Saturday, 23 May 2015

"Borrowed" Hairband

This week is a hell week for me, have to rush down for my friends graduation after school, and is like almost everyday. Really like so busy lor!!

Yesterday was more worst, my hairband broke during lesson time and yet i can't find any replacement in school. It was the first time that i think that my long hair was such a burden lor. Went for lesson as normal but sway sway, during one of the lessons, my hairband break into half when i was tiding my hair and worst of all, i didn't bring any spare!!.  I waited until lunch time, thinking that maybe the convenient store( in school)  do sell but i was wrong. In the end, spend most of my lunch time walking around the school, but there were no stores selling hairband..Like seriously!!

I am actually alright with letting down my hair, but i prefer to have my hair tied when i am studying ( more easier), so under no choice, i used my G-string. Lucky for me, yesterday i was wearing a shorts as most of my lesson are in lecture hall. I went to the toilet to take out my G-string and even tied my hair before returning to the lecture hall. Everything was fine until my friend (girl) asked me when did i buy a new hairband and my reply is i didn't. She stared at my hair, that's when i realize she was talking about my G-string which she though is a normal hairband. I lied that i borrow it from my friend in another class. Almost shit brick..haha...

Everything went smoothly of the rest of the lesson time, and i did managed to go for my friend's graduation. When on the way home in MRT, i was wondering if any one did realize that i was having a G-string on my hair?!.. 

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