Sunday, 24 June 2018

ULTRA ( updates )

Hey guys, ULTRA was soooo good. The music was fantastic, although it not my type of music, but pretty much the best party I've ever been to until now.

We reached at about 7pm and the party has already started. Music was so damn loud and people are already dancing and partying. We were late due to the fact that Charmaine was trouble with choosing her outfit.

After getting in, they were playing this techno kinda dance music and it was really funny when CY dance. It was my first time ever, to see her dance on public, and i have to admit that she was kind of brave. We managed to purchase some snacks and drinks before finding a spot for the night.

After everyone was done with their food, we went 'in' to the crowds and everyone was like dancing randomly. It was really crowded as I probably banged into 10 strangers.

CY and i were dancing together,cracking up at the smallest things,  gossiping to each other about how other girl's outfit. Some were so wild and daring, and honest saying, most common outfit of the day, bra and shorts.

Charmaine was dancing with one of her guy friend, which we assume that she liked him.
Her 2nd guy friend was so kind, as he kind of 'protected' us throughout the first few hours, before he met his friends.

Right after he was gone, 2 guy came up to us and wanted to dance with us, but was rejected by CY which she claimed that we are lesbian before landing a kiss on my lips. I am totally cool with that as the guys was kind of 'average'.

We were having our fun until i was touched on my butt and got aroused. Although it was a girl who touched me, but i was kind of 'high' and my sexual hormone kicked in.

CY saw the whole process and was laughing at me for being so desperate to be touched. I tried to explained myself but instead of listening to me, she started putting her hands on my body. kind of weird about it at first as normally CY won't be so 'touchy' in the public but then, she was in fact touching me in a 'seducing' way. The music got really 'high' so am i.

We did attracted some attentions, and i got more aroused by that. It was really bad at that moment. Part of me couldn't believe i got aroused so fast and it was in the public.

CY stopped after a few minutes and dragged me to the ladies.

She admit that she was kind of aroused before reaching, and gotten worst when she saw the guys. I was slightly shocked, as she was pretending so well. I thought i am the only one who is feeling that way.

That's when the real fun started. We pushes forward our kinky plans and went pantyless. It was the first thing in the list, and we are suppose to do it after the sky turn dark but i think we are kind of out of control.

Since we are wearing shorts, being pantyless wasn't so obvious, so i decided i should bring it further. I lied to CY that i need to pee but instead, i replaced my Nu-bra with nipple stickers. (It was hard to stick it when your nipple is harder)

I was so nervous as the sky was still bright and due to my black crop-top, it was obvious that i am not wearing a bra. After considering for a while, i went out with it and it was awesome.

We went back, and I couldn't believe that no one realized it, included CY ( I told her when we are otw home)
I mean it's just boobs, plus other girls was wearing more revealing than me.

It started to be fun when the darkness took over. I kind of flashed my boob a few times when i was jumping and yet no one saw it. ( or maybe they did but enjoying it silently).

This is my first time being braless around so many people. It was so exciting and arousing. Imgaine someone came up and told me about it, will be so awkward but I actually did kind of like it. ( my fetish getting worst!!).

I guess the event and atmosphere do play a part too. I was like seriously a different person. Normally i will be caution when i am doing kinky stuff but at that moment, I felt so sexy and naughty. Like, I had no problem in showing and were willing to show more if someone really asked me to.

In the end, we went back after i wore back my bra.

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