Wednesday, 17 June 2015

The game and the punishment!!

Sorry guys, for not updating every week which I thought I could since I started Poly's life. This is just the first semester and yet I am rushing for assignments and projects le!! Die Liao!!

On Monday, CY came over to my house to keep my accomany but in the end we ended up jilling together!!Damn. wasted one whole day but i get to have a chance to punish CY. Wahahaha!! We had a small game where we were to put a bullet vibrator on to our panties and we will help each other to control the devices. As our vibrator comes with a remote control, it will be up to us to determine the speed of the vibrator. The best part of the game is controlling the urge to orgasm for 1 hour when the speed is control by another person. Eg. i was controlling CY's vibrator while she controls mine.

For the first 25mins, i was still able to torelate so i decided to bring the game further. As we were still in our clothes, with only the vibrator in our panties. I challenged CY to take a walk in panties at my corridor. That was a big mistakes. I think she was really damn horny as she agreed without thinking it twice!

She was the first one to start. She removed her shorts, revealing her yellow panties and walked out to the corridor. My plan is to walk until the lift area but she walked toward the other corner. Our speed maintains at 3 as we decided that we should only increase in every 30mins. As soon as she was back, i quickly took off my FBT shorts and walked. When i was out from my house, i was really damn aroused and scared. I quickly walk towards the other end but was shocked when the lift stopped at my level when i was nearby it. Now, it was too far for me to run back to my house but if i didn't, someone gonna see me in my panties!! Under no choice, i ran towards the stairs and climbed down. I peeked a bit and lucky, there was no one in the lift! As soon as the lift closes, i went back to my level and quicken my pace. In the end, i managed to walk back to my house without being found. CY was laughing at me when i closed the door.

We decided to stop the corridor challenge as it was quite dangerous for us but we had to do some kinky challenges to bring up the fun. We did some brain-storming while the vibrator were still shaking our pussy area. I was unable to concentrate, so as CY. She was walking up and down and slightly moaned when we had our speeds increased. I moaned too but CY was louder.

After another 30min, no ideas came up but only the increasing of speed. It's been an hour that we were being vibrated and neither me nor CY wanted to lose. In the end, i decided i should bring an end to CY so i suggested that we should put it on our clit and increase the speed to the max. CY was reluctant as she knows that she will confirm lose but the winner can only be one!!

As soon as she agreed, we moved to my room and got undressed. We stood face to face while holding on each other vibrator. The speed was increased and we could heard the loud buzzing sound. I know it will be hard to control my orgasm when the vibrator touches my pussy but i have to win. After we had targeted each other's clit, we started at the count of 3.

3,2,1, Starts!!
As soon as the vibrator touches our clit, we moaned and my legs suddenly went weak and leaned towards Cy, who was holding herself against the table. The feeling was so intense and i know i am going to orgasm soon. As soon as i stand on my own, CY moaned damn loudly. She orgasmed, and fallen onto the floor while shivering. The vibrator that she was holding against my clit dropped too . Yes, i won!!! I settled myself down beside CY who was breathing heavily while i was trying to catch my breathes. The vibrator was still buzzing loudly on the floor. When i was reaching for the vibrator, my clit was touched by another vibrator. It was CY, she managed to grab the vibrator that she dropped and pressed against my sensitive clit. I wanted to stop her but was too late as i came!!! It was a damn hard one. I can feel the tingling feelings running up my body while juices flowing down my pussy. When i slightly recover, Cy told me that i squirted but i don't remembered..Indeed, there was a pool of water on the floor but was at the place where CY sat.
We rested on my bed for a period of time before we were able to walk.

Now , i can punish CY but was out of ideas.So guys, send me suggestions on how can i punish her!!

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