Friday, 24 July 2015


On Wed, we had a group presentation during one of our lecture. Poly was kind of weird as we were told to wear formal for presentation, even it is a small one. For me, i don't own any white shirt as my mom always complains that white colour clothes get dirty easily. However, i do own a blue shirt so it was still okay.

That day morning, i got really naughty when i woke up. Maybe my period is coming. My nipple was harden as soon as i got up but i didn't play with myself as i was late liao..hehe, overslept!! I rushed to the toilet without taking towel. In the end, have to walk back into my room with my body still wet. After dressing up, i put on some make-up but in the end, i only put on mascara and lip-gloss as my brain was thinking something naughty.

In the end, i really did something naughty. I brought my 'thor' with me, hiding in my panty. hehe
I did turn on a few times when i was in the bus, but didn't orgasm as i want to stay fresh and clean. I tried to maintain so i can concentrate more on my presentation but in the end, i still lose. When i was in lecture, i turned the speed to 1, so it can stimulate slowly but i was wrong. I nearly orgasm!! No joke lor, I was really sensitive until i could nearly orgasm on speed 1.

I wanted to orgasm but not in class and not before my turn to present. I turned off and controlled myself. I am not sure if i am lucky or sway as my group was the next to present. Imgaine if i orgasm while being call to present, i think i will go weak on scene. Luckily, I am the last speaker in my group so i did have enough time to 'recover'.

I rushed to the ladies right after the presentation and had my 1st orgasm. My 2nd orgasm occur when i was in the bus, going home.

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