Friday, 29 May 2015


Today i purposely zaogeng to people in my class..hehe...trying to see who is the gay and who is the les!! I purposely wear a normal black shirt and left the top button unbuttoned. Caught some attentions when i was on my way in bus but was quite peaceful throughout the journey. I also purposely wear a Nu bra so that others who keep staring might suspect that i am not wear a bra. Naughty me!! It is a decent shirt, at least when i was standing or sitting properly but if i move or slack a bit, my cleavage will be damn obvious!!

Reached school quite early as i was meeting some of my friends for lunch. When we met, i notice one of my guy friend start stealing glances on my chest area but he keep turning his head left and right, like looking for something. We settled down at the furthest table and for 10 min, he keep stealing glances. He thought that i don't know cause i been talking to another girl in another direction!! Tiko lor!! My girl friend who was sitting in-front did notice that he had been stealing glances but she didn't even bother to tell me. Sianzz lor!!

When i was back after buying my lunch, i decided to tease him. I purposely drop my chopstick beside him and bend to pick it up, giving him a good look but i think he was too afraid to even look at me, so in the end, he didn't even turn his head. As i was sitting down, one of my new closest girl friend saw my deep cleavage and she came towards me and whisper in my ear. I act like i didn't know and quickly button up. You should see that guy face, like he failed his exam lor..hahaha

After settling our lunch, we went for our lesson. Normally if i am wearing shorts, i will sit with my legs widely open as i will not zaogeng but if that day i am wearing skirts, i will only open when i forget that i am wearing a skirt. Happens a few times during JC.. 

Afternoon lesson went quite fast as we were chatting for the whole lesson and my lecturer don't even give a F*ck to us lor. So different from JC!! When we were moving to the next lecture which was at the lecture room, i purposely went to the ladies to remove my Nu bra and unbutton the top button again. Hahaha, decided to tease the Tiko guy a bit more. Thankfully i was wearing black as the lecture hall was so freaking cold!! 
When we just went in, it was still fine but it was freezing cold after 10 min and i can even feel my nipple got harden, rubbing against my shirt. A bit regret to remove my bra!! The tiko guy was seated one level higher than me ( cinema design ) so he confirm can see my cleavage or if he lucky, he can see my harden nipples 

I didn't really catch him looking at my cleavage but when i was going home, another girl friend of mine, who was sitting beside him told me that she caught him peeking a few times. I act like i don't know anything but was laughing inside. Now he will be known as the Tiko guy in my class le!.. 

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