be masturbating with a dildo in the living room, and it does look a bit erotic. 

I was still enjoying the bouncing when someone tried to open the gate. I was shocked, literally shocked and i went weak. The worst thing is, the dildo went deep into me at the same time( the second reason why i am still sore ) and i was literally sitting down on the sofa with my leg facing sided-out. I was scared but at the same time, reaching my climax. I quickly pulled down my tank and hugged one of the cushion to cover up my chest area. 

The door unlocked, and my mom came in. She came back with my brunch and was slightly surprised to see me sitting in the living as normally i will be in my room. She closed the gate and walked towards the kitchen while having some small conversation with me. My voice were shaken due to the shock from my mom and the deep insertion of my dildo. I tried to stand up for a few times but was disturbed by my mom and i even had my first orgasm before i managed to get back into my room. The first try was when she came out from the kitchen and back to her room. The second time, i thought that she might be staying in her room, so i gotten up halfway when she came out again, causing me to sit back and the dildo once again inserted deeply. The first time the dildo went deeply in, i was still okay, but the second time, it was slightly painful but pleasure. The third time happened when she took the dry laundry to my room. I thought that she might be staying in my room for a period of time but i was wrong. As soon as i got up halfway,my mom came out again, caused me to sit back in once more. However, this time was different. I orgasmed!!! That was the 3rd time the dildo went deeply into me. When it was the second time, i almost orgasm but i managed to tolerate it but not this time. 

I covered my mouth and looked straight front while having spasm, my whole body was literally shivering and my juice were flowing out quickly. It was so intense. The feeling was so different, and my face became hotter than usual. I could feel fluids leaking from my hole to my thigh, but i was too enjoying the process and forgotten i was sitting on the sofa. Luckily, my mom was in the kitchen when i was having spasm, if not, i do not know how to explain to her.  

In the end, i managed to return back to my room before my mom came out again. I wore some proper clothes before coming out and clean up my stain. It didn't stain much, as my sofa is cloth type, so it absorb fast.